Sep 30, 2011

How The Life Of Jesus Works Against Religion

Some of you may be coming into this article with your own point of view. It might be easy to start thinking about reasons in your head why the things you think about Jesus are right and what you are about to read is wrong. I submit to you that the following is some simple observations that I am making. I grew up in a very wonderful church that got me through a lot of things. I have been taught all the Bible many times.

One day I was simply thinking about faith. Faith is something that all of us need to have according to the Bible. You might recall the Bible verse that says faith of a mustard seed can move mountains. Now let us think about how Jesus lived on this Earth. He was born of a virgin and lived without sin. The reason why he did this was to show people a perfect way of living. Jesus never sinned. He was tempted by the flesh, but was able to resist. The logic behind this is that Jesus found out what it was like to be a human being.

I Bet You Never Thought About This 

The one thing that Jesus never had to deal with was faith. The Bible tells us that Jesus, God, and the Holy Spirit are one in the same. Even though the Bible says that Jesus came down and experienced what life was like as a human being, he never had to have true faith in anything because that is like telling him to have faith in himself. This means he did not have to struggle with believing or not believing if God really exists because he is God. It is the same as asking any one person to have faith that they themselves exist. It is not difficult to do.

In my opinion, people on this Earth struggle the most with faith. It is probably the hardest thing to deal with when talking about any religion. Most religions simply require one to have faith that everything you're learning is true. I think it is hard to think of Jesus as feeling exactly like humans actually felt when he was on this Earth. It is impossible by the nature of the situation. God never had to have faith because he already knows he exists, according to the bible.

This point really hit home for me and I think the main thing anyone should take away from it is that the Bible is simply a learning tool and guide about fulfilling ways to live. Men made the bible to try and put into words what they felt about how life works in general. I think it does try to explain that a high being created everything and we should live in a certain way because of it.

I don't disagree with this. I think that there is a truth to God, but I don't think the Bible is made to be taken so literally. Instead, it is like a spiritual guide to help human beings enjoy life as best as possible. It deals with social interactions and at the base of it, you do feel good when living in this way. All human beings have thought and feelings. As a result, we feel good or bad when experiencing things. The Bible is suggesting a way to live that is most fulfilling and pleasing to not only God, but to yourself.

If you were to read more about interchanging cause and effect, it becomes more believable that things in our linear time reality may have been the cause of God. God is an effect of the collective human being. Now this leads to what had created us. The answer could still be God. It is hard to think of events happening all at once instead of one at a time, but I wrote a piece that tries to explain it better. The post is called Neutrinos, Tachyons, and Personal Growth. I also had another article that went into this theory more and it is called Learning From the Future. I believe these two articles try to help people wrap their mind around what I have just said.

How I Feel Regarding A Relationship With God

I still feel like a relationship with God is highly beneficial and important. Even if the Bible is not literally making sense, it is still trying to give some ideas that help out all human beings in the end. It is not a hurtful group of ideas. While I write, I listen to praise and worship music from Christian artists. I also pray constantly and have a working relationship with what I think my God is. To me it is very real and it affects my feelings. I love it. Religion has a way of making things questionable and unreal. Having a real relationship with God is much more real and fulfilling to me.

The God I believe in is not judgmental such as the Bible explains it. Instead, he is on a different level of consciousness that is very good and loving. At its heart, God is a limitless forgiving being that offers hope to people who feel lost in this world. In my mind, he only wants us to be with him in the end. To get there we simply need to talk with him as if he were our good friend. By ignoring him, I think we end up in a place that is just alone. I mean a place some would call Hell. I think Hell is not a good or bad thing. It is just a place where you can't have any connection or relationship with God or other people.

Actually being with God is not something that can be described easily. This is because human beings like to quantify things and think of materialistic ideas. We think of things that are around us most often. I believe heaven is just being in a state of togetherness with an explainable love. However you come to this realization in your life doesn't matter. The only thing that matters is being able to experience it a little bit.    

Sep 29, 2011

What Happens When You Are Never Content

Not being content with your life and always seeking ways to become happy is a great way to be unhappy for a long time. I am not suggesting that, if you are part of something that is really hurting, you shouldn't leave that situation to find a happier one. What I am suggesting is that a constant urge to seek out new ways to be happy or figuring out if you are happy with what you have is not the most fulfilling way to live.

It is fulfilling to get in a state of mind that feels satisfied no matter what you are doing. When you realize that nothing material, emotional, or physical can allow you to feel content for a sustainable amount of time, things open up. You stop feeling lost and in a constant search for the perfect life. Your life becomes perfect by the nature of what it is.

Usually, in ones mind, a human life is valued greatly. Why is that? It is because our lives our important to each other. We think that being alive is very special and important. Therefore, as long as you have life, you should be in a state of content happiness. This can still involve activities, friends, relationships, hobbies, and anything that you enjoy. The point I am trying to make is don't let your peace of mind lower because one thing is not going perfect. Nothing may be going good at points in your life.

To combat this, all that is required is to base how you feel on immaterial things. Focus on what you think you were put on this Earth to do. Some would call this a purpose. Having a purpose will drown out that constant desire to seek out happiness. Feeling content with your life regardless of what happens can be exhilarating and enjoyable. The great thing is that anyone can achieve this. I mean absolutely anyone. It doesn't matter if you're homeless, rich, poor, middle of the road, at war, a doctor, a construction worker, or what ever you might have.

Instead of constantly seeking out things that you think could lead to happiness, why not just be happy with your life and keep an eye out for natural opportunities. It may be surprising to see all the things that come your way without you having to seek it out or force it. In my land, I do this by simply being a light to darkness. It is fun for me to brighten up others lives with my own. In this sense, nothing can get in the way of that or keep me from doing it. It doesn't matter how much money I have, how good I am at sports, video games, or other hobbies. No matter what I have or don't have, I can always be a light to others. The cool part about this idea is that it doesn't require me to be in a constant state of searching for things that could make me happy.

Although I do like to keep active and do activities like basketball, the thing that matters most is that I am following my purpose. Being a spiritual light and alarm clock for others can be done by me forever. When I get older and can't play sports, I will still be able to take part in the thing that has brought me peace my whole life. It is sustainable and nothing is able to stop me from doing it. As a result, I never feel like I have to try new things or seek out happiness. It is already with me and I can be content with this idea.

Sep 28, 2011

What Makes You Happy

When people define the factors that make them happy, it usually deals with a few things. The first is achieving what is thought of as success and the second is getting things. I believe these are empty and shouldn't determine anyone's happiness.

Usually things like success and attaining a specific item result in very short term happiness that is not sustainable. It means your state of feeling good or joyful goes up and down based on things that happen to you. If you would like to feel happy and at peace with life no matter what happens, it takes a certain state of mind and priority change.

Focus on what you feel like your purpose in life is. Also, think about what really will make you happy. It could be God that allows you to feel at peace. For me this is the case. I would not say I am super religious, but I would say that I actively talk to God on a regular basis. Actively meditating and thinking to a higher level of consciousness can take you out of a situation and allow one to view it from a greater perspective. It sort of takes the weight of everything off of my shoulders. It also allows my general feeling of goodness or happiness to be positive even if things are not going my way at the time.

Also, nobody can take this away from me. Nothing in the entire world can limit my mind and this ongoing conversation I have with God. In the end, it is a great peace that allows me to go through anything and maintain true happiness.

You can attain this state of joy many other ways. One good way is to keep an open mind when viewing things. Practice regular meditation at some point during your day. Try to see situations you encounter through no specific bias or lens. It is hard at first, but in the long run it helps you control anger and be content with how things go no matter what. A lens is simply your personal way of viewing life. It is your perspective. Most individuals have a lens of some sort. It could be from the perspective of a religion, academic background, blue-collar, white collar, entrepreneur, or whatever has shaped you to be who you are.

If you can train your mind to view things through multiple lenses or no lens at all, it keeps you from overreacting to things. Additionally, it allows one to understand a situation without preconceived emotion and prior biases. It basically makes it easy to see things for what they really are instead of what you think they mean.

One thing that I know for a fact that makes me happy is blogging for money by helping people with what they want to hear and understand.

Learning From The Future

Aright, this is another wild idea, but maybe not so crazy when you read the neutrino personal growth thing I wrote up yesterday. I am talking about changing how we view reality. It is such a hard concept to grasp because our brains are wired in such a way that we think a lot of things are impossible. I challenge you to think in a way that has no limitation. Try to make things reality that are not currently thought of as possible.

