Nov 30, 2012

First Chart Pattern Occurrence in Awhile

It is a wonderful Friday morning here on November 30, 2012 and we have two important stocks to watch today as far as trading binaries goes. The second one (JPM) had a trigger off a chart pattern formation, which is the first in a few weeks for any of the stocks I analyze. All that means is the signal, which turned out to be bullish, is stronger than a normal event trigger because it is a distinct pattern representing the fight between buyers and sellers.

GOOG: Commodity Channel Index - This short-term bullish event occurred as of yesterday's close. It is just a measure of the average price over the last 20 bars (days) and shows the deviation from that price in an oscillator chart. As of the previous day's close, it was up over +100, which indicates possible long position entry points today i.e. look at daily to weekly high/low call options.

JPM: Big technical event on this one showing up - We have a symmetrical continuation triangle (bullish) pattern that is in-play. This is an intermediate-term outlook and comes up rarely. It means there was an uptrend going for a few months, but then a big pull-back hit. The big pull-back then went into a series of higher lows and lower highs which formed the shape of a triangle on the charts. Yesterday it broke to the upside past the triangle resistance levels. It was trading at 41.22 and now the target is 45.00 by year-end 2012. Try to identify good valleys to go long in with options and binary options. If the stock price drops down another dollar or two you need to ignore the chart pattern and look to the next opportunity.

Nov 29, 2012

Trying to Make Money or Be Happy?

I think a big problem among individuals in the current society is seeking money to the extent that they can no longer live an enjoyable life. It is a catch 22 because if you just want to work a 9-5, you still don't get to do the things you want and if you spend 100% of your time trying to build a business, there is no time for you to enjoy all that life has to offer. The reason people need money is to survive and getting caught up in trying to make too much money because you think it will make you happier can prove ineffective at letting you be happy.

There is some middle ground but it's hard to find. The lucky ones are able to think of a way that allows them to make a living, but also allows them plenty of time to enjoy life however they want. The luckiest ones find a way to earn a living and have plenty of money by doing what they really like doing and have no time constraints or deadlines.

One way to accomplish this goal of making a lot of money in a short amount of time and allowing you to be happy finding things in life that are enjoyable to do is by understanding what financial tools and options are available to you. Very little people in this world understand or know how to make a lot of money without selling drugs or working 24/7.

One new tool I found that traders and investors like because of its quick nature and high potential profit is trading binary options. It is a type of advanced derivative and some people call it an exotic option. If you understand the concept of regular options trading, this will make perfect sense and seem much simpler. The risk is still there, but it is a different type of trading or gambling as some might see it because of how the option contracts you trade are set up.

The way you make money from these things is pretty straight forward. You have a fixed profit that you can earn if the rules you make when you enter the trade end up being true. It works best on an hourly basis, but can also be used for longer time frames such as day end, week end, or month end. Let's do an example:

Let's say it is 10:00 A.M. and you are looking at AAPL or GooG and you thought the price would be higher in 3 hours than it is now. You can go on your smart phone or computer, log into your binary options broker, and do a trade that pays you anywhere from 55% to 85% profit return if the stock is higher in 3 hours than it is now. You can do the same thing if you think it will be lower. That is the difference between a high/low call or put option.

This kind of money generator is fun and takes little time. You just have to learn how the stock market moves and this is something I talk about on a semi-weekly basis. When I have a lot of time I usually do a stock analysis each morning only on the underlying assets that are available through the binary options broker I recommend traders use.

This is just one idea and there are many out there.

Nov 28, 2012

IBM Analysis, Technical

We are looking at a short-term and an intermediate term move. This stock seems to be gaining negative momentum. I have my own way to tell if that is happening. It is when there are double the bearish events compared to bullish events looking out 9 months.

In the short-term there are more positive vents than negative (5-4) respectively. Everything on the intermediate and long-term side of things points to a cycle of short bursts of price increases followed by longer spans of price decreases.

The most recent technical event was a double moving average crossover where the stock went below the 50 and 200 day moving averages. The close event was 191.23 yesterday. This stock has been going sideways all in 2012 since mid Spring. That means the market is uncertain of what direction to take the price. Various factors may have led the price to move in that way, but the fact that nobody can argue with is what has happened.

All you need to do is pull up the IBM chart and see for yourself how it has moved in the past 8 months. In the next few weeks the price looks to be going higher, but in the next few months it could drop down and in a year it could be around the same price as it is now or lower.

This is all based on the technical side of things. Also, I hold no exposure to this asset in any way.

Nov 27, 2012

Positive Momentum Carries Stocks High on Technical Side

What you should take away from this is that the market is setting up to rally. Some stocks will go higher than others based on company specific events and health, but in large cap stocks like the ones you see below, the market seems to be gaining price strength for the short and intermediate term. That doesn't mean strong gain opportunities looking a few years out, but you may want to look at short-term derivative plays such as binary options or regular options. Today, all the stocks, except for the first one, I looked at show positive signs. The entire market goes in momentum swings when looking at these heavily traded firms. Looks to be gaining some strength.

C: Price crosses below 50-day moving avg. (intermediate term bearish) and bearish momentum - Simple enough to gauge. The price is most likely going down over the next few weeks. Play your binary options at the peaks and be very careful on long positions. They also have a decent amount of negative news about this bank falling behind somewhat.

AMZN: Triple moving average crossed above 4-9-18 day (short-term bullish) and price also crossed above 50 day moving average (intermediate term bullish). There has also been a lot of consecutive days with positive momentum. Watch to get in on high/low call binary options at valleys during the day and week. I would say these technical moves do have some credence, but don't be the ranch on it. You want to ease into it.

MSFT: MACD (bullish) - This technical move is a complex calculation that simply says the pricing is stronger in the shorter-term compared to the longer-term. It is a short-term technical stock event, but does have some traction. Watch for the dips on the day to enter call options.

COKE: Price crossed above 50-day moving average (intermediate-term bullish)

Nov 26, 2012

Stock Market Looking Positive Again

Alright, now that the holiday week is over I can get back on track with the stock and index technical event triggers. I don't know what to expect from Friday, but probably more sideways movement. Remember that trading binary options is a great way to make yourself money quickly. You can do it on your smart phone while at your normal job or do it professionally during all hours of the day and make a living at it that way. Today, here is the pressure for the following:

Goog - short-term bullish momentum - Pretty self-explanatory. This metric shows velocity of price change and it has upward movement that is higher than 10 bars ago.

