Oct 31, 2012

Developing Your Own Trading Style

New and long-time investors and traders are always wondering what ways are best to use financial tools that are at their disposal. The answer is to use everything that you have at your disposal. Every successful and professional trader/investor/money manager/derivatives speculator/etc... has their own ways to do things and everyone is different. You can make a lot of money in a lot of different ways.

The only way you can develop your own skills is to learn about what you are doing and figure out what is going to fit your strengths and skill sets. Some people make a ton of money reading stock chart patterns and that is what I talk about on a daily basis on this blog you are on now. Other people only invest in bonds and stocks outright without using options or binary options at all. There is no one set way to use.

The key to your financial money making success is knowing everything that is available to you and where to do it at. If you are someone who likes to hold for awhile and then just sell to take a loss or are afraid to take gains because of taxes, you might as well just keep your money in a savings account or under the mattress.

People who want to be active and trade to making money need to know when to sell. The best way to get yourself to know when is by having stop losses and price targets. With options you will be a bit more careful with your money and there is no wondering when to sell if you are doing binary options. Binary's are advanced derivatives that involve the price movement of stocks and figuring out if the price will be higher or lower at a certain date from the current date and time. Some say this is safer than regular options because you have a 50/50 chance no matter what.

If you apply  stock chart pattern analysis, you can really tip the cards in your favor. Getting a winning percentage of 75% will make you a ton of money because the profits for these types of options are between 50% and 90%.

To make a lot of money and live off of your own skills, you have to be active and you have to know everything that is available. At one time it might be best to buy a stock outright. Another time it may be right to buy a call option and then exercise it and own the actual stock. Other times you may see a very clear chart pattern or you may know that the price of an underlying asset (stock, index, etc..) has a very good chance to be at a lower or higher price than it is currently trading at by the end of the hour, day, week, or month. In that case it might be a good idea to use binary option tools such as high/low's.

If a stock is on the decline and looks to keep falling because of poor sustainability in the market place, you might want to short it by either buying put options that expire far down the road or "selling to open" call option contracts to the market in hopes that the call options will hold no value at expiration meaning you get to keep all you premium you made by selling it. If the stock goes down from when you sell to open call options, those options lose value, which makes you money.

All of these different things can be used by you in order to develop a style that you like to do. Having a style allows you to be more active and make more money as well as get a good guideline for what to do when you would normally not really have a set plan.

A Little Bit of My Financial Strategies

For me personally, I never do binary option trades in the first 3 hours of trading if I am looking at daily binary positions. I will never trade regular options that have an expiration after an earnings call before that call happens. I generally will hold stocks for around a month and then look to get out if the stock has not hit my target.

Oct 28, 2012

Stock Predictions on Binary Trades for Monday Oct 28, 2012

Markets are back open tomorrow. I will have prediction the following morning for binary options.

They Closed the Freeken Markets today because of Hurricane Sandy!

I am taking it easy and watching some football on this rainy Sunday in Cleveland. The Browns are winning miraculously. Friday was a giant show of weakness in the market. That can lead to more price decreases to come in the future. Just about every single stock I looked at that can be traded on with this binary options broker showed downward momentum or technical signals. I only looked at underlying assets that are available with that one broker.

All Bearish Signals

DIS - momentum - Short term bearish - Watch for some high/low put binary option opportunities. Closed at 50.08. This technical move means the stock price is trading lower at a faster rate compared to the rate of change 10 bars ago.

MSFT - triple moving average crossover - 4 week, 9 week, 18 week - The prices crossed below these averages and indicates a move to a lower price over a month or two. This is an intermediate term bearish move so look at monthly binary options with it. Closed at 28.21

AMX - KST (bearish) - Stands for Know Sure Thing - The KST moving average was crossed below. This technical metric shows a smooth oscillator that tries to compare multiple time frames into a single measure for momentum. Use this to look out 2-5 weeks with binary option ideas on the put side of the market. This stock looks like it could be going south and has a few other indications as of the close of Friday like a cross below the 21 day moving average. Closed at 25.61

Oct 26, 2012

Short Term Momentum Plays for Binary Options

Great morning on this perfect day of October 26, 2012. The first stock I am going to talk about has 4 bearish signals that went off as of yesterday so that is getting in here for a possible entry point into a high/low put binary option. Just a side note I want to throw out there is that a few people are starting to reach these daily predictions and have signed up this binary broker. Nobody has made any trades yet, but give I am giving it some time.

Bear Signals that Occurred Thursday

AMX - Price crossed below 21 and 50 day moving average - MACD - Momentum - Basically all of these signals triggered at the closing price of 25.48. They were all indications of a drop in the price. It means that pricing is weak and more sellers have come into this stock compared to buyers at an increasing rate. Things could be messy. Look at a peak to enter into some high/low put options. Support is around 24 and resistance is 26.08.

Bull Signals

INTC - momentum - fast stochastic - What this means is the momentum upward is faster than it was 10 bars ago and the downtrend could be in reversal and moving to an up trend. The stochastic trigger means the stock could be moving out of an oversold and pushing to trade higher. Look at valleys to enter high/low call binary options.

LVS - bottom triangle - This chart pattern for stocks is one that indicates higher prices and a new up trend. From the beginning of 2012 until mid March the stock ran up to the peak for the year. Then it fell all the way back down and lower than what it was at before that run up by mid July. From mid July to now it went into consolidation with higher lows and lower highs that made two converging lines. The price broke upwards out of this and could go up more now as a result. Emotionally, what this means is people were unsure about what to think about the market price of LVS and they seem to have decided now to go up. The close was 46.25 and the target is 59. Trade accordingly. Basically, if the stock hits a valley, you want to do a monthly expiration high/low call binary trade.

Update for What I am Doing with All Stock Predictions

It has been about a month since I started doing these predictions so now I will go back and look at the first few that I made and review them for their ability to hit targets and if they would have made money for you. The page that lists each prediction in order is at the top of this blog or you can click here to get to it.

Oct 25, 2012

Bearish Moving Average Events

I will take this post as a way to explain what it means when slower or faster moving averages cross over each other. This is key in understanding what could happen to a stock price in the future. The stocks I am going to talk about can all be traded on with binary options from the broker I recommend. The reason why people can benefit from this is because the average binary options trader doesn't know how to read chart patterns. This is what I will help you do.

Bearish Move as of the Close on Tuesday

SINA - double moving average crossover - The reason why this is a bear event is because the faster moving average (21 day) has crossed below a slower moving average (50 day). That is a fact that can't be ignored and it means there could be a drop in the stock. Look into doing high/low daily or weekly put binary options. This technical stock trigger means that the buyers are getting out and selling quicker than they have been over the long-term. That is why this is a short-term signal. The price closed at 56.37. Watch for a good opportunity to enter the put side today on a high/low.