I am going to cite a situation. This is something the majority of people have heard at some time or another. Everyone thought the world was flat, until someone came along to challenge this idea. They based it on intelligent observation and today we know the world is a ball and not a flat object.

There are still things like this today. One of them is seeing the future. Nobody thinks it is possible and people would probably think the future has not happened yet and therefore you can't tell what it is in a normal state of being. I want to change this. Here is how I am going about it.

First, I am viewing the future as if it were the past. It is my own theory that time runs into itself to create reality as we experience it second by second. Just like we can see into the past, I believe with some practice you can project what the future is. Further more, I want people to try and learn from what they see as the future. Apply this to your life right now and see what happens.

Back To Real Life

I know this makes little sense and I have no proof for anything that I have said. There is some value to this type of thinking though. It makes people review what they think are facts and dive into what was thought of as impossible. Progress happens as a result. Another word for life progress is personal development, which I think can be attained by thinking of impossible things and changing them.

Something like learning from the future is completely absurd to pretty much anyone. I don't think people can currently see the future, but the very thought that it takes to try and comprehend what it would be like if we could experience the future in our memory is productive.

So what is the usefulness of this information. It is to spur imagination and help break people from the normal brainwashing information they get each day. Think for yourself about what is possible and impossible. Don't let the rest of the world determine what you think is true. For me, I slowly have taken the idea that I have to get a job and become an employee and dismissed it. Instead I believe I can blog for money. This is not it though. I think there are lots of ways to cover the money making aspect of life. The amount of time saved is great because making your money work for you allows you to relax a little. Instead of trading all my energy and hours for a few dollars, I can now focus on helping people with my free time. The ways I go about doing this are intricate, but they work.

The fun part is developing the life you come into. There are many variables and millions of different things that can happen. If you can combine the technique of envisioning your future as you would like it to be and doing the things required to attain this, life becomes fun and an adventure. It doesn't get boring because your life becomes like a long work in progress that changes as you grow.

One problem that would come up if we were able to learn from the future is that we would ignore it. Most of us know that even though we can see the past in our memories and in books, lessons are not learned. People make the same mistakes and usually end up failing to learn from the past. The future wouldn't be too much different.

The problem people run into is living in the moment too much. If you are only focused on the things happening right in front of you, it will be hard to actually see the whole situation and what the past says about this situation. We ignore intelligence by focusing on the current problem.    

Sep 27, 2011

Neutrinos, Tachyons, and Personal Growth

Recently there has been some research done on neutrinos and their physics. The word "neutrino" just means small particles similar to electrons with one key difference. They don't carry an electrical charge. The big news is that some scientists have observed this type of particle moving faster than light. The research was gathered from the CERN research facility with their particle accelerator. Neutrinos were fired from CERN to an Italian research center. The preliminary data is showing the particles made their trip faster than expected. Since the speed limit of our universe was said to be the speed of light, this new discovery holds some major significance if it can be replicated by other independent researchers.

Another research study was being talked about that explained super nova light reaching Earth in the late 1980's. Evidence was being shown to suggest particles from this super nova had reached Earth before light had. Some people say this destroys Einsteins theory of relativity but it doesn't.

I want to take a look at why this is important and what it means to the average person. First of all, Einsteins theory of relativity is not proven wrong if particles travel faster than light. The fact is that his theory allows for things to move beyond this speed barrier. The technical name for these types of cases are tachyons, which are a form of neutrinos. Nobody has had any sticking proof of observing anything traveling faster than the speed of light until now. The way this doesn't violate Einsteins theory is if the superluminal motion never goes under light speed.

Here Is What This Implies

Tachyons create problems for modern physics. The idea of tachyons existing would mean cause and effect occur in no specific order. We now start to contradict what Einstein said in his preceding papers. He claimed effect always followed cause. I am talking about his causation theory. It was impossible to switch this around in his mind. He believed that events always flowed in a specific order. Throwing a ball came before the person you throw the ball to catches it.

Looking at neutrinos like tachyons means that events are crazy. If cause and effect are interchangeable, then someone watching a baseball game in motion below the speed of light would see the pitcher throw a ball and the batter hit the same ball. If you were moving faster than the speed of light and observing the same game, such as tachyons would be doing, current physics would say that you could observe the baseball going from the bat back to the pitcher. It says there are no order of events happening. In our minds this makes no sense.

There is a reason why it makes no sense. It is because after experiencing the same things for so long and believing that effects always come after the thing that caused it, it is difficult to change the way we view events. However, I think it is very exciting to think of our world and the universe in a way that is different from what the mainstream thinks.

Tachyons dismissing the notion of how we view cause and effect can have major significance on what we think about God. Nothing is proven yet with tachyons, but if it is, people will have to question if God created anything at all. In the sub-atomic world, we observe things happening for no apparent reason. Events are not even described as causing or effecting anything. It means we would have to question the thought that there was something that had to create our Universe.

Personally, I believe that there is a God and I base this on my own feelings. I would not say that God does not exist if scientists prove that events can happen without something causing them too. In fact, it could prove that God exists. God could be the result of all the events that have ever happened and in fact existed at the beginning of time as a result of everything else.

Neutrinos and Personal Development 

It might be hard for me to tie these ideas in with personal growth and feeling joy, but it is easier than you might think. If there is not really any order to things, this means you can have much more affect on your own life by simply thinking about making something happen. If we think of it in a tachyon time-based situation, causes and effects can happen at any time. You may be experiencing your life in a way that is non-linear. Things could happen out of what we think is order.

Your life may become more clear and decisions can be more fun when you think of life in a non-linear time format. I find it fun to know my life can go in any direction and small or large events can have much bigger impacts compared to what was previously on my radar. Make life happen instead of letting life push you around. This is something like subjective reality. It is saying that your life is what you make it. This feeling of comfort and becoming fearless will help with spiritual growth along with emotional benefits.

I will apply this idea to making sales online with a website. Normally, you would think that in order to make a sale you have to write content, build traffic to the product, and promote it in some way. The wild truth could be that since you made sales in what we view as the future, it is causing you to do the behavior you are currently doing that makes the sales possible. In tachyon world, nothing has a specific order.

I know it is wild to think of sales, which we perceive as not yet occurring, being the reason why you work to get those same sales. I believe there is some truth to it. If you think of your life and how it is going, try to figure out why you do certain things. It might feel right, or something may be pushing you to do something. It is interesting to think of the thing causing you to do something actually being the effect and not the cause.

To explain further, I will talk about me writing these words right now. In my mind, I am writing in order to get sales. The truth is that the sales I make could possibly be the reason I write this. It's saying the sales could possible come first and me writing this could be the effect. I am not saying that sales I get now are causing me to write things down the road. I am talking about the single event of me writing this might be a result of the sales made from this article in the future.

These are the implication of interchanging cause and effect.

Sep 26, 2011

Clearing Your Thoughts

Everyone has tried to get a clear mind before they do something. Sometimes it can be difficult to think about nothing. This is because the brain is always running even when we sleep. I think that anyone can increase their productivity, personal development, growth, and  awareness by finding methods of relaxing the brain.

The first way you can clear your head is with exercise. Raising your adrenaline and blood flow levels make it easier to relax when you're finished. This is partly because of chemicals released and partly because of the natural process your body goes through when recovering from a workout. Finding a fun exercise to do will make the post-recovery process even more enjoyable.

There are many practical ways to apply this to every day situations that everyone faces. If a big decision is coming up and you want to make the right call, clearing your head will help. It is not a great idea to make decisions when you feel like your mind is busy and not focused. It is easier to decide things when nothing else is affecting the thought process. Executives in companies should take strong note of this because the health of their business is determined by their decision making.

Putting yourself in a state that allows for clear thinking is possibly the most valuable thing to your life. The methods you find that work for you are sometimes difficult to find. Try to go with your gut as this always makes for an outcome that feels natural. Most times people will second guess themselves and feel indecisive about what they really want to do. Again, it becomes obvious that attaining a clear head will help anyone benefit in figuring out what they want.

Some more ways to clear your thoughts can be with music and meditation. There is a lot to be said about music therapy. In my mind, I view music in general as soothing. Think of your favorite songs that stimulate you. If you make it a point to take 20 or 30 minutes a day to find your favorite music and sounds to listen to, it will help relieve tension. It points a nice break in things, allows you to evaluate what is going on, makes decisions come easier, and makes you feel better in general.