AAPL - Price crossed above 50-week moving average (long-term bullish), price crosses above 21 day moving average (short-term bullish), and short-term KST bullish. Well, all technical analysis for this stock points to a higher price. If I liked buying stocks outright, now would be the time for entry in long positions and call options on daily expiration levels as well as weekly for binary trades.

MCD - Price crosses above 21 day moving avg and short-term bull momentum. Looks like we could see a pop in this stock soon.

NKE - Let's just say it had 6 bullish event triggers that happened on Friday. They were all short-term accept for two (price going above 21-week moving avg and MACD). If I had to make an educated guess on the price movement of this stock today, it would be that it trades higher at the end of day than the beginning of day.

If I have time this afternoon, I will try and go through each stock's price movement that ends up happening today and measuring how well these technicals would have helped you trade binary options better.

Nov 23, 2012

Getting Backlinks or Building Content

Something I have been doing to rank better is build content on my site rather than build content on other blog domains that I own in order to help one site rank better by linking from a blog to my main niche website. That would be called building backlinks by blogging. This has started to die out recently because of updates. It is why I took down links from here to my health site. The question is: What works better for ranking?

I believe that getting relevant links to your website from highly reputable sources is 100x more powerful than building content on your own website. However, if you build content on your site that gets thousands of people to +1 it or share it with others on the internet in a public way, that is also going to be really good at helping your pages rank higher for what they are about.

It is not something that you can just fake either. Google is smart enough to make their algo much more sophisticated than we can know. They are a multi hundred billion dollar company that is only relevant because of their search engine. Trust me when I say they know how to give proper rankings and differentiate between a website resource that is truly helpful and on that is a spam type site where nobody on Earth would like to read what is on it.

So, if you own a website or are thinking about building a website for the purpose of making money, you had better start thinking of a cost effective way to develop content that people love. Or you need to make a product that people love and sell it online with e-commerce services. The product needs to be unique to sell and if you are selling information in the form of ad revenue or affiliate product sales, you need to have content that is unique and worth a visit.

The next thing you can't fake is time relevance. The amount of time your website is relevant for certain keywords is going to be major in effecting your rankings. Something that has been around for a few years won't rank as well as if it were around and still getting new content added to it for 9 years. Search engines look at that when they decide what should show up when a keyword is typed in.

Now, there is a way around all of this where you can have a low-quality search optimized website, but still make a lot of money online with it. You do offline marketing. Build a network and contacts that you try and sell products to. Simply refer them to your website's domain name and away they go to shop from you.

How to Position Yourself with the Fiscal Cliff Coming

As a business, corporate entity, or individual, you have to figure out what you are going to do in order to financially prepare for the fiscal cliff. Nothing may happen that will effect you or it could have a drastic effect depending on how the market reacts and where your money is. It is possible that the value of a dollar could go so far down that there is a run on the banks. People could panic and crash the entire stock market worse than in 2008.

This is all a real possibility. The best way to position yourself is by setting up a low-cost business. Don't take on crazy amounts of risk that put you in a debt slave position. The reason why a low-cost business is a good idea is because it gives you leverage to ask for something in return for what your business is providing. If the money system goes bad, you can still ask for things that you need to survive in return for what your business offers. It could be any kind of trade goods. The world can still move forward without a specific foreign exchange rate and money system.

A business with little risk would be one that has few employees and little over head. That could be real estate, software development, a website, buying and selling assets, or anything really.

It sets the value for a lot of things so that people get paid for what they are actually worth. You can think of it as the ultimate way to create efficiency. For example, let's say I had the knowledge and resources to provide a garbage pickup and disposal service. Instead of getting paid cash to operate my business, maybe I would require a certain amount of nutritious food and water. there is no middle man. I get paid with the stuff I would normally go spend my cash on with a credit card. Taking out the store and money system means there is less costs involved in bringing goods to the market. You can get more things for the same amount of work.

If you were an average burger flipper at a restaurant, you now get paid in living essentials or whatever has trade value that you would normally buy with the money you used to be paid with. No more bank and no more greed in building up your bank account with a digital number. There is no more real meaning of rich. If you want to control the most resources, you have to provide the most value. It's that simple.

Everyone will be thinking about how they can help other people and in-turn society becomes super efficient, people are happy doing things that they like to do, and we all survive because the resources are still available. We just acquire them directly instead of with a set currency. Everyone will have to become extremely good at acquiring things they have deficiencies in by trading what they have in surplus.

Maybe this is what our world needs.

Nov 22, 2012

So Many Discounts for Web Hosting

It is Thanksgiving week and black Friday is tomorrow. I have seen deals upon deals for web hosting offers. As you may know, I am in the market and have hosting myself for various websites. So...what is the best and should you jump on starting a hosting account now by locking in a super low rate for your first year. I will tell you this. I suggest users go with SiteGround, which you can see at the top of this blog under "make money tools". Their current offer for the whole week of thanksgiving is $3.95/month.

The value is good and it doesn't take much to make money with that kind of cost. You may need hosting and a web builder for a new business idea, blog, or need to get a website up for your organization. They have the best tools available no matter what you need on the web. You can integrate with Wordpress, Joomla, and easily setup e-commerce on your site when hosting with Siteground.

Every internet marketer always seeks out the best provider when picking a host because this is such an important part of being successful. Subtle things can make or break you in the online world. When your host provides so much value for you as this company, it allows marketers to focus on what is important: Ideas, content curation, and building a brand.

You need to have all the right things setup for search engines so you get the maximum traffic out of your efforts. It is tough to build a high-traffic to a site when you are stuck thinking about how to build it. I have been in the industry for a long time and know what to look for in a web host. These guys got it. If you are looking for online hosting deals this week, the best is Siteground hands down.

Nov 21, 2012

Oh Man, Getting Traffic from Google

My health site is getting killed in the search engines. It is literally dying before my eyes. It has been getting worse and worse since the beginning of October. The funny thing was right before this hit, I was getting mountains of traffic. The search engines were actually giving me close to 100 visitors a day to Herbal Showcase. Now I am down to a trickle of 1 to 2 visits.