MCD - triple moving average crossover - Another bear event that took place yesterday at the close. The 4 day moving average crossed below the 9 day moving average and the 9 day moving average crossed below the 18 day moving average. There has been one other bearish signal that I talked about a few posts ago regarding MCD. A new down-trend could be starting so look to buy the high/low put options on the peaks and time it up with the daily or weekly expiration times. Another thing that works against this stock is rising food prices for 2013.

Remember that these are just technical analysis. In my option this is the best way to trade binary options because it helps traders understand price movement better and when it is a good idea to make an entry.

Update: 10:22 AM - The market prices of both these stocks opened up higher than the close. SINA went straight up about 2.5%, which is a lot. Here is exactly how you use the information I provided about the technical triggers that these stock prices had. The chances that the prices fall lower by the end of the day compared to what they are now is higher. It is based on buyer and seller actions. That means do the high/low trades.

Oct 24, 2012

Late Prediction from Yesterdays Close

As I continue to do daily stock predictions for the binary options broker I am recommending, things are heating up. I have been very busy all morning and had no time to do a morning analysis, but here is two stocks to watch today.

This technical analysis is based on the closing price on Tuesday and I will try to look for one that you can enter right now as I type this. Treat this information as a guide and it is safer to do weekly or monthly expirations with your money rather than hourly or daily ones.

GS - bearish momentum - Downward momentum for Goldman Sachs Group Inc is short-term and should be taken on a daily basis. This is risky as you can see the price went up 1.57% so far today. You may want to look at a high/low put.

CKP - crossed 21 day moving average - It went above this moving average as of yesterday. As you can see today it dropped down and hit a bottom of 8.21 and has recovered back up to 8.36 It might get you some good profits to do a weekly high/low call option.

Well both these ideas would have paid on a daily basis. Check the charts. I posted this right around one. The bearish move happened with GS and the CKP bullish signal was right on in predicting the buyers were getting stronger as it traded the rest of the day higher. If you did a high/low put on GS and a high/low call on CKP at the time this post was published, you would have made 70% profit return on both trades. The amount of money you would have made depends on the amount you were willing to risk. If you put $1,000 on each, you would have made a $1,400 profit. No transaction fees when trading binary options either.

Oct 23, 2012

Day 2 of Chart Pattern Analysis for Binary Option Trading

This is the second post since I started focusing on underliers that were offered by the recommended binary options broker I find to be best. This type of analysis is best used for what you feel most comfortable with. It could be doing daily, weekly, or monthly expiration. Just use the information as it can be applied best. The way you should treat this help is as an identifier of trends that could consider further analysis for a binary trade.

Bull Events

BIDU - Price crossed moving average (21 day) - This is a little different then a full out chart pattern. However, when prices cross above a moving average, like BIDU just did, it means there is some bullish buying going on. It means there is a better chance that the stock can go into an up trend as it has broken out of the average. To trade binary options on this, you just have to get the price right as far as higher or lower than current at a set expiration. This will get you about 70% profit with my recommended binary options broker. It might be a good idea to look at high/low call options that expire this week. On a daily level, look to enter call sides of a position on dips because the pressure is for the stock to rise.

TKC - Price broke above 21 day moving average - This is the same event and you can take the same advise as the previous stock analysis. This stock is approaching resistant levels at 15.34. It is currently at 15.30. If it breaks that level today, it can go higher.

Bear Event

NBL - MACD - This is a way to measure how strong the price is compared to the average. This is all plotted on a graph and right now it has dropped below the line. What this means is prices in the short-term are weaker than the long-term.

There are three stocks to look at. You can trade on them however you like. Bull events mean look at the call side and bear events mean look at the put side. It seems like the market is looking a little bullish, but we'll see what happens.

Oct 21, 2012

The First Ever Binary Option Chart Pattern Analysis

As you may know if you read my stock predictions page, I will now be strictly focusing on underlying assets (stocks, commodities, and indices) that are available to trade on with binary options. Since each binary options broker online has different assets available to choose from, I had to pick one broker to recommend and focus on any chart pattern moves that are made for underliers that it offers. This makes everything congruent and allows me to help traders better. So....here is the first set of technical triggers that happened as of the last trading days close.

Keep in mind I will always post based on the previous days close and before the open of the following day because these types of derivatives that you want to trade with are time sensitive. Note that you can still use this information to make stock buying decisions or call/put option speculation. The important things to know is that each underlier is available to trade binary option derivatives on.

AAPL - Head and Shoulders Top - 3 successive rallies that look like a human head with shoulders on both sides. They represent a topping out of a stock price. The first point is the left shoulder that forms on a rally and a pull back. The second point is the head which is the highest high. Then the third point or right shoulder is the last rally and gets pulled back. Look for the "neck line" in this chart pattern. It was broken on Friday. This is a sign that on Fridays close the stock price moved below a support level based on a pattern that started in May 2012. This signal means there is a good chance that the stock could see a reversal and go into a downtrend pattern. The pattern for this stock has a neckline that is tilted downwards. You can see it easily on a 6 month chart.

Prediction: AAPL closed at 609.84 and has a target of 545.00 in the next 4 - 5 weeks. (look at high/low binary put options)

XOM - Momentum (bearish) - This bearish signal indicates the price is lower at the close Friday compared to the price 10 bars ago. This technical signal measures the velocity of price change. It looks to break lower based on that.

Prediction: XOM closed at 92.15 and could go lower within the next week.

MCD - double top - This is another intermediate-term bearish signal that formed. It looks like the price will break down into a new downtrend. The pattern is over the course of 3 months. An uptrend was interrupted by two distinct tops, which signal the reversal. On Friday the price broke below the support level formed by the 2 tops. Look out 1 year to see this pattern best.

Prediction: MCD closed at 88.72 and could go to 86.40 (Look for binary option puts that expire this coming up week).

How to use this information:

Use these chart patterns as a method of figuring out entry points and if the pressure is downward or upward at a given time. It might be a good idea to wait a few hours after the open of trading to think about entering a position. If you are doing daily expirations, you want to enter into put binary options at the highest price of the day. Likewise, you want to enter into calls at the lowest price of the day.

If you are doing weekly's, you need to enter puts at the highest price and calls at the lowest price for the week. Same thing with monthly expirations. The expiration time for monthly binary options is the Saturday after the 3rd Friday of each month.

There is Only 1 Good Binary Options Broker

I had to take down my recommendation of 24Option on my binary options broker page. This was done in order to give traders a more clear and concise message that they really only need one choice and that is TradeRush. I feel comfortable telling people to do binary option trading with them compared to any other broker online.

If you have been here before and looked over that broker recommendation page, you may have noticed it has bounced around between having 1 or 2 suggested companies. After some final research was done, the choice is TradeRush. They are the best of the best, been around the longest, and provide the easiest to use platform that can be trusted by traders. No other broker has acquired more happy users as them.