There are also audio products that you can buy to help with certain things like anxiety, spurring changes in behavior, and breaking bad habits. The way it works is by simply listening to this audio during meditation. It can help anyone enhance their thoughts and get in the state of mind they want to be. The term that describes this is Paraliminals and they can be found at many online stores. I only recommend a few different things, and Paraliminals are among the most helpful things I was able to find online that people can make use of on a daily basis.

The power of musical sounds and melodies is limitless. It can really spur growth and a feeling of general motivation. Right now, as I write this, I am using some of my favorite music to write to. It puts me in a good mood, allows for clear thinking, and makes me write better. I believe anyone who works on a computer should have their favorite audio tunes close by at all times. Especially those that would like their time to pass faster and more enjoyably.

Reversing A Depressed Area

An area might become depressed, poor, jobless, gloomy, or have an overall feeling of bad related to it for one reason or another. This can effect millions of people, if they let it. One area that seems to have this sort of bad aura around it is Cleveland, Ohio. If you compare it to places in Africa, it seems great. This is not how people think though.

The bad thing about this whole situation is that it gets perpetuated because of how people feel they are being viewed by everyone outside of this area. It becomes normal to think, "oh this place sucks, there is nothing to do, our sports teams have issues, and on and on." The truth is that this place is not very different from any other place in the United States.

If people only become positive and see all the benefits around them, it would be obvious that their situation is not effected by what others think. You personally are responsible for your own life and what goes on in it. Some things will happen that are not in your control, but if you let life happen to you and take what it gives, you won't get anywhere good. Especially if you are in a poor area.

The way to reverse this whole thing starts with a mindset. People just have to forget all the past and outside views. Don't go along with others when they down the situation. Instead make an effort to change anything that you feel should be different. Take responsibility for your life and start providing value to people. Finding a purpose and helping society is the best way to make a depressed area feel better.

It is hard to change the way you think. Especially when an area you live in has been thought of as basically pure crap for so long. I believe a place is what the people around it decide they want it to be. If everyone decided it is depressed, their actions are going to align with what they think a depressed place should be like. Over time, people actually make a place the way it is collectively.

To change the area and how people view it, simply change how you think about the situation. See things for what they really are and realize that it is nobody else's fault you are in the situation you're in except for your own. A lot of times people may cop out by blaming everything around them for why they feel and act as they do. The bottom line is we all have control over what we think and do.

I think it should be an exciting time to be alive when you have something to work for and change. If everything were perfect, life would feel empty. People will feel like they are experiencing fulfillment when their life has some purpose. I think the most depressing thing in the world would be to live somewhere that was perfect in every way with no challenges. This would be too boring and not stimulating.


Right now the economy is also facing something interesting. Many still think and will always believe that it is in a downturn. The truth is that things are simply changing. We are transitioning into a new type of system that means less jobs at what we are used to doing. The good news is that new jobs are opening up. You just have to find the things that people want in this time period and capitalize on it.

Giving others what they want instead of slaving away in a factory, is what we are shifting too. There are millions of ways that each person can do this effectively and differently. One problem facing society is the brainwashing of school though. In school, you are taught for 8 hours a day, 9 months a year, 5 days a week for 12 years about the "right" way to live and be successful. The problem is that this has very little real world application. Kids are not trained to be different and go against what everyone else is doing.

I believe that the only purpose school serves (not including college) is to train people to be loyal workers. College trains people to be loyal corporate worker. School doesn't train people to be financially independent. Instead, kids are trained to follow directions instead of making up their own directions. It is a foreign concept for the average middle or high school student to know what it is like to make all the important decisions and see the results of these decisions. Unless it is the decision to do homework or participate in class, there is not much independent growth.

The final result of this process is creating millions of drones that believe they should simply work at one thing and that is all life has to offer as far as money goes. If they just knew the value of continued learning in their daily life and that nothing is set in stone, life would be much less depressing for individuals who feel trapped at a job they hate, in a place that feels depressed to them.

People with money have to start building new shopping malls and investing in local housing as well. This helps get more people coming in than going out and makes the area look more attractive.

Sep 25, 2011

Jailbreak iPhone

Many people might be having trouble trying to jailbreak their iPhone. There is a simple tutorial I found that guides anyone who doesn't know how to do it. I have heard many people complaining about reasons they fail to solve this problem.

All this process is doing is giving people read/write access to the root level of the phone.

This makes it easy for anyone to use (including those who are not tech savvy and know nothing about the iPhone). This system I have linked to offers easy to follow guides that anyone can understand. Some of these tips and tricks being given out can save you money over the course of your iPhone's service plan. I figured that this should be something anyone who has an iPhone should utilize.

The US Copyright Office has declared that doing this to your phone is completely legal. Apple has not tried to fight against it either. They are more concerned with keeping their network secure and all the other lawsuits facing them.

Benefits of Jailbreaking iPhone

1. Larger network - It allows you to use T-Mobile's GSM network. At&t is not good for service overseas.

2. Very cool apps that are not possible with a normal iPhone such as making your phone a hotspot, getting e-mail and calendar on main screen, and better video application.

3. Easy to change back. If you get scared of having this type of system on your phone, you can simply change it back to normal. It is not difficult and with the guide I mentioned above it can be done quickly.

4. Offers the user a better network for face to face meetings. It takes away the uncertainty you have when signals drop out of nowhere.

Why Shouldn't You Jailbreak?

There are a few things that can happen once you have done this to your iPhone. Things such as bricking can happen. Bricking is when your phone is made unusable until the whole thing is wiped and restored. This can be annoying.

Another thing that can happen is you may get hacked. In the iOS PDF file it is possible for remote users to get in there and cause havoc. Although rare, it is a risk you are taking. There are also many bugs with this system that you may not want to deal with.

Avoid The Media

The best way to keep a clear head is to avoid the media at all costs. It is important to know what is going on around you, but it is not necessary to bombard yourself with a lot of hype. The media has a job to do and that is get viewers. Most major content system on television make a living on hyping up stories so everything seems important for a little while, but doesn't have long term value.

It is probably impossible to shut down the news or change the way it works, but something anyone has control over is their remote. Simply avoid the media and see how much better life starts to feel. Most of the news stories are negative and disturbing because people find this rhetoric interesting for some reason. See reality for what it is. Some intelligent ways to become knowledgeable what the things that actually affect you is by researching. Don't rely on mainstream information that is geared toward everyone.

A better method to gather information, if you must, is by researching specific things on your own. By doing this you avoid clouded news about doom and terrorism. I would say that 90% of peoples lives are going just fine and all life will not end in December of 2012. However, the masses are intrigued to learn about unknown things. The best way to keep peoples interest is talk about theories that explain the unknown. The problem with this is that theories are not true or facts.

The art of mass appeal is gathering evidence and talking your way into making it mean something. Sometimes it works well and legitimate things become discovered. Other times, you get crazy theories with no sound foundation. Your mind is very powerful and complex. It is also flexible and can take in new ideas. If you are able to filter the crap from what really matters, it makes everything a lot easier to deal with.

Life can feel like it is crushing you if you hinder on what others think. Over time, it is productive and beneficial to think clearly for yourself. Know when something is influenced by money. It will help you in almost any circumstance that comes up in your life if you think about the source giving you information, what this source has to gain or lose by giving you the information, and how well they present their ideas. A large weight will feel like it has lifted off your shoulders when you are able to do this.

It is much easier to go through life in a more truthful state of being. It is hard to get to the exact truth of things, but what you can do is live in a way that is constantly trying to get things closer to the truth. It might interest some people to ignore everything they see and just focus on themselves. I don't promote or condone this idea, but only say if you try to guide your life in a way that focuses on seeing the truth of things, it will be rewarding.  

Explaining Subjective Reality

Subjective reality is a very interesting philosophy. I first heard about it a few weeks ago and have a friend that aligns with this type of thinking. To put it simply, it is basically saying whatever your consciousness thinks of becomes reality over time. It doesn't happen suddenly like a dream does or it could. By aligning with this way of life, you believe that each person's own mind is making up the entire reality that they are living in.

Here is Why This Doesn't Work In My Opinion

If subjective reality were real, that would mean every single person has the same exact subjective reality because people interact with one another...or there are a billion trillion different universe that are created every time there is an event. To me, it seems more likely that there is only one reality. That is my own perception though. If one person's sub-conscious said reality was going to happen one way, and the other person had it working in the other way, what happens and which one actually happens? People who believe in subjective reality would say that both people experience what they want the most.