I don't know if my rankings are getting hurt because of changes made on the site or because of the exact match domain update. I did change my linking strategy to include affiliate pages right in the navigation. That means no matter what page of my site you were on, you could see selected product pages (which contained affiliate links). It does seem like right when I started doing that, my traffic stopped.

So, now I have began a new strategy for the site. I made the navigation only include pages at the top that are directories for the category of products the page is about. The home page still contains links to affiliate pages, but now if you are on any other page of the site, you can't directly access an affiliate page from navigation. This means neither can Google. I cut down on the amount of links going into my affiliate product sites by almost 600 * (however many products I had). That should give me an improvement looking forward to the next month.

My website is 595 pages of completely unique content. By my calculations, this should give me a good amount of search traffic. The markets it is in have billions of dollars flowing through them each year in the online world. I just need a tiny percentage of that market share to make a really good living with the site.

The content building technique I just started using a few weeks ago was adding 1 article per day about 1 of the 6 main topics of the website. Again, the results after a few months will tell more than after a few weeks so we will have to wait and see about that.

If you are worried about getting hurt by rankings too, try a navigation strategy that limits the amount of affiliate links you have. Also, make sure 90% of the content you add is helpful, useful, unique, free of affiliate links, and not too comercial looking. People want information and if you do a good job at giving it to them, they may be willing to check out your recommendations for products that are in the niche you are in.

No amount of traffic can replace trust and no amount of hard work and get you results in Google. You have to work hard the right way or the money doesn't flow. Another thing to do is don't stop adding content. The king of internet is fresh content that people love to share. This will make your grow more than anything.

I do want to say one more thing about changes I made to help my search engine optimisation for Herbal Showcase. Previously, I had each page of this blog (Smart Helping) linking to the health niche website. In my opinion, it hurt the overall link profile of both sites. So I took these links down a few days ago. The results will show and I will let you know if the rankings have improved.

You will also see this in my monthly income reports for how much money is coming in from that passive income stream.

If you feel like your website could use a new back end or maybe that you need a new web hosting provider to build your niche blog/website with, my recommendation can be found here.

I am not done yet. I haven't mentioned how this blog is doing as far as traffic goes. It is doing well. I get way more traffic here compared to anything else. You will also notice that my domain would not qualify for a beating from Google's Exact Match Domain update. An interesting thing that just became apparent to me was that I do link directly to a few pages in the navigation of Smart Helping that do contain affiliate links. My rankings have not been hurt at all and continue to improve.

Looks like it is back to the drawing board for figuring out how to increase website traffic. Any thoughts or ideas are appreciated.

And...if you want to see what else I am working on, check out how I built a new niche blog recently.

Nov 20, 2012

Day Trading or Binary Options?

So what is the best way to make money? Is it day trading or doing binary option trades. Well, you can consider both a form of trading, but with different assets. Each has its own set of risks and rewards. It just depends on your style and what you like to do more. Everyone is different and should have their own strategy for making money on a daily basis in this market that goes up and down. can make money hourly and by the minute with binary options. Many brokers now offer something called 60 second trading where you can predict if the price is going up or down in the next minute. That is pretty risky, but you still have a 50% to get your set profit. That is not actually too bad for all or nothing because there is skill involved. You just need to know how trends work and technical signals will help you make good money. This also allows you to make money no matter what direction an asset goes.

If you day trade more by buying and selling actual stocks, this is much safer, but the profit goes from 55% - 85% down to 3-5% if you are lucky. The downside risk is also much safer because it will not break your bank in a short amount of time.

If you day trade with regular option contracts, it gets really risky again. I had 4.2k go down to 0 within one day so if you think trading options is safe, think again. Everything has its + and -.

The reason why I like binary options so much is because they give you a set of rules and you just have to play by them to make money. Just about every other day, I will give market analysis of what a few stocks are looking to do before the market opens. What is mainly looked at when I do this is technical events based on the previous day close. This gives you a sort of gauge on where the price is moving. If you have a good handle on that, plenty of money can be made by trading binary option contracts.

You have to be willing to make 3 to 6 trades per day with these. The pros will win 90% of their trades on good days and this is not very uncommon. It is just a matter of watching the market movement and get into put options at peaks if it is at the top of a range. Then, when the price goes to support, look at buying call options. The somewhat difficult part of this is picking the expiration times. Like I said before, there are minute expirations and hourly ones that you can pick through the day.

The binary options broker that I recommend here on this blog will allow you to pick expirations at any hour of the day. You can enter a high/low put option at 10:00 A.M. and set it up to expire at 2:00 P.M. for example. If you picked it was higher and were right, you make your set profit. This is flexible because you can pick any time-span during the trading day or just do end of day or end of week.

People have a hard time getting rid of their emotions when they risk $500 or $1,000 at a time. That is why you can start slow. The minimum amount of risk you can do is around $25 so you can get used to how this works. Once you get the hang of it, increase your capital risk, but do it with sound decisions unless you just feel like gambling on the stock market. In that case, have fun!

GOOG, MSFT, C Analysis after the Gap Up

Trading today on November 20, 2012 is going to be another fun one. Most likely we will see sideways movement after the entire market did a gap up yesterday. That means getting in on hourly binary option expiration trades on the call and put side. Make sure no matter what asset you choose, it develops a good range before you begin going at it.

Well, on the news of a possible deal with the fiscal cliff, U.S. stocks sky rocketed yesterday across the board. The question is if that is sustainable or not. Each individual company has different factors that effect its price so when one piece of news effects the entire stock market, people are not looking at fundamentals or anything at all. I suspect we will see uncertainty and then over the next month and a half that will turn into doubt as the stocks fall by the end of the year.

Today might result in a little bit more upside, but it probably won't last as news is only temporary. To make money, you just need to make sound decisions that make sense to you. There are going to be a lot of bull technical events because of the news yesterday so here we go.

GOOG - Fast stochastic, Williams %R, Relative Strength Index (All short-term bullish). Keep in mind on the 9ths, this stock crossed below the 21 week moving average so that is still in play.

Day Trading Result: Check it out. This stock went up and went down and back up again. Ended up finishing .26% higher than the open, but definitely uncertainty has come to the market.

MSFT - hammer (short-term bullish) and that is just because of the news. On a long-term bearish side of things, this stock crossed below the 200 week moving average on Nov 16 so that is still in play. If you are planning on investing in this company for the long hall, wait. It is going to be higher at some point, but there is a lot of downward pressure in play for a year or so. For binary options strategies, just watch the day range. It could have another up day so watch for hourly high/low call options.

