Jan 27, 2012

Think Less Do More

There are many ways you can feel more fulfilled or happy with your life. One way that should help you is thinking less. People usually think themselves out of happiness. To help you grow the most, you have to let go of everything. Go back to the basics and avoid doing things you have always done. Here is what I mean by going back to the basics. Instead of worrying about what you do and how it affects others, think about this world and how small it is compared to the entire universe.

When you can really feel and picture how many bigger things are out there beyond Earth, it will help get you into a mindset where you can take risks, think more clearly, and do stuff that you really want to do. Sometimes it just takes a little change in philosophy to get yourself out of a dull and boring funk.

It might be easy to live on doing the same stuff you always have done. It's easy to stay with something that works and keep doing it as long as it does work without trying to improve upon it, drop it, or change what you are doing. This is because most humans are creatures of habit. The problem that gets in the way of happiness is when we decide to keep doing the same things or looking at situations the same way. When you change up your routine or try something completely different compared to what you normally do, it often results in stimulation and peak happiness.

This is not easy to do though and sometimes takes a change in philosophy or perspective. It should become clear to you that all of your actions are going to have little effect on the rest of the universe. However, this is not a bad or depressing though. It should motivate you to do whatever you want and simply enjoy life. Our thinking is complex, but I think I have figured out a good way to not think too much, but still keep an intelligent mindset.

The Mental Game You Can Play With You Conscious and Sub-Conscious

Think of your thoughts as levels in a pyramid. The most simple but profound ideas you have about how to live and think are at the top. Then you move down, but as you move down, every level is under the ideas from the very top of the pyramid. Usually, you will have broad philosophies at the top, like your purpose or why you are alive. Then as you go down, let everything else fall under this broad philosophy you have.

The key in this little mental development game is to program yourself to default to your core ideas when faced with anything. This keeps you from over thinking and allows you to do or not do something only based on your top level lines of thinking and philosophies about life.

I think most people already do this sub-consciously, but it is fun and interesting if you bring it to your conscious mind. The main thing is to let go of everything and get a good idea and picture of the world and universe around you and how you can interact with it in a way that brings you joy. Usually the Law won't get in your way, but if it does, it is probably there for some purpose that you don't see right away.

Jan 24, 2012

Finally Found That Accounting Job

This is just a quick wrap up to give closure to a few of my previous posts about going through the process of a job search. I did find a job where I get to provide accounting services for a company. It is pretty tough but fulfilling and doesn't seem like work. Contrary to what many may think there is a lot of different things to do and it is not too monotonous with all the software out now.

I basically was not getting any luck when trying to find a job through Career Builder so I ended up finding this job as a result of my accounting professor connecting me with the business owner. This was probably one of the best references I could have had and things are working out nice.

I am not saying that online services that connect people with jobs are not good, but it seemed to only connect me to sales positions and insurance agency opportunities, which is not my cup of tea. If you like that stuff, then feel free to get into it.

As you might have read, I wrote many posts about how to live without a job and running a successful online business. I am still doing this and my health site brand is doing pretty good, but I decided it was necessary to experience what a job would be like so that I can fully understand it and see if I like it. Additionally, this provides me with more information so I can explain why it is good to have a structured job and why it is good to have your own business. I did major in Accounting in college and doing this type of work for money is pretty cool.

The plan is to get deep into the whole experience, while maintaining Herbal Showcase (my online business), and see what happens. I would have never been able to build my websites into what they are today if I did have a job while I was building them. The last 1.5 years were essential to putting many hours into each site and learning how online business works.

Only in the past 4 months was I able to start doing things that are essential to making a lot of money online. It took me over a year to figure out everything I needed to know in order to start working on the websites in the proper way. This is why I would say if you are still in college, a good thing to do instead of getting a minimum wage job, is to build some type of business for yourself. I think doing it online is fast and low cost compared to brick and mortar operations. To get started on this process, you should check out my passive income resource page and click into the internet marketer tools to help you make money to get started. These key tools are really good at teaching as well as providing all the web hosting you need.

Another reason why I am doing this accounting job is because I need the extra money to pay off all the college loans. They amount to about 60k and the faster I pay those back, the faster I can get into cash positive monthly positions.

Jan 18, 2012

Why PIPA and SOPA Is Good and Needed

Aright, lately many of the major websites that almost everybody has used one time or another have been begging the general public to tell the U.S. government to stop these bills from going through. Lets take a step back though. The only people that these large companies are looking out for is their own survival. They are not thinking of the benefits to the majority over the long term.