The tricky thing is that in one reality there was an individual who got what they wanted, and in that same reality, the other person who did not get what they wanted, did experience a reality where they didn't have a reality that was what their sub-conscious wanted to happen. To go deeper, some subjective reality believers would say that the person who didn't get what they wanted really didn't want that thing deep down so their mind did not allow it to happen. People who believe in this would say that my own mind has come up with this idea and is working it out in some way that I can't really explain.

An Idea Closer to the Truth

I don't think that there are a billion different realities for every single person. It just doesn't seem practical or logical. Here is what I think is more possible. People get ideas in their head. As a result, their brains try to do things that end up allowing them to make whatever their ideas were come to reality over a long period of time.

The way it works is slowly over many years. This is why you can't just think of something and it will come to pass instantly. No matter how much your sub-conscious believes in something, it can't break the laws of physics. It just can't. If it could, then the laws of physics would be different.

The best way to think about subjective reality is relating it to dreams. When you dream, anything is possible. When you realize you are in a dream, anything can happen that your mind wants because it is simply your thoughts coming as close to reality as possible. If you are experiencing a dream, but don't know it is a dream, your mind creates situations that are similar to reality. Your mind won't let things happen in the dream that are not possible in reality. Some would say reality is like this because we think it is impossible so we don't allow ourselves to do anything that is widely thought of as possible. No matter how much our conscious minds want to do it, we know deep down in that sub-conscious that it is impossible.

If you believe in subjective reality, it means consciousness puts things into reality no matter what it is. It is saying that your own self is the only thing that affects the entire world and everything in it. What you see around you is just what the brain has made up. Going with this idea, it would mean that everything that happens is controlled by your sub-conscious in one way or the other. It is impossible to prove this is right or wrong simply by the nature of it.

Some people might think of ways that subjective reality contradicts itself. Here is one contradiction that I can try to debunk. Pretend someone you know wants to be really good at chess and beat everyone else. Than suppose that you want someone else to beat this person. Subjective realists would say your brain is creating competition because competition is what you like. Even though at face value it seems like you want one person to win over the other one, at the heart of your mind, you believe in competition and expect fairness. Since this is the case, your brain is creating a situation where everything is fair and nobody wins automatically.

By thinking reality is subjective, it would mean by changing what you hold true, you could make things happen around you that normally would not be possible. This is like when a person realizes they are in a dream and suddenly change what is possible in the dream. I don't agree with this at all. The part I don't believe in is having the ability to change the physical world. I do believe that the power of your thoughts can influence the actions you take and over long periods of time, if you do these actions that feel like they are leading to the change in reality that you want, then these things will come to be.

For example, if I really want a residual income online, and am doing actions that I think will lead to making money over a long period of time, I will start getting money. For me this was true, it took a lot more than thinking though. The thought of wanting this to happen never changed, but the actions I took to make this happen have been hard work on websites. Now two years later, I am finally beginning to put this "dream" into reality. I have a blog that produces income.

Now comes the fun part. If you want to have an impact on what happens, you have to train your brain to think about why something is happening and how you really want it to end up. The thinking has to consciously and subconsciously affect your actions. You can't wish your website had more sales but decide you don't want to do anything about it. The decision to be lazy and not work at what you want is like shooting yourself in the foot. It is impossible to just say you want something and it appears. This is the difference between a dream and reality. With reality you have to use your mind to make your body do things that result in the desirable outcome.

It might not seem controllable at first, but with lots of practice, you can create your own reality around you as you want it to be (not what I think entirely). People do a lot of things in their life because they are conditioned to think this is the right thing to do. If you throw out this idea and just do what comes natural, the results will put you in a situation that you have decided is desirable for yourself. You won't let others influence your reality and instead let them react to what you do. It is important to have a strong base though. This is a base that knows work will set you free.

Here Is What I Believe The Truth To Be About Reality

I have a few issues with this subjective kind of thinking. I believe that the whole of humanity is one congruent place. There are no alternate realities where everything that can happen does. I believe reality is what everyone in the world makes it and there is only one reality. Instead of thinking each single person creates their own reality based on what they think is right, I think everyone in the world creates the world around them together. This makes the most sense to me. People are connected through life and they each can think for themselves but don't have true influence over any other person accept for themselves.

The issue with subjective reality is it does not take into account that everyone exists at the same time and in the same general space. Each person is not experiencing their own dream of reality while actually existing in some other place. Everyone that is considered "alive" is present right here right now. Those who realize this and live in reality will see that people work together to create the events around them. I do agree that a lot the events and decisions people make are based on following past ideas because it is what works. This is one thing that prevents learning.

Simply think for yourself and realize that each other person is just like you in that they have no influence over you. The only person that knows what is best for you is you. Others may claim to know more about what is best for you to do, like getting a job and who should be your significant other, but they really don't. The bottom line is that whatever decisions you make are going to end up creating the life you are in. Make decisions based on what you would like to happen. This is hard and takes time to develop.

If I were you reading this, I would view it with the idea that what I was reading is made by one person with his own ideas. No matter what I have just wrote, you should still come up with your own thoughts about what reality is to you. Realize that I am bias and am talking about what I believe. This is not necessarily what you should believe. The goal of this writing is to spur people to simply wake up and think about this subject.

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Sep 24, 2011

How Anyone Can Become Smarter

During school and while you grow up people may think that they either have intelligence or don't. The ones who don't than determine if they want to be successful or considered smart, they have to work hard. I think this is valid. In my opinion, all intelligence is achieved by motivation. If you have a drive behind learning, it is easy to know about many different things.

In the first 10 years of institutional learning, the kids that seem to know more and learn easier are the ones that have been paying attention and interested in new ideas since they started in kindergarten. This underlying drive may have come from their parents telling them it is important or they realized it was important on their own.

People aren't born with knowledge. They have to experience life and through this people learn about different situations. This is what happens to everyone for their whole life. Those who ignore everything around them and just focus on survival, will become intelligent in surviving. This person will also be able to survive the only way they know how. You may say that whatever this person has motivation to learn about, they will master as long as their brain understands what is going on. If all they want to do is work digging ditches, they will be good at it. If this is all they want to know about, their mind will shut off to other ideas and concepts.

Intelligence comes from a drive to learn. All it takes to become more intelligent and perceived as smart is being aware of your environment. People who think about things and study why things happen will train their brain to learn faster, more efficiently, and easier. It doesn't even matter what you are observing or paying attention to. An interesting thing will begin to happen to you while experimenting with this. If you look at a ditch digger, factory worker, or corporate office worker, they can still choose to think about their environment and problem solve. They could also choose to turn their brain off and just think about their monotonous tasks.

Their life and path they follow is determined by this decision. If they decide to think and learn about their environment and problem solving different things, growth and success come. If the same person decides to do the repeating tasks that don't teach anything, all their life will consist of is doing this same thing. Avoid the grind and you will feel like your life is full.

What I mean to say is that as you begin to think about things, you start to learn in a different way. This helps get rid of pre-conceived notions about subjects. When you start to specialize or learn about something specific, such as accounting, the way you learn and store information is more fluid if your brain is already use to being useful.

Some people can learn quickly while others take longer to grasp the same concepts. There are many variables to this and everyone has a different brain. A lot of the times it is about your feelings, ability to focus, and motivation in order to learn batter. Since learning relates directly to being considered smart, the more you learn and hold, the smarter you will seem to others.

Many times, you will not be able to learn about something specific unless you have a positive feeling toward the subject. If you actually want to learn more about something in order to achieve a goal, the learning part comes naturally. It is implementing what you have learned to achieve goals that separates enlightened individuals from the rest of the pack.

For me, I was faced with a problem. I wanted to learn how to make a residual income online. This was a little over two years ago in August of 2009. I started out knowing absolutely nothing about how to do this. I tried to learn, but didn't know where to start. Eventually, I did learn a few things and after I had somewhat of a grasp of what to do, I realized that there was a lot more things that I needed to study on. It was also going to require that I bury myself in internet marketing.

I was able to learn a lot and retain a lot of information to where I could probably teach a college class on SEO and website optimization. The learning came easy when I had motivation to do so. My motivation was turning something fun and intriguing into a living. It was my hobby and I wanted to do it forever. If you apply this to life, it will be easy to learn and become smart. Find out some things that really motivate you and than learn more about how to become successful in this field. People learn best when something is driving them to learn new things.