The key to a good broker is transparency of earnings (people can use the "show off" function to show everyone what trade they did to make a profitable trade). Another key is giving people a clear way to make decisions. They do a highly professional job at this also. I don't see any other place that functions as good as them.

What I like about this broker over anyone else is the amount of underlying assets that are available to trade on and the wide variety of derivatives that are offered. They are also the only broker to give traders a chance to show off what they earn to the rest of the world.

I also like them because of their multiple options to trade just about any major currency in the world when doing a trade. Here is the kicker. Each trade does not cost the trader any fees. You just set up the trade, determine how much risk you are going to throw at an option, and if you're right, you get 100% of the profit with no fee.

Some more things that make this broker worth it are there roll it forward options where you can take an option that has expired out-of-the-money and apply it to the next available expiration. Another cool feature is their weekend trading. This gives people a chance to make 400% profit on the weekends. It works based on what major banks announce a price is of certain assets one time on Saturday and one time on Sunday.

Trying out binary options is not as risky as you think. It is safer than selling call and put contracts to the market with a potential loss of infinity if a stock goes too far against the trade position. There is a set profit and set loss that is never more than you invest in a binary option.

So there you go. I just wanted to explain why I put one broker on the recommendation page and why. You only need one really good binary option trading place and that is it.

Oct 20, 2012

Diagram of Investing in Assets with Personal Income

I can't fit this photo in the new book I am working hard on so I am just putting it here in this blog because I think it is a good way to visualize how people should use their money in order to generate cash positive financial situations with the money they earn.

This shows where you should put your money so that the amount of monthly income you have increases as time goes on as a result of the money making system you put together. So...here is the illustration. Invest in assets that pay you for owning them.

Oct 17, 2012

Ignore the Passive Emotion

Do you have a problem with inactivity? If you know you're in an industry where you have to be the hardest working and do it the best in order to survive, taking effective action is imperative. The problem comes in when that business sin of no mans land hits you.

You won't get anywhere if you don't go anywhere. The best way to fall into passive thinking and emotions is by thinking about how you can not do work. Don't let that happen. Think about ways that you can be active in your business so that you like doing things and they are resulting in progress of some kind. Working on things that stick end up building a certain feeling toward what you are doing.

This is all going to lead you to positive momentum and help you believe in what you're doing. The effect on your emotions is major and highly helpful. You will find yourself becoming much more efficient with your time. The worst possible thing that can happen is when you become passive with your time.

Don't confuse being passive and generating passive income. You can work every day of your life in order to build passive income. The point is that you get to work on things that make you money while your not directly working on them. Nowhere does it say that passive income means feeling passive in your daily life. In fact, passive income should allow you to be more active in other things, including other business adventures.

When this feeling of being stuck or passive hits you, get yourself motivated. Many people are motivated in many different ways. I like certain music to get me going as well as playing basketball. You might have completely different things that help you get into the "do work" zone. If you can't get yourself out of a funk, look at relationships that you have with others. Call other people or go work with others to give yourself a refresh.

Here is something I like doing. When that 2:30 feeling hits and you just feel dead and sluggish, do an intense workout if you have 10 minutes. Get the blood flowing and keep your body from falling into a vegetable state. You can do push-ups  crunches, run, pull ups, lift any kind of weight up and down. Anything that activates your muscles will jolt your system so you can keep going strong. Blast some tunes and just go do something different.

Oct 16, 2012

Symmetrical Continuation Triangles (Bullish Stock Events)

What a wonderful Tuesday morning to be alive. Today is going to be just about the specific chart pattern called a Symmetrical Continuation Triangle (bullish). These are stocks that have been on a big tear and pulled back. They are not ready to be bought again. These are all going to be based on stocks with volume over 500,000 average per day.

SPF - Symmetrical Continuation Triangle - So...here is what has happened with the market price of this asset. At the beginning of August it went on a good uptrend all the way until October 1st. Then, it started to enter into a consolidation period with large volume on a sell-off. It then started to make lower highs and higher lows, which formed a triangle shape int he stock. The volume also diminished as this consolidation period came to a point. What has happened to trigger the bullish event was a break upward out of this consolidation. This suggests that the stock could continue on its previous up trend patter that it experience from Aug. to Oct. The close yesterday was 7.34 and it has a target price of 8.70 by the end of November. Looking at a 3 month chart of this stock will show you clearly what I am talking about.

ITT - Symmetrical Continuation Triangle - Here is the same pattern. it is a little less clear than the first stock, but nonetheless you can see it. Since you already know what this chart pattern looks like and represents, I will explain a little more about the stock. It does offer a Dividend of 1.74% and its daily average volume is around 850,000. Also, this is an oil and gas industry related company. It had a closing price of 20.87 and its target is 22.50 by November.

Oct 15, 2012

Next Online Income Stream: E-Book (Going through the Process)

Alright, I am trying something new here. I have a decent amount of money saved up from my earnings and I think there is room for investment. I am going to invest the rest of my time tonight into figuring out how to build an E-book and sell it. The only part I am worried about is collecting the money. What I am going to do is try and figure out an easy payment processing method that doesn't cost much and is easy to implement.

I will document every single thing I do so you can follow the same process.

Step 1: Research how to do it - I am going to go and do this now...Standby.
  • Found out it doesn't matter how long it is. Just has to provide value based on its title. Could be 1 page to 100 pages or more.
  • Found Blurb and am going to try and use them after I do more research on if they offer everything I need to get this done. 
  • Did more research on Blurb and it looks like I can use their services for free to make my own eBook. Then I can sell it through them and they get 20% of the profit. You can get them to add it to the Apple  store thing somehow and they then get to keep 50% of the profits. 
  • Now I am looking at LuLu, might use them to do it.
  • Ended up choosing Blurb. I guess you can make e-books for free with them. I started mine by downloading their book creation software. It had an error after I wrote like 1000 words worth of information from scratch. It didn't save anything so now I am giving up for awhile. I will work on this over the next month and try to finish. Probably going to be about 15 pages long.
  • Started over and made a new topic for the ebook. I am 5 pages in. Can't wait to finish and figure out how to sell it through Blurb. I think I will charge $3.99 per copy. I figure if it gets popular and 1,000,000 people buy it, I will make around $3,000,000 after fees taken out by Blurb. The only way that is happening is if the ebook really gives value to people reading it and gains popularity.
  • Making progress on the book. Have 13 pages of content so far. I think I will work on adding some pictures next. I decided for the cover I will get a funny picture of myself.
  • Stayed up late last night and finished the ebook. Now I am going through and adding some pictures this mornings. By this afternoon, I hope to share with you the place where you can by it from me.
Buy My Book :)

If you want to check out what I made, you can buy my e-book for $3.99 by clicking here. It's called "What Smart People Should Know"

You can buy the instant PDF version for you computer also by clicking here. Cost is $7.49

What the E-Book is About
I developed this ebook that has 10+ very different topics that use very interesting factoids and ideas about the world we live in today in order to give the average person a different way to think about things. I know there is at least 5 things in this book that you have never heard about and they effect you each day in some way.