Day Trading Result: Again, pretty much even. The stock set the range in the first few minutes of trading and went up and down from there. This was expected.

C - Gap up and price crosses above 50 day moving average (intermediate term bullish). This is a move that has some decent upside potential if you wanted to invest outright. The stock is looking like it could jump higher over the coming month. Again, on a daily basis, I would say it will be confused and go sideways and slightly upwards.

Day Trading Result: You can't get much better than these results. This stock also went exactly sideways. Man, you could have made a killing in the binary market just using plain common sense. The market is going sideways. Citigroup finished down 0.28% on the day. It went up and down and up. Very predictable.

That is what you can watch for today. All of those assets are available to trade binaries on with the one broker that I recommend to anyone trying to trade in that fashion.

When you trade during any length of time, you want to find places that are predictable. Even predicting uncertainty is good because you know what happens if that is how the market feels. Just look at todays results and what was said this morning before the open. I will have to look at the market again tomorrow morning to analyze what is going on. It might be completely different or similar.

Nov 19, 2012

Binary Option Plays to Look for 11/19/12

Welcome to a traders paradise on this fine Monday morning. You can get the most credible and timely stock movement information from the technical side of things here. The market is tricky and it is tough to know all the different technical events that happen to stocks. I have provided that for you here today. I hope that you can make lots of money with this information and also have fun.

COKE - Triple moving avg crossover to downside (4 week, 9 week, 18 week) intermediate-term bearish, RSI (Relative strength index) short-term bullish, and price crosses below 50 week moving average (long-term bearish). These technical events mean the stock could really have a good chance of entering a bear cycle. Now, it could have a little pop with that relative strength index, but the pressure is to go downward over the next year so you have to keep that in mind to make money with binary option on it.

JPM - Double moving average crossover (21 day and 50 day) Short-term bearish, Williams %R (Short-term bearish). Both of these events were looking at short-term downward pressure. Watch the stock today and look at hourly binary option high/low puts to enter into on the peaks. When you think the stock has hit the highest point it is going to hit on the day, enter into a daily expiration also. You can have multiple binary option positions open at once.

IBM - RSI (relative strength index) Short-term bullish - Yes I know, finally a bullish signal. This stock has come down a bit in the past couple months and now looks to be forming a bottom. Weather you want to get in down for a long position by buying the stock outright or looking at call options, that is where the pressure is. I don't think it has room to go much lower unless we have another complete crash like in 2008.

Keep in mind all-or-nothing trading is tough to do and requires you to have some thick skin that is used to seeing money go way up and possibly way down in a short amount of time. The rush is intense and will allow you to enjoy yourself none the less.

Update for Today: News of fiscal cliff takes all stocks higher. This basically wiped out all technical events because they were not in effect for this unknown news that happened. Watch for down turns over the next week though if this news is not sustainable. Keep in mind specific companies will have varied results in reality and that is different from news stories that make buyers enter the market on a wide scale like this. The thinking is that the market will be higher in a month and a year, but some sort of bad global news could reverse that. Just be wary and make good decisions.

Nov 16, 2012

SNE, MCD, AXP Stock Analysis

Here are 3 stocks that I have given the daily analysis for. It is more of a feel for what these stocks are doing so that you know how to trade binary options with them today. The market is in a real bear state and looks to be turning it into a cycle going through for the rest of 2012. Today is Nov, 16 2012. There is always money to be made no matter what direction things go.
SNE - Gap Down - What this means in the context of this situation is a break in the support level, which resulted in a much lower stock price.Since this gap down happened two days ago the stock has stayed at that lower level. I would say the pressure is still downward so it would be safer to look at trading binary high/low option puts at peaks in the day rather than trying to find valleys to buy call options.

MCD - Weak pricing - This is just something I made up as far as an official technical event. The stock has been falling and falling, which the technicals did support over the past month and a half. Food prices are rising and cost are looking to increase for this industry. People are also looking to be healthy. Bottom line. This thing will fall until people feel like it is a good buy. That could still be lower and the next level of support is at 76.50, which is down a bit. If you wanted to trade daily binary options on this right now look at entering peaks with put options and don't do any call options at all.

AXP - Triple moving avg. crossover to downside - This happened two days ago. Right now the stock price of this is consolidated after having a run up in the first quarter of the year. It could very well give up all those gains. If that happens, a lot of money will be made on put option in the binary markets.

To me, it seems like the entire market could have major sell-offs through the next few months until some major support levels are created.

Nov 15, 2012

What Does Cookie Cutter Mean in Business

Well this is a day where I did not do any stock analysis. Just taking one day off from it, but will be back hard tomorrow morning. Right now lets talk about cookie cutter business approach philosophy.

Cookie Cutter business means you scale something by doing high quantity with the same quality. It usually results in low quality and low customization. It can be good for certain business and bad for others (like the ones that actual need results).

You may find this easier to understand if I relate it to online business. If you are trying to build a website, you may learn that you need back links. In order to get those good back links, you may also learn that it needs to be from a good quality article. A cookie cutter approach to this would be to write a ton of articles that have no value and are just generic mind numbing and uninteresting content that doesn't give any extra help to people that already know something about the topic.

A non-cookie cutter approach would be taking the time to develop content that is useful and new and link to your websites from that. It takes longer, but the quality is much higher and it is more effective in the long run.

Online Job (For Entrepreneurs)

I am not saying this will make you $100/day or $1000/day. If you want an online job, you probably are sick of working at the office under some tyrannical boss all day long doing remedial tasks that don't stimulate you at all. I consider an online job simply working online. You don't have to work online, although you could get paid by being a Virtual Assistant (VA) or work through a third party broker like Elance. The great thing about it is you can work for yourself very easily. This gives you the fulfillment and joy that you can't achieve by being an employee.

The ".com" bubble may have burst, but the internet is still alive and kicking. As long as people are using the internet and it is relevant, there is a place for people to making a living online. The key is in how you do it and how to actually figure out what you should be working on. As far as how you go about building an online income by working at it, there are many options.

All an entrepreneur means is you invest some of your money into something that you are planning on turning into a revenue stream. The vast majority of people who became successful online made their first and main investment in a website. This may cost you a few hundred bucks per year, but the income potential is a few hundred thousand per year.