My advice would be to think of a hobby or new activity that you have no experience in. Now that you have found something you know nothing about, start researching. Figure out how to have fun in the hobby your learning about and see what things can come of it. It might even become apparent to you that money can be made from something you really love to do. The more you know, the easier it is to succeed in anything. At the end of the day, all of this comes from your drive to grow. Without motivation to grow, you won't want to learn or figuring out new things.

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Sep 23, 2011

Blog For Income

At its heart, blogging for money is easy if you can get over the hump and break past plateaus. There are some ways to do this and you will experience joy and happiness, as well as financial wealth, if you are able to do a few things. It takes mental toughness, ability to let go, and eternal optimism. With these things you can grow the income from your blog exponentially in order to make a living online. To get all the right tools and resources so that you can make a living online with your blog, start a website.

Mental Toughness 

The reason why it is necessary to be mentally tough is so you don't let your feelings and emotions get in the way of success. Your goals may not be reached if everything distracts you from what your focus should be on. As it pertains to a website/blog, I work on being mentally strong when sales don't come right away. You need to ignore results and keep your focus on why you are doing what you're doing. It could take as much as 8 months to see a single sale and this is only if you have been working hard the whole time.

When I talk about sales, I mean affiliate sales, which pay you whenever someone clicks on the ad and buys the product. This business model is called CPA (cost per action). You can also get income from a blog by putting up ads that pay you for every click on the ads that your site sends. It will take lots of time and testing to pick which method is best for your website.

The argument I use for picking affiliate products for income over cost per click ads is I get to pick products to promote that I believe in. They also go along with my personal ideas and blog ideas. With CPC ads, you may get things that don't go along with what you are actually saying in your content. Ads will come up that may be selling things that you don't believe in and you have no control over this.

Now lets get back to the mental side of things. The majority of people would like to get paid for doing work. If you don't have mental toughness, it is going to be hard to work without getting paid. Online ventures can take awhile to start generating income for you. You will need to work every day and use your mind in order to get the money flowing. Eliminate the thought that says you trade a certain amount of hours for a certain amount of dollars. Instead build an asset and let the money come in.

Ability To Let Go 

If you have the ability to let go of things and not dwell on the negative events that come up, it will help you become more successful and make a long lasting income online. The hardest thing I had to let go of was charge backs. Because of the nature of a CPA revenue model, when people decide to get their money back from a product, I get penalized as an affiliate by getting the sale erased. This is quite a rare thing, but the first one I got was for $100 and I really needed that money at the time. It was hard to move on.

Instead of focusing on this negative event, I used it to motivate myself to keep working. In the end I developed more content and increased my conversions to easily cover the $100 charge back. Negative events could involve anything though. It could be site problems, loss of Google rankings, or other things that are not in your control. Just focus on acceptance and staying focused.

Eternal Optimism

This is probably the hardest thing to conquer but the most important thing to do when trying to make money from your blog. Many different things might be affecting you like poor traffic numbers, nobody linking to you, and no rankings in the search engines. You might also be failing to make any money from the little traffic that is coming onto your blog.

The worst way to respond to this is with negativity and no action. If the situation I just described pertains to you, I want to say there is hope. You just need to stay active and never stop making your site better. Look at everything you are involved in online and try to focus in on one project and make it valuable. If you only have one project going and decide it is not working and quit, your entrepreneur career will never get off the ground.

Instead of giving up, start learning more. The more you know, the more you find out about why your site is not working. Figure out how others have become successful in this industry. Use this new knowledge to get over the hump. For me, every time I felt like I was stuck and nothing was happening, I decided to learn more things on my own. By combining optimism with obtaining new knowledge, it results in sales numbers. Find your own success formula and put it to use. Never give up, instead learn.

Getting Your New Blog Started

To start making money, you have to actually get hosting and your domain name. Most web hosts allow you to implement blogs using a Wordpress type content management system. One of the best web hosts that offers this type of CMS is the niche hosting provider found here. They give new internet marketers exactly what they need to be successful for an easily affordable price. It even has easy WordPress one click installation.

If you want to start your own website, there is only one option in my opinion. The best option for beginners is to start with a simple blog using the WordPress content management system. It is good for you to learn how to work it and start building your own following and as story around what you know. Make others benefit from what you are really good at doing. They give you a nice wealth of information, hosting, domain registration, and continued support and teaching so that you know exactly what you are doing with your website. For people who never have had a website before, look into SiteBuildIt. If you are planning to make a living online, this company will help you build the strongest base and give you the best chance for success. The value that this company provides to its customers is great. You get a lot with these guys.

Sep 22, 2011

Peace of Mind

It is something few people attain, but many people think about. This is having peace of mind. I think the aspects of this idea have been in the heads of humans for as long as we have been around. It is something that lets people become happy when they have it, but struggle when falling out of this peace.

One of the keys to staying in this state is acceptance. You should accept things that are not under your direct control. Having the feeling of control when there is no possible way you can be in it can cause stress and anxiety. It also makes for an unpleasant person. This is to say, the opposite of peace of mind will happen if control is being forced on everything around you.

Another way to help your mind out is by letting go of things. Don't hold conditions in your head that only let you feel calm or peaceful if a certain thing happens. For me, this would be basketball. I actively think about letting go of tough losses that make me upset. If I lose or win a game, I try not to dwell on it too long. Instead, it is helpful for me to live in the moment I am in. It makes it easy to become stress free and be without anxiety if I don't focus on past or future events.

Another tough issue that comes up in life is for newly made internet marketers. One of the hardest things to do when you first start working online is avoiding stats. It is hard but you should be focuses on developing some nice content. In order to stay positive in the face of 0 sales and no traffic, you have to clear your head and get in a peaceful state of mind. Use the things around you that are not going well in order to channel positive energy towards making things work the right way.

Failure, Learning, and Peace of Mind

Lots of people will work on something for a little while and when it fails they give up completely. When you fail, it is just life telling you to keep trying. Use your head to make necessary tweaks or adjustments and keep pushing. One of the best ways to keep a peaceful state of mind is by changing the word fail into learn. Whenever you have failed or think you failed, focus on learning.

In order for your mind to perform at its peak and think clearly, it needs to be in a state of peace. Try to resolve any conflicts you are currently feeling before making big decisions or trying to work.

This is something that I have done and it works. This is how websites become successful, businesses thrive, and peoples lives become more abundant. Take this philosophy and apply it to all aspects of what you do. Your mind is the most valuable asset you can ever develop. With it, all other things happen. If you can keep it in a state of peace, positive things will come out of it.

Sep 21, 2011

Work Smart (Caution, this might change your life)

This happens to me all the time. Whenever I focus on something too much or decide to get a job at something that seems fun, it turns into work. Work can cause lots of problems for individuals. It is not natural for human beings to be stuck doing monotonous and non-stimulating tasks all day long for little pay.

One example that comes up a lot is familiar to anyone married to a cook. Most cooks hate cooking outside of work. This is because when you do something 5 or 6 days a week for 8 hours each day, the activity becomes monotonous, boring, and simply old. To change this feeling, it requires cutting back on the activity and balancing it out with other things. We were not meant to live in the current working society that exists today. People aren't happy in it.

There are some ways to fix this feeling though. The first way to avoid feeling like this in your life is to balance out what you do. Don't spend too much time doing the same thing. It is almost always going to involve your job because this is where people do the same thing over and over in order to provide a service for some company. If this is you, quit your job. Find out all the different sources of income that can help you survive rather than relying on employment.

When you put yourself in a situation that requires using your brain in order to solve a problem such as income, you will be surprised at what you can come up with. Start at a place that feels natural. Start learning more about things that truly interest you. Chances are that you can turn this into money in some way. As long as you keep it diverse, it won't ruin the feeling of joy you get form doing these different things. I believe it is much more rewarding when you use your intelligence on a daily basis to get money rather than doing the same simple tasks over and over. It spices life up a bit and makes things interesting.

It's also a fun way to live. Don't let the fear of money scare you. Just simply embrace these feelings and put yourself to smart work.

You should not just quit your job and than forget about the self education part. It will require lots of work on your part. The cool part is that you have much more freedom and diversity at the daily activities you do by finding many sources of money. The more knowledge you have about everything, the easier it will be to generate money.

One thing that I loved was basketball. After playing basketball for a team for 4 years and practicing everyday, I hated it. I could not wait to get out of practice each day. The games were hardly rewarding enough to justify what I was doing. The way I fixed this was by never joining a school sports team in college. Instead, I played ball for fun whenever I felt like it. I still play on a weekly basis now, but it is fun and rewarding because it isn't done like a job. Avoid turning anything in your life into a "job."