How I Will Sell It
  • Done! Ok...so when you finish your ebook on Blurb (I used their free downloadable software called BookSmart to make the ebook), you hit the "order" button. Once that process is done, you can go to your main control panel of Blurb and look under your books that you have. Find somewhere that says something about converting to an ebook for the iPad.
  • You will then go through steps to set pricing and other settings. It will be listed on the blurb site. The next step that I am going to do is submit it for a chance to get into Apples store.
Just thought of something to tell you. The only reason I am doing this is because I thought of a good topic to make the book about.

Next E-Book/Paper Back Book

Since Blurb makes it so easy to do this, I am working on another ebook now. This is going to be much longer and more of a story type. So far I am 35 pages in and it is pretty cool. The goal is 1 million sales and I can get there with the help of using this blog to promote and simply making a book broad audiences can enjoy reading. I am using the Bookify tool to do it. This company is nice because they put what you make into any format: PDF/Hard Cover/Paper back/E-book. It is an all in one solution for writers to make money on. The only catch is they get some of the profits.

I have now finished book #2. It is much longer and more in-depth. It took about 6 months to fully complete and follows along with my day to day life as well as shows different insights that will help people understand how to live without a job and still make good money.

Oct 14, 2012

Can Anyone Build a Website?

This post is for those who have no clue about making a website. The truth is that anybody can make a site and they need very little tech knowledge. You don't need to know how to code anything or do anything fancy like that to build your own ultimate resource on the internet for millions to check out.

All you have to do is sign-up for hosting with the company I just used myself. They make everything quick and easy. Just drag and drop in whatever you want and hit publish. Now I will go on to explain greater detail about doing this and the web host that I recommend.

  • For more direct examples of building a site/blog, see how I just built a new niche blog so you get a feel for the actual process it takes.

With the advances in technology today, you can build a high quality site as long as you know how to successfully work Microsoft word, excel, and paint. All you have to do is find a web hosting provider that has a very user friendly control panel. You simply sign up, pay anywhere from $5 - $10/month and you now have a website.

When you actually go to sign up, you get all your details and are able to log into the web hosting provider's cpanel (control panel). From there, you will see very simply options available for you. The first thing you have to do is choose a website domain name. The easiest way to do this is through the company that is providing your initial web hosting service.

They will have a domain registration option where you pick a name that nobody else in the world has. Once you register a domain name, the web hosting is what you pay for monthly and that allows your site to be "live" on the internet and anyone in the world can get to it by typing in your domain name. Generally, you want a ".com" for commercial, ".net" for a site that is mainly offering software services, or ".org" to make a site that is for a general organization.

Don't even think about having keywords in your domain name that have to do with what you are making the site about (Google hates that and won't rank you). Instead, you want to think of a completely unique brand name and name your site that. It needs to be short, easy to remember, and eventually you will be known for that name and people can find your site easily. For example, you can see I named this blog "smarthelping". It is easy to brand and nobody else has it.

You will thank yourself in the future if you do this.

All of the things I said above can be done through your web host. There are literally hundreds of thousands of web hosting companies so if you want to learn how to build a website, you want to pick the best host for beginners that has the ability to grow their hosting services as your site grows.

It is also important that a lot of the technical things that help you gain presence on the internet are already taken care of. Things like a sitemap, robots.txt, and easy ways to add title and description meta tags to the pages that you make should be very simple to figure out or added automatically.

From there, it is up to you to add stuff to your site based on what you want it to be. It could be informational, provide products, software, or be a combination of all those things. You can build a website about your favorite hobby, make a blog that follows your passions. I like stocks and investing so I tend to write about that a lot.

So...you probably want to know which web host is best for beginners and even advanced users. The company that has done a great job at allowing their users to add all kinds of content like pictures, videos, text, and more advanced forms of content is recommended right at the top of my money making tools page. That page is also located right at the top of that blog. It is called Siteground. They are the best hands down.

Their control panel is perfect for the new user, which makes it really good for anyone because when making a site, you want the focus to be on content your adding rather than figuring out how to work everything. They do this well.

Some key things that you can look into with them is their up-time and blogging interface integration tools. Up-time means when your website is up and accessible. You want it to be up all the time, but a bad web host will result in problems for you and may result in too much down-time. Having a good blogging interface means you basically click one button and can use tools like WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal.

Another big thing is customer service. This is a great feature of SiteGround. They have a chat and number you can call with any question. Getting this help is important...trust me.

You can do anything with this web host from having a regular website, e-commerce site, or gigantic content based site of 100,00's pages.

Next Post in Income Series: Making lots of money with binary options

Continuation Wedge + More

We are experiencing another wonderful freezing cold day in North East Ohio this Sunday morning. The date is October 14, 2012 and I will be giving investors and stock traders some great technical analysis for triggers that hit at Friday's close. These stocks don't have much to do with each other and I have looked at both the long and short side of the market to find the best opportunities for Monday. The long side is what looks good to me today so that's what we have here. I tried to find higher volume names as well. This tends to give more authority to the chart pattern since a significant amount of money shaped it. It is the emotions of buyers and sellers that give us insight on what could happen in the future.

Bullish Signals

 HEK - continuation wedge (bullish) - Starting in September we see this stock made a very sharp up-trend pattern. Then it broke back down into a continuation wedge. For this pattern to form, the wedge has to make two converging lines with its highs and lows and needs to be pointing downward. The way to tell it broke through the wedge is to continue the top trend line and see if the price broke above it. This brief interruption is now over based on what happened Friday and the previous up-trend should be restored within the coming month. It closed at 4.10 and is set to hit 5.30.

SDS - double bottom - Here is a move that needs to be traded right at the open on Monday morning. This has a very good chance of gaining 5% in the next few weeks. The double bottom is a very simple chart pattern. It means the stock made a W shape over the course of September and October. You can see this easily on a 3 or 6 month chart. It tested down twice very clearly and is poised to go higher. Think of this technical move as if the stock was fighting to break resistance but could not. After it failed to the second time, it went higher. The latest move higher and last part of the "W" is a sign that the stock is ready to break the downtrend that it has been on the past 4-5 months and go higher. It closed at 55.36 and has a target price of 58.30. If it continues to go up after that, the next major resistance level is around 70.00.

Oct 13, 2012

Getting Screwed by Exact Match Domain Update by Google

The EMD update is out. My traffic dropped a ton for health brand.

This sucks. Apparently there is a specific reason why my traffic went from 75 unique visitors per day down to 18. Google basically took all the domains that are not authority and are exact matches "EMD's" like mine "healthy-supplements.net" and killed their rankings. I got buried and I see a lot of other very legitimate sites were buried as well. This kind of thing is senseless.