Here is a list of a few things people that classify themselves as having an online job might put their money into regularly:

You Can:
  • Buy a website at Flippa - Collect the online revenues/re-sell/combination of both. If you don't know what to look for when buying a site, I wrote about that here.
  • Build your own website - That link takes you to my page where I recommend a web hosting provider. It will be the first thing on the list. Look for SiteGround. Once you have a good traffic website, turning it into money is easy with ad revenue. Just get the traffic by making popular content that people will want to share. Also see: Building My Niche Blog.
  • Develop software - Hire a programmer to put your idea to life. You pay a one time fee for their software and then it is simply about being able to market a website that sells the software. 
  • Sell your art online - If you have a really good artistic side, make stuff in real life and sell it online with a blog or traditional website. People usually love to work on their creations and being able to make money from it is just a nice bonus.
These are just a few small examples of what you can do by making your own online job. Don't think you have to trade your hours for dollars. The potential of what you can make is so much higher if you create a job for yourself. It encompasses so many other parts of your emotions and is much more rewarding financially.

The part that I want to make clear about trying this is that it can take time. I would not say it is extremely difficult once you learn the basics about online jobs. It just takes time for you to figure out what to work on and that once you have developed your online presence or brand for whatever you want to do, it is just about outsourcing your work, or doing it yourself because you love the content of it.

There is just soooo much opportunity available. If I were a betting man, I would say 10 new ideas that will make people hundred thousands to millions of dollars will be thought of every month around the world. It is up to you to be a part of that statistic.

Having an online job can be freeing. Countless people are earning a living like this and it makes them happy. Find your niche according to your strengths and just open all the barriers. Be open to everything and anything so you get a feel for what you can potentially do. At the heart of whatever you do, it is going to have to have some impact on peoples lives in order for you to be successful. Find out what people need in today's world or figure out what they will want in the future and provide it better than anyone else.

Switching to a More Credible Binary Options Broker

You might have noticed that I switched who I suggest as a trading broker recently.

It is imperative that a traders binary options broker follow strict policy, be trustworthy and regulated so they can't manipulate markets and take all your money. I have not directly had a bad experience with the broker I have been promoting for awhile, which was AnyOption, but a lot of people complain about how their customer service is bad and they don't care about their clients. This is not acceptable.

As per that information I found, my search begins for a new binary options broker to recommend to traders that is safe and regulated so that nothing is being manipulated. In business, you have to constantly re-think and figure out how to make things better.

In order for me to provide the best possible value to people who want to make money with binary options, I have to find the best broker available for people to use. I just searched around for a few hours and I think I found a really good firm. It is regulated to make sure you're going to get the right closing prices for your option trades based on a regulated market price evaluating system. This ensures that no manipulation can happen. I have heard many great experiences from traders who were able to deposit their money, succeed in doing a profitable trade, and have no problem withdrawing all of their money.

Main Factor for Picking This Service Over All Other Binary Option Brokers

The biggest plus was that they are subject to:
  • Regulation
  • Have a very user-friendly trading platform
  • Are completely transparent
  • Provide quality customer support

It puts you right on the front line of contract trading in the financial markets as a professional trader. If you want to trade like this, it is safest and most trusted way to do so.

They also have great customer service and a phone line you can call for help or problems. This is a really good broker that you can trust to trade with. That is the most important thing beyond making correct decisions.

The financial service I found was ZoneOption. Good luck on your trades and you're welcome for finding the absolute best binary broker to trade with. Beyond being completely open, honest, upfront, and not participating in fraudulent behavior, they also have a user-friendly platform that makes it easy to trade quickly. You can do it on a tablet if you want in-between your regular job.

Nov 14, 2012

NKE, MSFT, XOM Stock Analysis

It's time to start making some profits with high/low options. That is a form of binary trading that can help you start cleaning up 70-80% profit gains multiple times per day. Watch the daily trends and when you see a dip or peak developing and signs of a reversal, do the trade. These previous day stock analysis will also give you insight on what the buyers and sellers are feeling. It is not a for sure measure, just use this information as an emotional indicator of what people did yesterday. To sign up for the only broker I recommend and trade binary options, click here.

XOM - Inverted Hammer - Short-term bullish. This means that yesterday on Nov. 13, 2012, the stock made a candlestick technical move looking at the entire day as a whole. This shows that more buying could win out today and upward pressure is in play.

Wow, look at this. It seems like all stocks are being effected by the downward momentum of the overall market. People are getting scared. That means good opportunity for making money on binary options. Look at today's chart and you can see all the chances for making money on both sides of the market. Normally, if no huge news or earnings call is happening, a stock will fluctuate up and down in a day. This fluctuation represents money making opportunities. If you can get the timing down right, watch your bank account rise.

MSFT - Gap Down (self-explanatory) / MACD / Momentum (All bearish short-term) - Yea...Microsoft dropped a lot and most of it is because of an executive leaving. Look for it to rally up a little before selling off more. Play your binary options accordingly.

This is crazy. All the previous days signals were bearish and look at the stock today. You could have entered a daily high/low put option at any point in the day and made money because the stock closed at its lowest price of the day. You would have made profit on every single trade if you did this at any time of the day today and no matter how many times you did it. It seems like all the negative/bearish events have been correct, but it may be more because the entire market is scared right now. Downward pressure.

NKE - Inverted Hammer - Whooh! another inverted hammer here. Just like Exxon. Watch this stock rise a bit today. I think the market is going to try and make a small recovery on the whole so look to play call and put high/low options on the hour and day. You can make profits.

And NKE just fell off a cliff today on the charts. It showed many good binary option entries that would have easily made you 60% and 80% returns within a few hours. You just need to know when you are at a peak or valley. Patience and timing is all it takes.

More on Trading Digital Options

If you are unaware of how these binary a.k.a. digital options work, it is all or nothing trading. The outcome is either yes or no. If the answer ends up being yes and you predict the correct pricing level to be higher or lower at a given time, you earn a pre-set profit. If the answer is no and you don't predict right, you lose the investment. The key is to bet with $200 - $1000 at a time (most regular traders do that with digital options) because there are no fees and that allows you to have multiple trades going at once.