If websites had to police all of the content from their sites that was contributed by others and themselves, it would make the web much LESS CLUTTERED and it would be easier to find information without being bombarded with ads.

The only people that are scared of this are people who rely on user contributions to make ad revenue. If you take money out of the picture, no websites would care about this bill that is being proposed. No large businesses are really concerned for your ability to enjoy the internet. They just want to protect their own income streams, which is fine, but just know the reasons why all of these major websites are telling the general public to go against PIPA and SOPA.

In my opinion, these bills would help the majority of people with their own personal websites and also people seeking reliable information. It will not be a censored internet. Publishers will just have to take responsible for what they publish or provide access to on their site. If they are offering clean (virus and malware free) content that was not scraped from other hard working people, then these sites would have nothing to worry about.

Why give up quality of the web for quantity and spam just so large corporations can keep up their income streams while giving up the quality of the web that you want to work efficiently.

Despite all this, you can build your own online resource that is helpful and unique if you want. To start, see my make money tools.

Jan 12, 2012

Organic Mattress

Aright, there is a lot of mattresses out there. Some of you may have heard that chemicals get released by certain ones. I have come across a very nice set of mattresses that use completely organic cotton and there are a few reasons why this is worth your time to learn about and possible jump on board with.

You sleep for about 1/3 of your life. You should be giving your body a healthy environment to sleep in. This is where the natural solution comes in that can offer you much improved sleeping. These things called organic mattresses are available. The two main ones that I would look into are the Naturepedic Organic Mattress with foundation or the Organic Cotton Mattress without foundation. The benefit of getting the foundation is it uses different materials then traditional mattress foundations that are safer and healthier.

You can get either of these two mattresses in twin size or full size and they come with waterproof covers to protect against potential bed wetters. The only reason why I feel like this is important to anyone's life is because people spend 33% of their entire time on this earth in a bed. This has very big impacts on the rest of your life as well so why not offer yourself the benefits of a healthier sleeping service.

The significance of organic cotton is that it is not made with pesticides, herbicides, or dangerous synthetic materials. They are completely user friendly for even people with allergies and the support you get will be one of the most comfortable things you have experienced. The price is also very competitive. You can get the mattress alone for under 700 bucks and if you get the foundation it is around 1200. These prices go up a few hundred dollars if you decide on getting the full size instead of the twin size.

The bottom line is that I really recommend anyone who is in the market for a new mattress to look into these two products before going anywhere else. Treat your health and wellness like it is important and give your wellness a gift that has a large impact on overall health.

Jan 5, 2012

Right and Wrong

So what do believe to be right and wrong or good and evil? Is there anything that tells you or makes you feel what the proper way to act is. It might be the upbringing and help from your parents, but if this is true, what is the thing that told them what was right and wrong.

Some who do not believe in God or spiritual guidance might say that the laws tell them what is right and wrong. To these people, I submit this. The laws say that pornography and Playboy are legal. Do you also go along with this? There are many things that the law does not cover fully. If you don't agree with the laws on the issue that Playboy should be legal, then you can't say the thing that guides you on what is right and wrong are the laws. There has to be something more that caused you to disagree with the laws. What is it? I am not saying it has to be God, but I believe there is something that we as a human race have which separates us from other mammals and living things.

Think about this. Do you think an animal like a dog or a lion has any feeling of what is right and wrong? Do they have a set of rules, for when they see other animals naked and having sex, that tells them it is wrong to see this out in the open? No, I don't believe that they do, but obviously it is impossible to tell 100%. I am just going with what I think is the closest thing to the truth as possible.

One of the major differences that allows humans to differentiate themselves from, what we ourselves classify as living things, is this ability to feel what is right and wrong. Is it just the natural flow of nature that living things feel the difference between right and wrong? How in the world do you explain this as a scientist? What is the basis for deciding this? It seems like it is such a grey area that there is no way to tell what the exact thing is that gives us these feelings. It might be something contained in our DNA that reflects in our thoughts.

The truth for me is that you can't know for sure. The only way to go is by how you feel about this subject. Really think about what makes you decide what is good or evil and try to think of something that fits for all things, not just in a specific situation. What I mean by this is you can't say that it is based on how you treat others and if you hurt someone else it is bad, but if you help someone it is good. There are many situations where you would be doing something that many others in the human race feel is bad or evil, but the thing you are doing or thinking is not affecting any other person or thing in nature except for yourself.