I know Google is probably trying to clean up their search result of a lot of non big branded domain names. I agree with this, but large authority sites that have good value should not be hit. Let's hope they straighten things out.

My Stats for healthy-supplements.net since the EMD Google Update:
website hit by EMD

Looking out at a bigger picture, soon bidding will open up on domain endings that are branded. I don't know exactly when, but they are working on allowing domains such as store.apple to be an entire domain. Basically, big brands will be able to replace ".com" with their brand name. Again, this will probably be another ranking factor in Google's search algorithms and a way they try to deliver trusted search results. Here is the catch. It will cost $100,000 + to do this so no little guys can get in the game.

What I personally want to do and have wanted to do ever since last year was buy herbalshowcase.com and transfer all my content over to that domain because that is the true brand of my health showcase site. The problem is that it cost 2.5k and I don't have a ton of free cash flow with loan payments being 1k per month and now my search traffic has died.

This is hard because I don't have an established brand yet so when google hits me hard with search results, I am pretty much screwed. No traffic means no sales. Today, at 11:28 AM I only have 2 unique visitors!!!! That is for a 570 page completely unique site that has been around with a domain that has an age of 6 years. This is ridiculous.

Luckily, I knew about  making websites a little better when I made this blog and named it smarthelping.com. This blog has not been hit at all and has strong traffic still.

I am just going to have to wait it out. Updates will come as they happen.

Next Step in Passive Income: Can Anyone Build a Website?

Oct 12, 2012

How to Be Happy

First of all. Know that once you are born into this world, you have decision to make. Decide what you want to do instead of hoping something comes along that you might like, but if it doesn't you will just settle for anything. It can be hard to know what you would like to do with your life if you have not experience a variety of things. Do your best to visualize you doing tasks. Decide what kinds of tasks give you a joyful and fulfilling desire. Then the hard part comes in. Develop a way to turn that into something that aids you in your own survival.

This is something that can help you. I feel like much of the time people are struggling to create a life where they are actually happy in it. It is my sole opinion that the reason people feel like this is just because they don't take into consideration all the implications of their actions.

People may choose a job, career path, or whatever they want to do with their life based on fear of not having enough money to live, pressure from outside forces, and other reasons that don't allow the person to actually pick something that they enjoy. It's pretty difficult to be happy when you are scared of the world. Instead...attack it with your essence.

The reason why I am starting with what you do for a live is because everyone has to deal with this. In order to eat, sleep safely, get hydration, and simply survive on this planet, it is necessary to find a way to trade your value for the things that give you these benefits. Sharing your value could be a million different things. It might mean making lots of sales for a company who pays you for it. It could mean cleaning. It could mean public service/government work. It could mean military work. It could mean entertaining your fellow human beings with talents that you possess.

The fact of the matter is we all have different things that motivate us and drive us to be able to work.The key to being able to connect what you want to do with helping you survive. Once you do that, lots of other parts of your life come together. It will be easier to interact with others. You will feel like you are doing something positive with your life, which helps give your sub-conscious good things to dwell on, and money won't be the reason why you want to work. You will want to work because the contents of that work are desirable to you.

Finding a way to survive in a way that makes you happy when you do it is not easy. The best way to get started is get started. Find out how you would best accomplish this goal. It is possible and millions of people have done it. It is just a matter of forming this creation yourself because you have the power to build your life into whatever you want it to be.

Nothing can determine for you what is best and what will make you able to live in a happier way. Now...as for other stuff that people deal with, like girlfriend/boyfriend problems, there is an easy solution. Just figure out what the intentions are of other people. When you think about why a person is doing something rather than what they just did to piss you off, it opens up things to you.

Continuation Triangle Patterns

Today on this great Friday morning I am looking at a few different stocks. The first one is going to be in the health industry and it is a company that sells products to pharmaceuticals. That is a pretty sustainable niche so here you go. The other company is a mining company that mines for platinum, palladium, and other similar metals. I don't know why this mining company sold off so hard yesterday, but it did and I also don't know why the life sciences company traded up so high. All I am looking at is the chart patterns.

Bull Side of the Market

CBM - Ascending continuation triangle - All this is saying is the stock should continue on its previous uptrend that it was on since April. Lately the stock had flattened out a little, but on Thursday it shot up 7%. This pushed it up past the consolidation period upper trend that had formed in the past few weeks and shows the buyers are very aggressive. It could come down a little between now and the end of trading today, but look for it to have some nice gains between now and the end of October or beginning of November. To best see this chart pattern, look at a 1 year time frame. It closed yesterday at 13.44 and it has a target price of 15.10 based on this pattern.

Result: Traded up to 13.96 and stayed there for a few days. Then it dropped down and has continued to slide.

Bear Side of the Market

SWC - Symmetrical continuation triangle (bearish) - Here is a very high volume stock that averages about 2.2 million shares. Yesterday it had a huge sell off of 9% and on volume of over 11 million. This broke the stock into a continued downward trend that it has been on since the start of the year. Since August this stock went on a run up real fast and started to consolidate into a triangle shape if you draw trend lines on the upper peaks and lower valleys. These lines converge and the stock breaks one way or the other at this point. Well, on Thursday it broke way down, which means the sellers are in control. If it follows the bottom trend line of the down trend that started at the beginning of the year it could reach half its price within another month and a half. The closing price on Thursday Oct 11, 2012 was 11.02 and the target price is 5.50. If you want to make money on this one, you would try and buy put options with a November monthly expiration at a strike of 11.00 or you could sell call option as a "sell to open" strategy and collect the premium. I would sell the 11 strike November monthly expiration calls.

Result: Good prediction. This stock continued to drop down and has stayed down over the past month.

Oct 11, 2012

New Stocks for Call Option Buying Potential

Today we are going long again in this market that has sold off in a broad sense the last two days. These stocks I am going to talk about don't have quite as much volume as the ones from yesterday. Note that you can also look at these assets as a buying opportunity outright. Don't just think about the options market because that is the title of the post. If you want to be safer and just buy the underlying asset, that is a potential way for you to get gains over the course of the coming month.

LYTS - Diamond Bottom - The pattern and inbound trend duration are both about 3 months. The chart pattern for this is pretty simple. It starts off widening with higher highs and lower lows. Then it consolidates into lower highs and higher lows. This forms a diamond if you draw trend lines on the upper and lower points. What has happened is the stock broke upwards through the upper trend and now can make a new high possibly. The close was $6.96 and it has a potential to reach a target price of $8.00 within a month.

Result: Good. The price went up to 7.36 and 7.32 in the course of the past month. That would mean a gain of 5.7%, which is pretty good for that amount of time.

I am now out of time so I have to end this post early.

