Feb 27, 2012

Chardon Shooting (I Graduated from there in 2007)

Well, this is a little off topic for the regular content of this blog, but since this event hits home, I will give my thoughts. There are not a whole lot of details that we know about why this shooting happened in Chardon Ohio at the High School. I know exactly where the shooting happened in the school and graduated from there 5 years ago. As far as the motive behind this, all there is is a lot of speculation. The bottom line is that kids today seem to not be able to handle social situations as well as they used to.

This is a social problem that is going on in many areas. The social sites like Facebook or Twitter all play a part in perpetuating social problems and lack of problem solving skills as well as the deterioration of moral truths and a sense of what the right thing is to do in a given situation.

Clearly, taking your anger or frustration out on other kids of similar age by taking their life is not the right way to handle a situation. I don't know the dynamics of the relationship between the gunman and the people he decided to shoot, but once more news comes out, I will try to analyze it a little more.

I could not imagine what it would be like to never see your kid again out of nowhere, but it must be devastating. I remember when I went to this school and was impacted when a student died in a car accident. I don't want to blame anyone for why the student decided to shoot people around him. The only issue to look at is how society is slowly changing. It starts with our kids and over time there ideas of how to conduct themselves will shape society in the future.

Feb 18, 2012

Finding Your Purpose in Life

You might ponder what the purpose of your life is. Why is that? I have done it many times and tried to give an answer to myself that felt good. The bottom line is that you don't have to have a specific purpose in life to be happy. The common idea of most individuals is to tell others that they have to have some purpose on the planet.

One of the main reasons why so many people come to the conclusion that they have to have a purpose, but don't know what it is lies in how human minds are motivated on the conscious level. We like to master things and have meaning to what we do. I challenge you to drop this idea. Just forget anything that anyone else had tried to tell you.

Focus on what your mind seems to enjoy. Don't quantify what you do with your life by saying you have one specific purpose. This can easily limit you and get you into a state of being where you are unhappy. Instead of thinking about your purpose in life, simply do what you want to do and don't think about why you are doing it or if it has any meaning.

This is a gigantic universe. It's so big and we are so so so tiny. Don't waste the precious life that you have on being sad about not knowing what you are supposed to be doing here. The fact is that you are suppose to be doing whatever you decide to do. There is no right or wrong on the philosophy you decide to take up about life.

The best thing to do if you are struggling with ideas about your meaning or purpose is to keep a bigger perspective about whats out there and our part in it. Don't live with limits on your life. Just go and be who you want and accept how it feels. Don't just sit around and wait for something to come along. It might take a little bit of moving and shaking on your part in order to start enjoying life.

If you are struggling to find motivation, forget about it. Don't think about how to motivate yourself, just do what you feel is right and don't let others thoughts and ideas about what you are doing affect what you do.

Don't Do This

One of the most detrimental things you can do to your joy and happiness is saying that "this is what I do" to yourself. We all have conversions with ourselves by human nature. It's normal. One of the major ideas that can limit you is be defining what you do. By thinking and saying this, by default you put caps or blocks on different things that are available to you.

For example, I say I am an accountant and play basketball. What I won't do is put myself in a box where I only do things that other people might do that also have the same dyamics as me. For example, I will try and look up things about quantum theories and how the Universe works just because I want to know and am curious. I will play Magic The Gathering because it is fun even though lots of people that play basketball and are accountants might think playing card games and studying how the universe works on the quantum scale undesirable things to do.

To me it doesn't matter what others think is the norm for me. The norm for me is whatever I want it to be and it goes a long way in helping create abundance in my life. Don't try to fit in to societies ideas because it is just an empty box. Instead, let yourself grow and be free from ignorance.

Investing with A Few Grand

Aright, for anyone who has been following this blog, you know I have recently acquired an accounting type job. The reason was to get a steady income on top of online business money so that I could invest. I have a really good plan to make solid gains.

The plan is to do research on different stocks and keep track of them. Once I find a good stock that may have fallen a bit but has strong operations and balance sheets, I buy. The goal is to get 10% out of the stock speculation and then get out and into a new stock that I think I can get a 10% gain on as fast as possible.

This takes a lot of planning and research, but if you like this kind of stuff it is fun. The main thing you need to do in order to avoid just randomly picking stocks that you think are good is to keep track of the different businesses yourself. I just use a simple notepad and when I think I have found a nice one I list its symbol and trading price. I know most websites show historical data and all that, but sometimes it is hard to really see how a stock has moved unless you have the numbers written out yourself.