Nov 13, 2012

NBL, DIS, and FB: Technical Events

As we continue this morning on some more technical event news, I can't wait to hear if anyone is making money yet. Don't be afraid to leave comments if you are trading. The best way to use this information is so you know where the market momentum or sentiment is shifting before anyone else. Reading technical events is like reading human emotion as far as buyers and sellers go. It is a way to give meaning based on how many people buy compared to how many people want to sell.

NBL: MACD - short-term bearish - This is a complex calculation that says price is weakening and that is based on the closing price yesterday.

So here is the NBL chart. The previous day was showing short-term bearish, but the stock price went on an up-trend for the first 1.5 hours. Then it broke that trend line on the upper limit. When that break happened, it should have signaled you to do an hourly binary option high/low call. Then there was a sideways movement as you can see. Near the last few hours of trading it resisted 4 times. The last two peaks would have been perfect for a put option given the downward pressure from the previous trading day.

DIS: Inside bar and Relative Strength Index - both short-term bullish - These are two signals that came up showing signs that there could be a move higher soon. In simple terms, buyers are turning the tide into their favor.

Here you go. The previous day was bullish and you have upward pressure all day. In these cases, it is good to watch for pull-backs during the day so you can get in for an hourly binary call option. With the broker I recommend, you can pick an expiry time of 1,2,3,4,5 or 6 hours in the future and predict if the market price will be higher or lower at any of the future hourly times. This gives pretty good flexibility for traders.

FB: Engulfing line (bullish), Outside Bar (bullish), Triple moving average crossover (bearish) - This is kind of odd, but it does happen. There are two positive events and one negative. Which one should you give more weight to? Even though the stock has fallen below 3 levels of moving average, the other two signals are saying there could be a bounce in the name. Expect sideways movement. This is actually a great way to make money on binary options because you can do hourly trades and the peaks and valleys. I will show a chart when the trading day ends.

This followed the technical event perfectly. The prediction was sideways movement because there was bull and bear signals previous day. This means you figure out what the upper and lower limits are and enter into the binary hourly's accordingly. It does take some timing and you just have to roll the dice. This could easily allow you to go 3-1 for a 75% winning percentage.

It was tough to even find technical events from yesterday. I looked through over 30 underliers just to find these 3 and there were no chart patterns that showed up at all. This could be an overall sign that the market is just unsure right now. In that case, it will move sideways as a whole. You can still get good profits in this kind of condition with derivative trading.

Nov 12, 2012

Monday Morning Technical Events

Alright, we are seeing some unique times right now as we move into the end of 2012. These technical events are geared to give you and idea of the stock pressure each day. It is based on the prior trading day stock price close. is now Monday and here is what happened on the close Friday Nov. 9, 2012. I am also going to do an analysis of today's actual stock chart and we can see how you should have played the stock in order to make some money on binary option trades.

Technical Events that Happened Friday

AAPL: Price crosses below 50 week moving average and triple moving average cross over (4, 9, and 18 week). The 50 week is a long-term bearish event and the triple is an intermediate-term bearish. Signaling to a bearish trend simply means a period of lower lows and lower highs. The stock can still go up, but it is likely to come down farther unless something changes that is unknown.

Chart for Today

The previous day showed a lot of bear signals. You can see how this did correlate with the stock price drop at the open. In the first hour of trading, you would have had a perfect chance to do high/low put options. Then it made a bottom. After the second dip around noon, you had a perfect chance for an hourly expiry binary option call. Then, there was one more run up for the day. The pressure was down for the day and it would have been a great idea for another high/low put option, but with a daily expiration at that time.

AMX: Tons of negative events on this stock. It had a price cross over to the downside of the 21-50-200 week moving average. There was also a pierce of the lower bollinger band (break through the bottom of the trading range) and negative momentum.

Here is another good signal. It was bearish on Friday's close and now you see the downward pressure first hand. You could have made 2 great entry points to take nice binary option profits on the put side from right at the open and again at 10:30.

MSFT: Finally, here are a few bull technical events from Friday. This stock had an inverted hammer and slow stochastic, which are both short-term bullish. That means look for a bottom to enter a daily high/low call option.

Chart not included for this one because it basically sold off pretty bad. Even though there was small short-term bull indicators, the market still sold it off.

Alright traders. Those are the three names to look out for in trading binary options today. I will give the final days charts for each one and where/what you should have done through the day. This will show you exactly how this information can be useful.

If you want to trade with advanced options, click here.

Nov 9, 2012

Timing When Trading Binary Options

You can do 4 trades a day or 25 trades a day with this type of exotic option. Binary options trading is a very interesting concept. To do it successfully, you have to be confident, ready to risk some amount of money, and resilient. You have to let yourself make money. It is actually not as easy as it sounds. Many people want to make money, but are unable to vision themselves actually making a considerable amount of income every day.

Professional traders do it every single day and a lot of the techniques used include chart pattern analysis and a feel for how a certain asset moves and changes in price over time. The interesting thing about high/low options in particular, which is the main type of binary options that most traders use, is that it doesn't matter how much or little an asset moves in price. It just has to go higher or lower for you to profit as long as you predicted the right direction.

Doing this requires you to time when movement happens and when to enter a call or put. You make your profit on each trade based on a fixed percentage. With the broker I recommend, that percentage is usually between 55% and 75%. I only suggest traders to use 1 broker because I can analyze each of their underlying assets and know for sure that they are available for binary derivative trading.

You can do these trades as much as you want throughout the day. There are no transaction fees. You either make the profit or lose your initial investment. One of the unique properties of binary options is their ability to have very short-term expirations. You can go by the hour if you want.

The easiest way to show you this is with pictures. I will look at a popular asset that many traders use as an underlying asset to do these types of option trades with. Here is the daily chart for AAPL.

This chart is the daily chart for AAPL on November, 9 2012. You can see two really good indicators of a binary option entry. The first one is when the stock price breaks up above the trend line of lower lows. When you see this break out of a downtrend like this, it usually means a higher price. Since this is a daily chart, you could of used that to enter a high/low call hourly expiration. That means if the stock trades at a higher price in an hour, compared to when you first bought the option you would make the fixed profit of that option. As you can see, in an hour the price was much higher and kept rising.

The second trade that looked very obvious for the day was a triple top. That mean price exhaustion and the buyers are not willing to go higher. At some point close to the third resistance peak, you would have wanted to enter a high/low put with a daily expiration. Understand that you can use all the tools at your disposal. 