Oct 10, 2012

Top Bull Technical Moves for Today: Options Trading

Today is October 10, 2012 and we are starting off in the oil and gas industry. The stocks I am going to review today both average over a million shares traded per day. One reason why I am looking for bull events in this industry is because there is a good chance these market prices will rise in the next few months based on global economic conditions.

UPL - symmetrical continuation triangle - What this means is that over the course of August to mid September this stock was making higher highs and higher lows. Then, in the past few weeks it went into a consolidation period where it was making lower highs and higher lows. Yesterday, the market price broke above the upper trend, which indicates a change back to the previous up trend that was going on from August to mid September. The close was 23.20 and the target price is 25.50. You can see this chart pattern best if you look out 6 months. If you were going to trade options for this underlying asset, the best bet would 23 October calls at .70 cents a piece. If the price gets up above 25 within this month, which it can, you will make a nice profit.

Result: Good prediction as far as making money. The target has not been reached yet, but over the course of the past month, this stock hit 24 three times. That would have been a gain of 3.4% and the first two times it hit were around the 9 day mark. Not too bad.

XOP - symmetrical continuation triangle - I already explained what this technical move meant in the first stock analysis so I won't do that. This name is a fund that is based of oil and gas. It has an average of 5 million shares traded a day. Its close was $56.34 and it has a target price of $61.00 per share. If you want to buy options, you would get on the call side and buy the 56 October calls at 1.21 per contract. You can make 30% gain if the target is hit by expiration, which there is a good chance of that happening sooner than the third Friday of the month.

Result: Decent in the near term. Within a week of this event trigger, the stock went up to 57.41 and stayed there for a few trading days. That would have given you a 1.8% gain in a short amount of time.

Oct 9, 2012

Apple at Head and Shoulders Top

Just a note, if you look at the last few months on AAPL, you will see a head and shoulders pattern. What this indicates is a drop to the previous support, which is around 570/share. If you want to double your money with binary options, this represents a good opportunity for you.

The trade you would want to enter into as soon as possible, because this event just triggered yesterday October 9, 2012 would be a high/low binary option put that has an October monthly expiration. Both of the brokers that I recommend on this site offer you the ability to do this and provide nice payouts.

This is a good strategy if you just want to risk a few thousand dollars, but don't be the house on it if you know what I mean. I currently hold no positions in AAPL stock and don't plan to do so. I am just giving traders the information. You can look up the chart pattern for yourself.

A head and shoulders top that points to the stock dropping down lower is indicated with the first shoulder top, a drop down, then a run up to the highest peak (head), and then a drop down to the previous level of the first shoulder. It broke down past the trend line of the two bottoms that make up both sides of the shoulder. You can see as of today the stock has already broken down, but it has a lot of room to run even farther.

Update: It is now January 24, 2013 and AAPL is now trading around 448/share. Got to read the technicals. It tells you what the buyers and sellers are doing with empirical data. At the time of this original post, the stock was trading above 600/share. That was only 4 months ago.

Investment in Stock: Long Positions

We continue our daily analysis of bullish breakouts that occurred at yesterday's close. Today is October 9,2012 and we have a few good patterns to look at. These patterns are intermediate-term so they cover about two months of time roughly. If you want to throw around 10k - 20k on these moves, it could give you a good gain within the next 4 weeks. That is usually my recommended time frame for a trade to last. Also, set your limits to sell a few percent below the close yesterday.

The Stocks:

SPPI - Continuation Wedge - This bullish signal was triggered yesterday as the market price jumped up past the resistance trend line. This occurs when there is a small interruption in the up trend of the stock price and it goes down into a wedge shape if you were to draw a trend line on the tops and bottoms. The thinking is that it will return to its up trend and reach the previous high. You will have to look at a 1 year chart to get the full picture. The close was at $12.31 and it has a target price of $18.00. That is a pretty nice gain and it is backed up by two big highs for this year.

Result: Not too good. The stock did rise about 10 cents in the first week after this event trigger, but then it has dropped off with the rest of the market and is now trading down at 10.64. Sometimes you have to make your decisions based on what looks to be happening in the entire market.

ARO - Bottom Triangle - Most people have heard of this company. Strong daily volume and some pretty good potential gains to be made if you get in now. As of yesterday, this stock hit a bottom and has broken up. The bottom triangle signal means a sign of reversal. The stock had dropped down heavily and then entered a few weeks of consolidation or uncertainty. If you draw a trend line from the tops and the bottoms going forward, it makes a triangle with higher lows and lower highs until it breaks out, which just happened. Now, it should go up and resist and the previous support level. The close was $13.56 and its price target is $16.30.

Result: Pretty good prediction if you held this stock for the last month and sold in the last week. It recently hit  14.2 and stayed there for a few bars. This would have given you a nice 4.7% gain in the month. Not too bad given that bonds are paying like 1% over the course of years.

I think that these two stock investment ideas will hold you over for the day. Good luck and happy gains.

Oct 8, 2012

Technical Stock Analysis Bull Events

Good morning traders. It is Monday October 8, 2012 7:20 A.M. eastern time. We had some technical breakouts on Friday's close that we will discuss now. These stocks are good short to mid-term long position ideas.

Stocks and Their Bullish Signals

WTR - Double Bottom: This is a common signal used by many traders to indicate when a bottom has formed. In buying and selling terms, it means that buyers came in with support at two major points in a pattern that looks like a W. You should set your target price at the top of the previous trend. This stock closed at $24.96 and the target price is $25.80. That is about a 3.3% gain and it should happen within the next few weeks if it is going to happen. Set your limit orders to sell at 24.15. There is good daily volume on this asset. It averages about 640k. WTR is also a dividend stock, which is 2.64% right now.

Result: Good prediction. Since this trigger happened, the stock made 3 large peaks up around the 25.85 area. That would have been a 3.6% gain and it follow right along with the target price. 

BBVA - Flag (Bullish): Here is another stock that has strong volume (1.86 million avg). The flag means it broke out of a down trend. It was making lower lows and lower highs, but finally broke out and made a higher high. You set your target price based on the previous up trend that the stock was on before it went into the down trend. That gives us a nice gain potential over the next few months for this name. It closed at $8.05 and has a target price of $9.90 over the coming months. Resistance is at 7.06.

Result: It presented a good selling opportunity about a week after this bull event. The stock moved all the way up to 8.72 and stayed around there for a few days. That would have given you a gain of 8.3%.

Both of these stocks have options available. If you were looking at buying something this morning when the markets open, you would look at November or December monthly call expiration that have a strike price lower than the target price that the trends indicate.

They don't have binary options available however. If you want to try binary options, you will need to trade on more popular underlying assets like AAPL, GOOG, FB, or the SPX.

Oct 7, 2012

Binary Option Payouts

I figured there needs to be a post dedicated to explaining how binary options payout to the investor because some people might be nervous to try it. Don't fret, people are paid out if they hold in-the-money options at expiration. When you pick a broker to do this with, make sure they have been around for awhile. The two that I recommend on my broker page at the top of this blog are both reputable and a lot of traders use them.