I can't stress enough that you should not just give up your job and than stop thinking about ways to make money. You should actually be thinking of many ways to make money. It will take lots of creative and skillful thoughts to become comfortable. If you are too scared to quit your job right away, try to put your mind to use outside of work. When you feel like there is a good enough comfort level as far as your non-job related income goes, stop your job and focus fully on more enlightening things.


Appearing Strong

Having the ability to appear strong is a quality that may  help many individuals. Imagine that you are sitting at work and your boss approaches you for some information. You want him to feel like you know what you're doing and be confident in you. The best way to show this is by being yourself. Don't pretend to act a certain way. Don't lie to your boss because chances are he will figure out the truth. Over long periods of time, you can gain the respect of your boss and other co-workers by simply being honest and yourself.

Here is another situation where you may need to appear strong. Whenever you are interacting with a client of your business, it is imperative to have a feel of self-confidence and strength. Your client can tell when you are nervous or feeling strong, knowledgable, and confident. Other than simply learning as much as possible, I have found some good ways to improve on a sense of confidence within business. If you are dealing with clients and they ask something you don't know for sure, there are ways to command this situation.

When faced with a question that you don't know, the first thing to do is say that over your past research this issue has not come up. Then say something like "I don't have the answer right now, but I can look it up and get back to you later." This builds trust between you and your client because they see you didn't try to make up random information to appease them right away. The client will respect you for taking the time to look up the right answer and get it back to them as soon as possible. Trust means strength in this case.

Another situation you may face is in any competitive environment. The best way to keep your competition at bay is to be silent. This helps confuse them and the element of surprise is priceless. Don't give them any way to determine if you appear stronger or weaker than them. If they don't know, they will be nervous and worried about their own abilities rather than yours. When the time comes to perform, wheather it be at a job, in sports, in a game, or other competitive environments, use your strengths to carry you.

The best advice I can give about appearing strong is to find out what your strengths are and use them in an efficient way. Work on perfecting the things you are good at and allocate about 15% of your time to improving the things that you know are weaknesses. Some people get stuck on focusing on their weaknesses and never really reach their full potential with the strong aspects of their life.

Always use the best of your abilities for things that determine how your life is going to turn out in the long run. Developing a nice base to go off of is also important. It could take time to build a strong base, but once it is their, you can thrive off of it. Many people will go straight into something with little knowledge. When one thing fails or goes wrong, they end up quitting and moving on to another activity because they have no base to fall back on.

I take this into account with internet marketing. In order to have a strong business online, I try to find out what I am good at writing about and stick to it. I have a solid base of money making projects and branch out from that. If one of my side projects fail, I learn from it and go back to my base. Over time, this results in stability and strength, which is hard to find online.

Sep 20, 2011

Did Atlantis Exist?

Were Minoans Atlanteans? Most of the evidence or proof that researchers and archeologists gather for this theory has been done in a backwards fashion. I mean to say that people start with stories or legends and try to find proof of these stories. I think the proper way to go about this is by searching for artifacts or writings and deduce what they mean without pre-conceived ideas. Even though putting all the pieces together and filling in the gaps can take some guessing, it is the only way we can get a semi-decent picture of the distant past. This method is used when figuring out if Minoans were the origin of Plato’s legend of Atlantis.

I am going to discuss the facts that are available in order to either prove or disprove the existence of Atlantis. Minoans are the starting point for Atlanteans. About 2,000 years ago Plato wrote a legend about Atlantis. The problem is that there is no evidence to verify what he wrote so long ago was true. The legend says that Atlantis was engulfed by the Ocean. Recently, archeologists are beginning to discover evidence that might point to Crete being the source of this legend. (

Crete has some astounding history behind it. In 2009, excavations in South Crete done by T.F. Strasser showed stone tools that were 130,000 years old. Nobody thought that anyone had even been across the Mediterranean before 12,000 BC. The stone tools that were found included axes made of quartz. The standing theory of how these people got there so early was by crossing Africa into Crete ( This shows some unique and ancient history that might explain how special Crete was for the evolution of man and the advanced society that thrived there.

I decided to bring this evidence up because it makes the thought of Minoans being able to develop such an advanced society 5,000 years ago plausible. If there was people inhabiting this place with tools 130,000 years ago, than it is not so farfetched to believe how advanced the Minoan people were.

Crete is where the first major European civilization came to be. It is an island south of Greece and very close to a volcano. The people living here 5,000 years ago were thought of as sophisticated and had the first ever written language. It was called Linear A. The actual Minoan people were named after King Minos. They were also the first people to develop paved roads ( The Minoans had many advanced ways of living for that time. This includes a social structure with Artisans, Civic Engineers, and ship builders.

I want to focus on Civic Engineers for a moment because this term does need some explanation. It simply means someone who designs things such as roads, buildings, tunnels, bridges, and sewage systems. This job requires precise measurements and long term planning to make sure their structures stay together for a long period of time ( To have Civic Engineers doing these things 5,000 years ago is quite amazing. It probably made other surrounding cultures jealous.

These people were not very civil by current standards though. They had human sacrifices and worshiping of snake priestesses. Their culture does not resemble that of Europeans. One theory of why they were so different was because they originated from Iran. This was why they were so different from the Greeks that rose to power after them (

At the height of Minoan power, they all suddenly vanished. Nobody knew why they did and all there was to go on was Plato’s legend about an ancient society that disappeared under water. If you connect these two things, you have one of the main theories for the existence of Atlantis. The theory is that Plato was talking about the ancient Minoans when describing Atlantis. After some relatively current research and archeologist work has been done, it becomes a little clearer why the Minoans disappeared so suddenly from the world.

They went to the island of Crete and found evidence that it was hit by giant waves caused from the closely located volcano named Thera ( The evidence for this was the findings of micro-organisms that originate from the ocean floor. They could only have been found on the Island of Crete if giant waves carried them there. The volcanic eruption of the nearby volcano could have caused such giant waves. Additionally, if you look at the eroding coastline, you will see broken pottery, chaotic looking soil, building materials and cattle bones. They date to about 1600 BC. This fits into the time frame of Plato’s story.

The giant waves did not completely wipe out the Minoans. There is further evidence of rival peoples coming in and slaughtering the weakened Minoans. Archeologists found weapons from different people all over the place. The combination of a giant wave caused by a volcanic eruption and neighboring rivals killing the rest off shows how these people may have been wiped out so quickly.

Successful Blogging

Aright, so you may have been around the internet marketing world for awhile and figured out that you need to become a writer. Unless you have your own products you want to push, blogging is the way to make money online. The best way to boost your traffic is to find things to write about that are motivating for you.

For me it is writing anything that can give others light where they are in darkness. This could be spiritually, mentally, technically, or what have you. The bottom line is that when I write, I have something to say. I am not just forcing random bits of information onto others. I also try to keep my audience wide by covering many diverse topics. This is just my strategy and you should intelligently develop your own unique one for what you are good at. Focus on your strengths and improve your weaknesses.

The first thing you need to know is post titles. When you make a blog post, the most important thing besides providing valuable content is what your title says. The tense of verbs are very important. After many years, you can just title your new content pretty much anything because if you have done things write for years, you will have thousands of visitors ready to read your new post. Anyway, the title is highly important for conveying what your post is about and what keywords search engines should rank you for.

The next thing that must be done in order to get your blog to a high traffic status is gain search engine traction. This lets new people learn about the things you have to say on a topic. If they like it enough, they may share it with their online friends or tell people outside of the internet to go to your blog and read it. The hard part is writing in a valuable way. Some have a hard time communicating through written words. My best advice for these individuals is to write a lot. The more you do it, the easier it is.

After you have gained some search engine rankings and people seem to like what you have to say, it is important to promote your blog through different networks. One of the best places to do this is BlogCarnival. They give you a sort of scale to see if you got something viral or not. If you have written some nice stuff, BlogCarnival users will spread the word. There are many ways to use this tool to your site's advantage and gain traffic. Some have gotten 50,000 visitors a month with just this one method.

So it may seem easy enough, but the rewards of doing these things correctly are immense. The money you can make from these types of actions can boost your blog's income 100 fold. It just takes consistent effort. I can't stress enough how important it is to write. The more you write, the more you grow. It is always important to focus on writing for your readers or potential customers first and search engines second.