Some situations call for an hourly expiry and others present better opportunities for longer expiration times, such as a day, week, or month. Traders do these trades every day and a lot of them don't mess up very often. You can go 2-0 on days like today without much effort. Just watch the trends and understand the timing.

Apple is a stock that follows patterns more prudently than other stocks because it has such a high volume each day. You have countless opportunities every single day in this stock and others to make money on binary option trading. View the market as a money farm. Take your profits and allow yourself to earn income based on decisions that you make. The tools and brokers are out there for you to use.

The pros that do this make an average of 5 - 8 trades a day depending on what the market is doing and how comfortable they are with their possible entries. The key to being good at this is doing multiple trades and knowing exactly what you are doing. This type of common sense makes people money. It is when you throw all your money into one trade and hope for the best with no rhyme or reason of what could happen that you fail quickly. Setting up an account with $50k - $100k is normal and you would only want to risk $400 - $1000 per trade max. Don't try to make it all at once. 

A good metric is if you can double your money in 6 months. It is not passive. You work at it and what you put into it is what you get out of it. When you are good, it is like printing money, but that does require you to learn and gain the skills necessary to thrive.

How Low Can the Market Go

Well yesterday the market sold off a little more. Some analysts are predicting that DJIA goes all the way down to the lows it hit in 2008. That would be intense and throw us into the second recession, which we barely got out of the first. Nothing has collapsed yet, but the looming fiscal cliff is nearing closer. Money has to be cut one way or the other and not much can be done to fix it except to raise taxes or lower expenses. are some technical events that occurred as of Thursday's close.

DJIA - Event Date: Nov. 7 - Yes, I know that was two days ago, but it is important. The Dow Jones crossed below its 200-day moving average. That could be a signal to watch for bear market moves each day. Run ups with bigger run downs. A down trend could be forming. It closed at 12,811.32.

INTC - More bear events - triple moving average cross below (4-9-18 day) short-term, MACD, 1 bull event - Inverted hammer short term. So now you can see it is possible to have positive and negative events happen on the same day. Closed at 20.83.

TEVA - All bearish - This was a rough day across the board. This stock had 4 negative events happen yesterday at close. They 3 short-terms: Momentum, Price falls below 21 day moving average, MACD, and 1 Intermediate term: Price crosses below 50 day moving average. It closed at 40.35.

So here is what I think will happen for the rest of 2012 in a broad sense. We are up a lot for the year in most  stocks and major indices. The pull back we are in is natural. The problem will hit if we break down below major support levels that were set during this year. If that happens, who knows how many gains could be given back. However, if supports hold, that could mean a new rally to go even higher than the recent yearly highs that have been made.

As far as trading binary options with this news today, you want to look at high/low put options more than anything. Try to find could peaks to get in for the day or week.

Nov 8, 2012

Best Chart Pattern to Look for When Trading Binary Options

Trading binary options is a simple financial derivative. You either get a fixed profit or nothing at all. A lot of people could make more money on them if they knew what specific chart pattern to look for. Now you think I probably have some good bit of information on what specific chart pattern to look for. There is no one best pattern to look for.

I will say that consolidation triangle breakouts could be one of the more trusted indicators and can be used on a daily level or form over the course of months or years in a stock. All it is is a series of lower highs and higher lows where the upper resistance points and lower support points form a triangular shape. If it breaks above or below the support or resistance in a given time, that might result in you being able to predict better where the market price will be in the near term, if you are looking at a daily chart.

If it broke through a resistance trend line in a consolidation triangle pattern, you would look at quickly buying a high/low call option. Opposite is true if it broke down through a support trend line. In that case you would want to buy a high/low put option. If this pattern formed in the course of a day, you want to do a daily expiration. If it formed sometime in the course of a few days, it might serve you better to look at weekly binary expirations.

The point is that it shows the market price pressure and sentiment on the stock when there is some confusion in the market. Here is a picture of what I mean.

You can see in that illustration where the triangle pattern formed and when the lower resistance level breaks, there is a good chance the stock price will end up being lower than the price at the moment of that break in the context of the pattern. This happens all over the market every day and you can make money by identifying opportunities like this.

I talk about all kinds of chart patterns and technical events that happen on a daily basis every single morning and give the results of them a month out. I only analyze stocks and indices that can be traded on with binary option derivatives available through AnyOption Broker.

Still a lot of Selling in the Market

Yesterday was the first day of trading after we knew who would be President of the United States. What happened was interesting. All the big companies sold off. It was very difficult for me to find one that was traded on binary options that had a positive technical move yesterday. I was only able to find 1 as the rest of this market sells of in anticipation of the fiscal cliff. Today we will see if these stocks keep going down or if they are gotten to a low enough point so that buyers are willing to take a risk.

Before making binary trades, wait for a few hours to see what happens. That allows you to develop an idea for what the best move is going to be for the day.

Negative Technical Events

SINA - short term bearish momentum - close: 54.59

MS - Wow! this stock had 7 bearish technical indicators as of the market price at the close of Wednesday. The two intermediate term ones were: Price crosses below 50 day moving average and a double top. The short-term moves were price crossing below 21 day moving average, MACD, momentum, commodity channel index, williams %R, and an island top. It closed at 16.63 yesterday. The way you can use this with binary option trading is by looking for high points to enter high/low put options.

MCD - momentum bearish - Close yesterday was 86.86. Ever since this stock hit the double top that was shown awhile ago it has been dropping.

INTC - bearish momentum - Close yesterday was 20.91.

CHKP - price crosses below 21 day moving average - Close was 44.32.

Positive Technical Event

LVS - Bullish momentum - Finally I found 1 stock that had positive momentum yesterday. It was one of many. The close was 44.44.

Nov 7, 2012

Short-term KST, moving average crosses, and More

Ok, I am a little late today, but it is still worth doing these predictions as the market just open 7 minutes ago. I am going to pick a few stocks and be done with it. These are not going to be long explanations. I am just going to give the ticker, technical chart trigger, and if it is good or bad and for what time frame. Here we go. (And no I am not salty that Obama won) As long as I can still do this every day and earn a living, I don't care. It is all about owning resources. It is not about getting a phone from the President.

These are technical triggers that occurred on the close of Nov. 6, 2012.

INTC - Price crossed 21-day moving average - Short-term bearish.

LVS - short-term KST:  bearish and Inside bar: short term bullish.

MCD - Momentum: Short-term bullish.