To start, when you enter a trade, there is already a pre-determined profit that you will make. That can be anywhere from 60% to 200% + depending on the risk of the trade and parameters you set. Brokers will, and under law, are required to give you your set payout if the binary option you entered into expires in-the-money. You will get your payout in that case. You just have to be right about the asset's market price fluctuation over a time period.

In-the-money just means that whatever the contract said had to happen in order to give the payout happened. It could be a one-touch, high/low, or another kind of derivative. For example, if you did a high/low weekly put option and the underlying asset did in fact trade at a lower market price compared to when you entered it, you get the payout. Put means lower, call means higher when speaking in terms of a high/low option.

You may have another question. What if you do a high/low and the price is the same as it was when you entered the trade? A broker that is legitimate will tend to call that a push and give you the original investment back.

How to Lose Less When Trading

The hardest thing to do when trading binary options is pick the right direction of the market during the specified time scale. Being really good at reading technical charts is going to give you a huge advantage over the market. If you can read trend charts, this give you an inside language of what it means when certain buying and selling patterns happen.

You will get out of this type of option trading whatever you put into it.

Oct 5, 2012

Steps to Build Online Income

After you read ALL of this post, you will have a better understanding of how to get started making money online.

I have probably done a dozen posts on different ways to make money online. I will explain some more for your potential life freeing discovery. If you plan on getting anywhere at all, you have to start a website. That is the very first thing that will be absolutely necessary.

I recommend a good web host near the top of my internet marketing resource. The hosting provider I recommend under blogging, on that page, offers the best all around service with a very easy to use control panel. It also offers regular web hosting if you don't want to focus on blogging and would rather create a static website. Either way, their you will find the best company.

Web hosting is going to be your only cost for the first year...if you want to be successful. Limit your monthly expense so that you have a good chance to make profit each month. The key is finding predictable ways to make money. If you want to give yourself a high probability of income, expenses must be lower than total gross profit. Your gross profit is what you make from operations or income after the cost to acquire that income. Hosting would be considered an over head that is not directly related to each sale that you make through the website.

It is important to think of a good name to call your site and that should be your domain name as well (you will see where to put all that information as you go through the website sign up process). So here is the best way to attack the online marketing world in a way that will make you feel like you have a purpose and make all your work on the website worth it.

Best Way to Do The Online "Thing"

Make a blog that has something to do with your passion in life or is about your favorite things. Then, think of a creative way to write about this topic over the years of your life. To make money, all you need to do is find affiliate programs around the internet that have something to do with what most of your topics are about. That page I linked you to is the set of affiliate programs I have joined and use to promote things that have to do with what I talk about on this website. Those things may or may not fit your style. If not, just go search the internet for companies that have affiliate programs. There are hundreds of thousands out there.

You then make a separate static page on your blog about those products and get paid per sale of selected products or services. Doing this is a good way to earn an income in a residual way and write about stuff that interests you. The best thing about it is you only need to spend 30 minutes a day writing about your interests, or maybe a few hours a week spread out how you like. While you build this, you can still easily have a full time job while you transition and lot's of free time.

To Make Money Blogging I...

For this blog I have started to write daily about stock chart technical analysis events. This is something that helps me organize and keep track of things I could possibly invest in and it also gives others the same valuable information that they can use as well. It helps me and helps this blog grow and gain reputation. It will take time, but that is fine because it is enjoyable to do.

There are a lot of little things to learn about writing your own content, which you will figure out over time. To give you one bit of advice that I wish I knew 3 years ago I will talk about linking. You never want to put actual affiliate links in your content. Remember that. Instead, you want to build your website up with clean and rich content that links to other parts of your site or other relevant pages on the internet. The way you get people to buy affiliate products is by having ONE separate page for these links. It is alright to link to that affiliate product page from your other pages, like I do on this blog, but don't put affiliate links in your normal posts. It hurts rankings bad.

The best part of building your own content is that you have complete control over it and you get to build something about what you really enjoy in life. Take all the complaining you have ever done about how you hate your job and what you wish you could do and do it on the blog.

Owning a Website is a Great Passive Income Tool

The dream of many business people and anyone in general is to make money while they sleep. Investing in high quality assets is one good way to do this. You can take charge of this by building your own asset or passive income delivery system. It is very cheap and depends on how good you are at building it. Think about this...a website is online 24 hours a day and seven days a week. When you make a website that gives people help in one way or the other, they will come to it. Turning those visitors into money is the next step after that.

Here are some various website ideas:

  • Blog that criticizes/reviews other highly popular content on the web (web 3.0).
  • Niche website all about one topic.
  • A site that sells software you built or help build.
  • E-commerce site by drop shipping, or selling what you manufacture/wholesale business.
  • Helping people connect who like certain activities.

Next Passive Income Series Post: Traffic Down Because of EMD Update by Google

Oct 4, 2012

Top Technical Bullish and Bearish Events

Morning. It is October 4, 2012 in this great nation. I figured today it would be possible to do a little bit longer post so I will be talking about a few bull events and bear events that triggered at yesterdays close. Keep an open mind that you can trade stocks, options, and binary options based on this information if you want. Understand all tools available to you so that high profit probabilities can be invested in.

The cool thing about doing this is that I never have the same stocks two days in a row. You get a fresh slate to trade based on.

Bull Events:

PM - Ascending Continuation Triangle: I like this technical breakout for a long position because the stock has been going up for awhile in the past year. This trend is measured over the course of about 5 months. So...over the past few months the price was on an up trend for PM. In the past 3 weeks is made a deep low and consolidated with higher lows and steady highs. This means the buyers are more aggressive than the sellers and now that the price has broken through a resistance level, you have the bullish event trigger. The close was at 92.77 and the target price is 99.00 within the next month. Remember to put in stop-losses and if the profit region is not reached in a month, pull out and look for other opportunities.

Result: Went up to 93.55 within a week of prediction and then dropped off for the rest of the month. This was not a good technical prediction. It is now at 86.46.

EV - Flag (bullish): Another strong volume stock. This trend encompasses only about the last month and a half. The stock price ran up in September really strong and then pulled back in consolidation. It made a lower low, lower high, lower low, and then a higher high. That higher high marks the breakout and now the name is bullish as of yesterday's close on a short-term level. It closed at 29.09 and has a target price of 33.00.

Result: Reached 29.34 within a few weeks, but this stock has pretty much consolidated over the past month and stuck between 28 and 29. Remember that consolidation going sideways means the market is uncertain of where to go with the asset. This is another bad technical move. You could have made slight gains if you sold at the top of the month price, but that would be difficult as it was lower than the target.