The quality of your work is also crucial. You want to edit everything and avoid spelling/grammar errors as much as possible. Usually, longer posts that really dive into a topic are the most successful. Short posts can be functional, but they won't have the weight of 1000 - 10,000 word posts. Less people may read your longer work, but the ones that do will be more likely to spread the word of your posts if they are helpful and in depth.

I believe this is because most posts on the internet are short and don't give people all the information they need. Failing to cover your blog's title with adequate content on that page is a killer. People will be put off if you can't deliver on your post titles. Google, Yahoo, and Bing also like longer posts because they pick up words and phrases in order to rank you. The more information you have, the better chances are that you get more traffic from all the different words on your site.

It is a bad idea to keyword stuff though. You don't want to repeat the same keyword over and over 100 times just so you get a search engine position on the first page. It won't work. The most important factor is helpful and viral content. This is so good because people spread the word about it. If they do it online with a back link, it will help you rank higher in Google. This means more traffic to your blog. A back link is simply one link on a site that points to your site.

Also see: Tools for successful blogging. The more resourceful you are, the better chance you have.

Sep 19, 2011

Evolution or Design

A guy named Michael Behe has developed something called irreducible complexity. It is an argument used against evolution that is pretty old. One of the first arguments talked about is that when we see things in the physical world that are complex, we think they were designed. Then he says when we think of living organisms that are very complex, we should also assume they were designed. The reason why is because some researchers believe that a very complex system in living things can't be reduced or made from simpler parts. Hence, irreducible complexity. At its heart, this is an argument used against Darwin's evolution theory.

Then we have someone called Rev. William Paley, who was a proponent of design. He wrote something about Natural Theology. Rev. Paley used the example of the “eye” as a reason that design wins over evolution. This is based on the theory that your eye is so complex that you can't have parts evolve over time and result in what we know as the eye. Rev. Paley would say the eye was designed all at once.

Just after this, Darwin comes in and refutes this whole theory. Darwin thinks that the eye is developed gradually from a simple structure to a more complex structure through natural selection.

Then the argument goes on to show how animals and organisms have slowly evolved based on the fossil record and this is how our ears work the way they do with their tiny bones.

What I think About Evolution and Design

Here is my opinion. I believe that the fossil record represents such a small amount of the entire population that you can’t base anything off of it. Secondly, I believe that if I were able to go back and view the past 50,000 years of time and see for myself what happened, then I would know for sure how humans came to be. Keep in mind that ideas like evolution or intelligent design are only theories. It is impossible to know what happened for sure. You either have to have faith or believe in what others think.

The bottom line is that nothing is for sure and people who try to argue one way or the other will never fully know the truth as it happened unless they believe the bible or can go back in time and view our entire history.

At evolution's heart, I think it only works if physical factors are able to alter the genetic code so that when one organism reproduces, its offspring receive the changed genetic code that tells it to grow in a different way, which results in some sort of change. Natural selection would say this change is favorable to its environment and helps the organism survive more efficiently.

I think this happens within ecosystems and to everything in some way, but I don't believe everything evolved from single celled organisms. This theory does not feel right to me. That is about all I can say about it because I was not their to observe what really happened.

How This Relates to Personal Development

You can apply the theory behind evolution to your own life. Evolution says that creatures and living organisms adapt or change in order to fit their environment and survive. Only when a species has a choice of dying or changing, the change is pushed for. This is just the natural way of things. In your life, situations will come up that may be adverse or detrimental to what you really want. Factors may face you that put risk on your livelihood and state of being.

The only way to get yourself past these obstacles is to adapt or evolve your actions to fit the situation better. IF you can do this well, the results can be more than you could have imagined. It is when people accept situations and base their actions on what happens around them that results in a person landing in a hole or low point. If you force yourself to find ways of surviving that are not normal, you get results that people don't normally get. It canbe good financially and emotionally.

Sep 18, 2011


There is something that may be interesting for you to know. This is something that has a very large impact on everyone with varying results. Think about the biggest things that have come into your life and affected you the most. I would say that these things came up unplanned and surprised you.

The opportunities that present themselves to us all the time are ignored the majority of the time. It is the people who can see these surprising opportunities that arise and capitalize on them that become abundant. Right now I am writing in a blog that I started because my friend showed me a website that spurred me to create something of value to people. I would never have known how to do this int he first place if someone didn't mention the words "residual income opportunity" to me on a game about 2 years ago. I typed those words into Bing and found a site. That opportunity ended up failing, but it started me on a path of internet marketing. It is now my main source of income.

Once that ball went in motion it never stopped. I did not plan to do this for a living nor did I even know what it was. My point is that usually the things that have the most impact on us are not planned out. The future is always unknown and chances are you can't plan for the things that will have the most impact on you.

This is because of chaos. Events happen and if you think about how you got into the situation you are currently living in, it probably depended on a bunch of tiny things that went perfectly right in order to put you in the life  you are in. The driving force of opportunities is this random and tiny force of nature that causes events to go one way or the other. Some call it fate, I would call it God. The bottom line is that it does happen.

I believe the more diverse you make yourself, the better chances are that unforeseen opportunities will come your way that are beneficial. The major blocker that keeps people from pursing small ideas that have huge potential is simply excuses. People make excuses about why they can't be successful or happy all the time. They ring off a list of all the hindering factors in their life that prevent them from doing what they want to do in life.

Instead, the best way to attack this is through the eyes of opportunists. You should be thinking of ways to attain the life you want instead of making excuses about why things suck at the moment. Being diverse and ready to learn truth is one personality trait that makes successful people the way they are.

One of the most interesting things you can do to test this idea is think about some event that you participated in or action you did. Review the course of things that led you to get there. I do this from time to time and it is crazy how perfect things had to be in order to affect me, but they ended up having major impacts.

I will try to tie all this together now through an example. I will start with the final result and work my way backwards. It is how I ended up learning about business and getting my accounting degree. I was in an accounting class during high school that my friend wanted me to take. After one of the tests my teacher said one line to me that suggested I should go to college for accounting. She did not say anything else about the subject again.

I took this idea and ran. That is when I decided to go to college for accounting. I went to my adviser and they picked out the best business school to look into and I went their. After being their for two years I transferred, but if it wasn't for going to that school and learning about business in the way I did, who knows what I would be doing right now. I can not even picture what my life would be like if that teacher in high school had just said "good job" on that test instead of "you should think about majoring in this". Without that tiny spur of confidence, I don't think my life would be close to what it is now.

I can go even deeper and talk about how I took two typing classes in a row during middle school. This allowed me to learn from an early age how to type fast. With this solid typing base, I now use it every single day to make a living and share my thoughts with the world.

Now you see what I mean by taking the smallest events and capitalizing on them for the better of your life. Nothing is too small to have a gigantic affect. It is fairly easy to be aware of opportunities. The hard part is seeing the full implication of things that happen to you.

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Sep 17, 2011

Corporations Pay Less Taxes Than The Middle Class

This is a common misconception among the general public. Most think that the wealthy pay lots of taxes while the middle and lower classes pay nothing. The truth is that the group hit hardest is anyone who does not have a corporation. This is because corporations are tremendous tax shelters. Our U.S. tax system is set up to benefit capitalists and entrepreneurs. I think it is a good thing if you know what you're doing.

Anyone with income or any kind of investments that is not from an employer can set up their own corporation. All a corporation means is a few documents received from the government and you're good to go. This allows you to save lots of money on taxes. It will help anyone who makes $15,000 per year to $1,000,000+ per year. The reason why I start at 15k is because this is about where the tax brackets start to get higher.

For beginners who are just starting out, I would recommend taking the money you are earning and make some good investments. This could be in ETF's or foreign exchange markets. Both are good ways that allow you to make profits with the money you already have. It is the primary way that most people let their money work for them. With this strategy, you definitely need to understand the company or currencies you are trading with. My advice is to stick with what you know.

So here is the difference between an employee from an auto company making $55,000 and an individual who makes the same amount of money on their own. The employee gets taxed right when he/she makes the money. There is no way to spend the pre-tax dollars you have made. The more you make, the more the government takes off the top.

If you are earning the same amount of money through your own private corporation, the full amount of money you make can be spent when you first get it. The government gets no money off the top. Obviously you need to spend this on legitimate business expenses that allows your business to run i.e. your own car for transportation, board meetings in Hawaii, and client entertainment. These things can be deducted off your top line and the government can only tax what is left as profit.

There is a lot of room to spend money on different things to help your business move forward. Advertising, buildings, warehouses, and real estate are all great things to spend your pre-tax dollars on in order to lower the final net income reported to the S.E.C and I.R.S.