I challenge you to find the thing and put it into the forefront of your mind. See how you feel when you think you have something established. This will take an open mind and a total disregard of social conditioning. Try not to just duplicate what you have been taught or heard. Instead, go deep into your own mind and work in the future at being able to develop your own theories on how this universe and yourself work together.

Building and Creating Things

So you want to be a self-made person that is financially free and rich in abundance. This is a good direction for you to go. The best way to achieve this is to build and create stuff. By doing this in a way that makes sense as far as making money from what you are doing in the long term, then you can do it. Work on your life as if it were a game and you were trying to grow through it.

It can be scary, but exciting to do this. When bills stack up and you have to take responsibility for your life, it is time to start getting creative and build some things to help you out. Our minds are amazing things and the capabilities are endless if you know how to use this power. It all starts with teaching yourself things that result in positive outcomes for your life.

When you think about building something, don't picture making an actual statue or building, unless that's what you want to get into business with. Build things in your life that allow you to exert yourself in them on a daily to yearly basis. Make is so that you can put your entire being and positive energy toward what you want to create. Finding this thing to work on is the key. There is always work available. You just have to make it. If you can develop stuff for yourself to do for money, you have just created a situation where you are your own boss.

Direct your life as if you had the ability to. Don't let others determine the norms and what is right and wrong. Find this out for yourself and embrace what life has to offer. Feel the good and bad for what it is. Use these things to work as a catalyst for developing more internally and externally. Some people might be miserable and depressed. If that is you, why is that the case? Being alive has so many options to it. You don't have a set schedule or plan that has to be followed. There are always choices for you to make and things to work on.

The definition of bored is "being without work". Being depressed is usually coupled with life boredom or lack of stimulus. We are creatures that feel good when we can use our minds and the things that are unique to us in order to accomplish tasks and do different sorts of things. The great and freeing truth is that you have the ability to direct your life in whatever way you want. It is probably more difficult to find direction than to sit back and let everyone else guide you. The more rewarding path is most likely going to be one that you are completely conscious of, not on drugs, and completely feel.

All of this starts with creating and building things. Create relationships and build them. Create income streams and build the projects to become more fee financially. Create workout plans and build them. Create a life and build it. These two factors fit the two motivators that are essential for people to feel more happy. They are self-direction, which is autonomy, and mastery. Creation would be the same as self-direction and building is the same as mastery.

Start enjoying life right now. I am telling you that it is alright and good to do so. Find out what things there are available to do and engulf yourself in it. You may need to quit your job or you may need to go find a job. For those college graduates, use this as a way to do something that is more fulfilling then something that is not as fulfilling. See what kind of person you have become and utilize it to grow.

Here are the tools you need to build online income.

Jan 2, 2012

Sustainable Growth For Life

Well, lets start this off simple. How many of you do things just because you have done it for years? It probably hits home for most people including myself. It is because humans are creatures of habit and once something is discovered that works, we tend to do it until something comes up to stop us from doing it....or we decide it is time for something new.

One of the best ways to continue with growth and enjoy life is by scrutinizing the things you do every day, week, month, or year and decide why you do it and if you should still be doing it. A lot of times we get caught and stuck in situations that result in a level off or settling for what works right now.

It might make your life more fulfilled if you get out and experiment a little with some new ideas. Make a conscious decision to do things instead of resorting to what you have done for years.Discovering the purpose or motivation for why we do things can be intriguing and help promote the feeling of peace within your life. This might sound weird and not seem like it correlates, but hold on for a second.

Personally, I have tried this and it does help. For one thing, I have looked at the social networking dynamic. Why do I feel the need to share new things in an online medium with friends. Instead, I think it would be much more helpful to partake in a more personal relationship with friends than just facebook. How did you share things or communicate before computers and social networks? It was done in person and by phone.

In doing this annihilation of Facebook, it makes it clear who you are good friends with and enjoy being with and who you don't really have much connection with. It is not to say that you don't like these people, but it makes it clear who you really want to share with. If you think you need to get in touch with an individual than call them or start a way to hang out with them consistently.

I predict that doing this could result in much more fulfillment and connection. It is also a great way to force myself to interact with people. The few ways that I do now are by sports and that is about it. We will see what happens from here on out though.

This is just one example of a change I have consciously decided to make. You probably have many different things that involved your life. It might be worth it to look over everything and make some improvement that promote your own growth and happiness.