ABG - Continuation Diamond (bullish): This is a very long-term trend we are looking at in this trade. You have to spread out the chart by about 3 years to see it. We have an up trend taking place, then a consolidation period where the market is confused and doesn't know to go higher or lower, and then the event. Since the beginning of 2012, this stock made a higher high, then a big gap down low, then it cam back and made another similar high, came down a little bit, and finally broke up through the upper trend line and is poised to be go higher. The close was 28.58 and the target is 37.00. It could take a few months for the price to be reached.

Result: I would say this is a positive prediction. The stock has gently risen consistently over the past month and looks to stay on the up trend as indicated by the technical move it hit a month ago. It hit 32.63, which would have been a 14% gain in the month. The stock is still higher at 31.11 and seems to be gaining strength.

Bear Events:

REXXSymmetrical Continuation Triangle (bearish): I don't have much time now so this is the only good bear event I could find. The chart pattern is based over the past few months. There was a prior downtrend, then a period of lower highs and higher lows. The stock then broke down past the lower converging line, which means a continuation of the previous downtrend could happen. The close was 12.27 and the target is 10.00 within the next month.

Result: Well this is a bad prediction to make decisions on. It went higher for the rest of the month and is trading at 13.72 for the day, which means you would not have made money on a put option with this. This shows you how technical patterns are not perfect. They just show emotional sentiment more than anything. It should only be 1 tool of many that can help you trade with more insight.

Oct 3, 2012

Bottom Triangle Technical Move

I don't have much time today so let's get right to it. This is a good way to get long on a quality stock.

PH: Bottom Triangle - This means the stock price has moved from consolidation to an upside breakout. The trend started in August where it was on the way down. Once it hit a bottom from that period of down trending, the price made a high and a higher low. This formed the shape of a triangle with the upper and lower trend lines converging to a point. That convergence is known as consolidation. It broke up from there, which means it could trade higher and this is a good opportunity to seize a quick gain within the next month. On October 2nd it closed at 83.60. The target price to hit within the next month is 92.00.

Result: Well, over the month since this technical move happened, the stock moved up to 84.84 and 85.07 in the first two weeks. That would have got you a 1.5% gain and 1.8% respectively. It didn't hit the target and has dropped lower in the past few weeks as we move into a bear cycle going forward. It could be a good buying opportunity if it gets a little lower.

Keep in mind when I try to pick companies I look at a few different things like making sure daily volume is above 500,000. This helps give credibility to what is actually happening and shows a significant amount of money being moved around.

Oct 2, 2012

Entry Points for Long Positions

It's Tuesday October 2, 2012 and we are going to look at entry points to get long on some stocks. These moves are based on a technical analysis, which is how technical purist view the best way to invest. Remember, there is no time limit to how long your investment has to be. Set your targets and when they are hit, get out no matter what.

Going long doesn't mean you hold the position for a long time. It just means you think the stock is going up. Same with going short, which means thinking the stock is going down and entering into positions that increase in value if the stock does go down.

Anyway...here and now is the time, this Tuesday morning, to go long on the following stocks...

MNST: Bottom Triangle - This stock technical breakout is based on a trend that takes place over the past 4 months. In July, the market took the name way down. Then, in mid August it started to consolidate into lower lows and lower highs and on Monday at the close it broke up above the upper resistance of the consolidation trend line. It closed at 55.03 Monday and the target price is 66.00 so that is a nice little profit you can take in the next 2 weeks if the trend predicted right. You need to set stop losses at about 50.00, but make your own decisions on where you feel comfortable.

Result: Decent - You had two opportunities during the month to sell at 57.00 and 58.95 before the stock tanked down to around 45's for the last few weeks. This is why you need to know when to take your gains and don't hold on for too long.

That is the only pick for today. Happy gains!

Oct 1, 2012

It's Tire Season in Northern Ohio

Most of my posts are usually on stocks or trying to build a passive income, but tire season is coming. Chances are if you have just started trying to build your passive income streams, you have a not-so-new car and that car may need auto service or new tires for the winter. I live right in the snow belt of north east Ohio and winter is brutal. I know exactly what if feels like to worry if my car will survive a tough 5 months. That means new tires and possible maintenance.

If you want to shop locally, the best shop in town is Franz Auto. They offer quality tires that will get you through the winter and summer seasons safely and you may find your new favorite auto shop with them. Franz is locally owned and focuses on customer service and acquiring master mechanics that get the job done fast and properly.

I personally had my new tires put on there and received service for bad rotors and break lines. They did me right so here you are with this post about them. There is another reason why you should look to buy tires from Franz in Painesville sooner than later. The tire tariff from China has come off and prices are the best they have been in awhile. You can get a set of four tires for under $500 depending on your vehicle.

Some of their tire brands include Hankook, Michelin, and Mastercraft. All other major brands are offered so you won't have a problem getting the right tire. Buying tires for the winter is also a great way to be pro-active about the safety of you and your family. You don't want to slide up and down dangerous driveways and worrying about losing traction on the free-way. Get your tires and enjoy the peace of mind. Supporting your local economy is also a good choice.

The last thing I will leave you with is that they accept PRC vouchers. It is one of the only auto center's in the area that does. It is a great way for low-income families or individuals to get their car or light truck repaired with the Government's help.

September 2012 Income Report

Pretty good month. The changes that I have continued to make in order to create an extremely white-hat health supplement site are working. Currently, my trends are showing 1,600 unique visitors a month and increasing. In order to reach my goal of getting 15k/month from Herbal Showcase, I need that 1,600 number to hit 25,000. If that happens, things will be looking real good. It hasn't yet, but good things take time. It feels good that I am doing things that have direct positive results that I can see.

As far as all the panda and other crap updating the Google algorithms, I am ignoring them and just trying to make a strong brand with this blog and Herbal Showcase.

New Thing I Have Started

For this blog, I have been doing things to try and start getting some passive income. As of the last few days, I have started to give a list of stocks every morning that have broken a trend or are poised to go higher or lower based on a technical analysis. In order to do this right I had to research and learn how to identify chart patterns over a few months. This is something I started in order to be a more valuable resource to my target market for trading binary options.

That market is stock traders and options traders. Those people like to trade often and watch chart patterns. Now, it is going to be easier to get in front of them since I am giving them value that they would otherwise have to look up themselves.

Monthly Earnings:
  • Health Site: $2,030
  • Sub-Affiliate Earnings: $88
  • Costs: Hosting: $13
  • Profit: $2,105

Metrics that Will Yield Money for the Future:
It is very important that you calculate your costs very closely and don't get over extended. Remember, you only want to spend money on the necessary tools that you have to use in order to make money online. This is basically just hosting fees. Once you start making money from your website and think it makes sense to spend money on other things, do it. If you don't start slow, you can easily build up too many costs and make no money. Only spend your cash on what is absolutely required. 

For me, I still see a ton of growth that can happen without spending more money. Therefore, I will keep this sales to expense ratio until I feel like it is necessary to grow.

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