One of the best ways to acquire these 10% gains is to get in when the stock has dropped 5 or 10% because of something that is not normal or has anything to do with operations. If the business is still making money and looks like it will be able to keep making money in the future (5 to 10 years), you are set and should get in.

My Stock Buys This Week

Alright, so I got my first full paycheck a little bit ago and had the opportunity to get in on my first stock purchase. It was with DHX, which runs websites that help people get jobs. I figured I know the online world best so would be able to make the best decision with that buy. The good news is that the morning I bought it, the price jumped up by 3.5% that day.

3.5% is a ton when you think about what other safer options are giving you. A CD only yields like 1% if you give them your money for 1.5 years. Here in this case I was able to have a gain of 3.5% in one day. It is all a matter of knowing what you are getting into and where it is moving. Do not just buy and hope for the best or you will lose money.

The next day was a Friday (yesterday) and the price jumped up another 2% in the morning but fell back down to a little bit less than its opening. Now it's the weekend but I hope to get out this coming week if it goes up by a net of 10% since I bought. I have only put in $1,000.00 because that is all I have available right now.

The fun part of this is it helps me save because I can't spend the money. Once I can get my portfolio up to around $10,000, the 10% gains will be $1,000 profits instead of $100.00. To get that much money I am going to use money from my paychecks and any gains I get, but not from online business. I will tell you this. If everything goes according to plan, the money I am making off of money that would just be sitting in a savings account will be earning much more than any bond or savings account. The money I make from Herbal Showcase is for bills and stuff.

The bottom line is keeping track of different companies so you know when a good time to buy is. I will keep everyone updated on what happens with this in the next few weeks.

Key to Picking Stocks

There is much more to finding the right buy than just seeing if the price has dropped a little. There are two main things you should look at. The profitability of the company, which is how much of there sales they are keeping (net income). The other thing you want to look at is the amount of debt compared to equity. Too much debt is never good or safe.

As you may know assets = liabilities + owners equity. You want the owners equity to be two times the amount of liabilities. This means there is a good enough amount of risk being taken for the company to grow, but there is still enough cash to cover all the liabilities. You want the company to be in control of is bills rather than barely scraping by. Having a strong balance sheet means there is plenty of room to grow and there is high profitability overall.

Keep these two things in mind when investing: Net Profit and Amount of liabilities compared to equity. Then the X factor is how the public views a certain industry. Keep this factor in mind as well so you can make good decisions about when you think there is a lot of upside or the stock is tanking.

Feb 1, 2012

Freedom or Peace: Can Both Exist?

Some might automatically think that freedom is good, but lets examine this notion a little further. If we were all truly free, there would be very little peace. This is my own opinion though and I am not saying this line of thought is right or wrong. I am just pointing out some ideas that people gloss over.

Freedom is something everyone wants, but if we lived in a world where everyone were completely free to do whatever they wanted, we would probably have a lot of people doing things to others that were not peaceful or harmonious. There have to be a few parameters put on freedom. That is why we have government. Different governments around this world operate in different ways. Some allow more freedom than others.

If there was government that did absolutely nothing and let everyone do whatever they wanted, I think eternal war and suffering would result. It is that small bit of force called the Laws that are enforced by the government that keep us from doing anything that we wanted. Hence, we are not completely free.

While we are able to make a lot of decisions about how our life will end up, we still have to follow the rules that linger over everyone in order to exist in society. This is a good thing. With this little bit of order, peace can result and people can be happy, at least in the United States. Other governments that are highly invasive and don't allow their citizens to do what they want might have a public that is not happy or fulfilled.

I don't think peace can exist with complete freedom. It is alright though. If everyone were enlightened with a high education and understood how their actions affected others, I don't believe there would be a great need for laws. The problem is that some people can learn about each different effect their actions have, but still do it out of their own justice or justification.

The ultimate way to see how problems would start to arise in a society that was completely free are to think how you would react if you were harmed. Would you decide it was justified to hurt the person that hurt you and to what extent would you inflict damage in order to meet your standard of being fair. If you respond with more harsh act than what was done to you, it could spiral into a war. Even educated people have feelings and emotions that could cause them to feel justified to do an action that might seem insane or hurtful in another context.

What would be interesting would be if everyone could take everything out of context and just view it for what the action was instead of what they think it means. It would be a good way to reduce the amount of pain or hurt others felt while maximizing a feeling of peace and "alrightness". Made that word up but I think it fits the idea I am trying to convey.