Keep in mind it is impossible to do any of this if you don't have a corporation set up. Now you see how many big companies are able to manage their large incomes by re-investing and sheltering income. The great thing about America is that anyone is able to set up their own privately held business with the right documents inexpensively and easily.

The A.D.D. Problem

I do believe very small cases of A.D.D. may have some validity. However, I believe there are far too many cases where doctors prescribe medication to kids or adults with supposed "A.D.D." and all the medication does is numb their feeling and thoughts. If you look at a chart of the United States, you will see that the cases of this so called disease increase as you go from the west coast of the United States to the East coast.

The trend is impossible to be natural. It can only mean that cases are prescribed for medication and the severity is determined by location rather than true medicinal practices. If you look at the west coast, hardly anyone is having trouble focusing. If you move your way east, it becomes apparent these folks just seem to lose interest easily and fail to focus.

Drugs like Adderal and other suppressants have made billions off of this. Who do you think is the biggest supporter of this new disease? How is it possible that the rates of something like Attention Deficit seem to increase with time? At the rate we are going, every child is going to have some level of this disease and be prescribed some thought numbing drug. It is so people don't think and ask questions about the way things are.

There are many ways to treat someone who has trouble focusing without drugs. You can build them up mentally so they learn simple ways to manage their time, work, stress, and anxiety. Almost everyone has trouble focusing sometimes. This does not mean they need pills to fix it. All it takes is some self discipline and not blaming your issues on everything around you.

I do think that there are legitimate cases where people do need medication for A.D.D. This amount should not be rising though. Why would it? The only factor I can possibly think of that would make this problem more apparent is societies new ways of information sharing. People have become dependent on electronic based social connections rather than learning how to live and cope without them first. It is tough on the brain to juggle so many things at once.

When you take into account Facebook, along with the high use of laptops, smart phones, television, and immediate rewarding entertainment with no long term value, people become numb and unable to function the way we potentially can. Our full potential is never reached with this way of life. It just grows the gap between people who control/own and people who obey the owners. This is not a place that I would like to live in. It is still reversible though. It just takes some conscious thought and the ability to live in reality rather than in a false perception.

I believe our minds were meant to learn and think for themselves rather than be told what to do and how to do it. We get so much input into our brains that it almost makes it impossible for people to think for themselves and ignore all the noise being thrown around by large businesses trying to sell things of no true value.

Don't Make The Best Of Situations

This idea might be contrary to what many people believe. I think that if you decide not to make the best of situations, you force yourself to either change the situation your in or be stuck unhappy. Without this change, it is hard to grow. Personal growth is a key phenomenon that is necessary in order to feel joy financially and in mentally.

This goes against everything I have believed in the past. Normally, I would think a situation could always be made to work and if I was creative enough, it would be possible to be happy in any circumstance. Currently, I would say it is not necessary to force things together. Life is like a little board that has circles and squares on it. When you force objects like squares into the part of the board that is a circle, it doesn't work.

When things don't work, a good skill to seek is the ability to change. Sometimes you may need to change yourself, actions, thought process, ideas, or location. There is no sense in staying right where you are and forcing circles into squares. Life is telling you to move over and put the circle in the right circle shaped hole.

This idea can be applied to business situations as well. One of the main reasons a successful business thrives is because it can easily change if needed. When a business is able to be flexible and meet the needs of its customers at all times and in the future, everything starts to pick up. The only reason why any business fails, online or offline, is because of the inability to adapt and change. A business needs to be aware of its environment and the things its environment wants.

This brings me to my next philosophy. It is about doors. When you get one door closed, there is always five open doors waiting to be stepped through. The problem is that in the hallway there might be locked doors, smelly odors, and traps. Making it out one door and into a more suitable one is not always easy. Sometimes it is easy and just requires you to go for it. Other times it may be tough mentally or physically to make it through the hallway to better fitting doors.

Once you have honed the skill of effective change in order to make your life what you want to, there is not much that can get in your way. It is possible to accomplish your purpose in life when you have found some of the fitting doors for yourself. When one has reached a state of being that feels natural and comes easy, good things happen. It is when you are in a position that doesn't feel right and you perpetuate it by "making the best of it" that nothing moves forward.

You might get surprised by the things that happen to you when you keep this mindset in your head. Sometimes that is all it takes to spur on change and more clear decision making. Just be aware there are always going to be more doors open then closed. Whether it is your job that is in trouble or your marriage, just always keep this truth in mind: While others might be able to close doors on you, nobody can open new doors in your life accept for you. It is up to you whether you want to step through to new things or just find out ways to force situations to work. 

Sep 16, 2011

Accepting People

One of the more intense problems with society is accepting people. It seems to be a little easier to accept complete strangers compared to people you are very close to. Why is it so important to change the way people are who are closest to you? Most will say it is because they care about the person they are trying to change. If this is the case, the best way to see changes is by letting whoever you want to change learn by themself. It may take some action on your part, but forcing issues only makes things worse.

Life will be much easier when you come to a point that is easy to accept the way people are. Usually, you won't be able to change them anyhow, and the more you try the worse things will get. Deep down I believe  the overall intentions of any one person is good. I don't think people do things that they think are unfair or unjust.

That being said, I think the main reason why anyone ends up being cruel is out of revenge or them justifying their actions by claiming they deserve to be the way they are. Usually it is pride that results in poor judgement calls and others getting hurt.

I submit to you one way to help solve this problem. It is by looking at the overall big picture when figuring out how to act in situations. Find out how the direct actions that are going on will affect your overall plan or entire life. If it has significan impact, give it some more conversation. If it has relatively low impact, find an easy way to resolve the problem without much consequence or hurt feelings.

It is hard to apply this to your life and actually use it. If you do, it might feel easier to be happy and accept others actions. One way you can learn more about solving problems is by simply gaining more knowledge. The more you know, the easier it is to see situations for what they are instead of what people say they are. Be eliminating false perceptions, you will enlighten your life.

Sep 15, 2011

How To Get A Balanced Life

There are many different things people will seek during their lifetime. Probably, one of the most important and long lasting traits that people want is a balanced life. Having thing can be rewarding and provide fulfillment. Not having this can lead to depression and a feeling of lost. So, what does it take to get some type of balance?

The first thing it takes is diversity of activities. Being able to focus on many different things a little bit can be much more rewarding than focusing on one thing a lot. It can be scaled up or down however you like. I learned this lesson the hard way. It was through video games that I found out how out of balance I was. I spent about 100 days worth of hours on a game called Guild Wars. This was far too much time and I suffered for it.

What I should have been doing was balancing the game out with other activities. This may have entailed doing less gaming and more school work, basketball, parkour training, or friendship. Achieving a balance will most often mean cutting down one activity and raising other activities. This might mean actually finding more things that you like to do so that you don't spend too much time doing nothing.

Doing nothing is also out of balance. If you are so efficient that the majority of your time is spent just doing nothing. While it is still good to have time to meditate and relax, too much free time can result in problems. The key concept behind all of this is avoid specialization. Some say it can be very fulfilling to learn lots of different things to do instead of just one or two things that you focus on.

Areas Of Your Life That You Can Use For Balance (You can increase or decrease these areas to gain a more balanced life)

  • Work
  • Sports
  • Lifting
  • Writing
  • Exercise
  • Finding new hobbies
  • Spirituality
  • Relationships
  • Television
  • Video Games
  • Eating Habits
  • Kids
  • Philosophies

While I try to play basketball at least once a week, sometimes I play four times a week and sometimes I play once a month. Since this is something I really love to do and it is healthy, provides social interaction, and lets me release endorphins, more of my time is allocated to it. I am careful not to do too much though. When I was in high school, I had to practice everyday and this was not enjoyable after four months. It is more fun for me to keep it light and enjoyable.

The easiest way to get a more balanced life is actually make an effort to change your activities. You don't have to do this but it might seem apparent if something in your life is requiring too much of your time to maintain. Some people might find this to be work. If it is, try to find ways to do things away from work or figure out different things you can do to make work more enjoyable.

I won't put a percentage on the amount of something you should avoid doing, but generally you will feel it if something is taking up too much of your time and effort. This is all based on the premise that a well rounded and diverse way of life with broad outlooks, is good. This can mean many things to different people. The process of taking it in and digesting it will help you with balance.

If all else fails, try doing the exact opposite of what you normally do. Apply this to every single aspect of your life for a little while and see how you feel. Surprising things might happen.