TEVA - Williams %R and Commodity Channel Index: Both short-term bearish.

MSFT - Price crosses above moving average (50 day) - Intermediate term bullish and Commodity Channel Index - Short-term bullish.

As I have put in each of these technical moves, if you want to try and make some money with binary options, trade with this broker. I only recommend one broker so that I can make sure each of these public assets I analyze in the mornings are for sure available to trade binary's on.

Nov 6, 2012

Technical Analysis of the Markets before Presidential Election 2012

The president is getting elected today as people go out and vote. I think that stocks are going to move sideways and slightly upward if Romney starts to pull ahead. As of Monday we had 2 bull triggers and 1 bear. I also give an idea for a binary option trade in each analysis.

Positive Projections

MCD - Relative Strength Index - short-term bullish - This is the same technical move as AAPL had at the close yesterday. What it means is it could be entering a bottom and might trade higher. Also remember a president is in the middle of being elected right now, which can cause uncertainty and sideways movement in asset pricing.

AAPL - Relative Strength Index - short-term bullish - I have not talked about relative strength index yet in a stock prediction post. It means that prices appear to be moving out of an oversold situation. In down periods, the losses don't seem as powerful over the gains. You can also think of this technical stock signal as a way to quickly figure out you could be at a bottom. The price closed at 584.62. For Tuesday when the market opens in about 1 hr from now, use this information to enter a high/low call option if you feel comfortable. Get into this position with a weekly expiration and enter it at a clear trough.

Downward Projection

LVS - 6 bearish signals - 2 intermediate term and 4 short-term - That is the most I have seen in one stock, but it hit 6 different technical bearish signals on the close Monday. The only chart pattern triggered was an intermediate-term move called a symmetrical continuation triangle. The down trend goes out a year. There was an up-trend starting in August and this was the first run up of a consolidation period. Then it broke down to a higher low and then to a lower high. This forms a triangle on the valleys and troughs. The bear trigger occurred as the stock moved lower below the support trend line of the consolidation triangle on Monday. That means today it could start a new down trend that follows the larger pattern this stock has been in all year. It closed at 44.39 and the target price is 32 over the next few months. The other 5 bearish signals were price crossing below 21-day moving average, MACD, price crossed below 50-day moving average, momentum downward, and Williams %R. If you are going to trade binary options on this, look at month long high/low put options. Remember, enter puts at a peak and understand the timing of it. Put means you earn profit if the stock is at a lower market price when it expires compared to the price when you enter the option. Brokers have expirations hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly.

If you want to start using this information to make money on binary options, I only recommend one broker and that is this binary options trading broker.

Nov 5, 2012

What Can I Do to Make Money

If you want to make money or earn a living in this life, all you have to do is one thing. Be or provide something useful to people in exchange for resources. Resources could mean money, food, shelter, and whatever you need to survive. Many people want to make money, but few understood how the process is done properly.

The first thing to do is think about what you are good at. Once that is identified, you need to learn or teach yourself how these strengths can be implemented within a system. The money will come as a secondary effect of what you are able to do or create for other people. In a sense, you want to avoid thinking about money completely when figuring out what you should do to make it.

As an example, one of my strengths became clear to me when I was just a kid. In pre-school, I loved to make buildings and create structures. During my younger pre-teen and teen years I was able to explain things well to people so they could get a sense of what something was about. This was highlighted when my group of friends would build dirt jumps and try to go over them. Some people were afraid and one thing I enjoyed and was good at was explaining how to think in order to over come the fear of doing it. The best way to do this was by explaining what it was like to have a successful dirt jumping experience. I came across the internet and thought about how I can make money with it, a blog and health site were huge in my mind. This blog you're on now helps others understand what it is like to make money online. The health site I work on is like building a big structure. After identifying what was going to be my strength and figuring out how I was going to deliver this to the masses, one thing had to be done. I have to work every single day at it. Since it feels more like a hobby, I would view it as fun, but others may say it as a job or work.

That is another thing you need to get clear when thinking about how you can earn an income or make some type of living in this world today. You have to work at something. It could be building a business system that works in a passive way or it might be discovering what you are good at and the easiest way to make other people benefit from that.

One mindset becomes very clear to me when thinking about building wealth and abundant resources that I own. That is being able to make decisions without emotions and not expecting things to happen all at one time. Once you have a decision that you think sets out your path for money making or value providing, it is a matter of making it happen. Nothing you do for 1 month will result in making money over the course of your life unless you win the lottery or not. Those chances are slim and 99% of people who read this will only be successful at doing things themselves that will raise their ownership of resources if they understand how to work and that it takes years.

To better your chances at any of this, get out and talk to other people who are thinking the same types of things as you. Let yourself experience many different situations and environments in order to acquire a broad understanding of what different things work together with each other.

To greatly improve your chances at this, look at how success happens. A huge part of it is being able to create positive momentum that builds on itself over and over again. This can create quicker results that are exciting to you. It will still take hard work because you can't escape that. Start with an idea and let it evolve. Think in terms of what you can make or create. Visualize what things a person who makes a lot of money does day to day and what major decisions they made in their life that got them to where they are.

Nov 3, 2012

Technical Stock Analysis of Indices

I thought I was focusing on stocks a little bit to intensive so here are a list of all the index chart moves that happened as of the close on Friday. All of these are available to trade on with the broker I recommend for binary options. In fact, that is now the only set of assets I discuss so to be more congruent and it ensures the information can help people doing binary trades because not all brokers have the same assets available.

All Technical Signals for the Big Indices Look Short-Term Bearish

DJIA - Two bar reversal bearish - So yes the Dow looks like it could be moving lower for the short-term. The two bar reversal means a change in the psychology of who is buying and selling this index. Here is how it forms. The first bar follows a strong direction of the up trend. It has a wide range indicated underlying seller pressure. Then the second bar closes the deal by starting at the high of the first bar and moving all the way back down to the low of it. Sellers just keep selling because they expect more of the same. The price of this index closed at 13,093.16. The way you use this information to trade binary options is by knowing the pressure is on the sell side for Monday. Look at peaks to enter high/low put options for daily/weekly expirations.

IXIC - two bar reversal bearish (short term) / price crossed below 200 day moving average (long term) / outside bar bearish (short term) - All of these events happened with the NASDAQ Composite Index on Friday. It can be found with its reuters field of IXIC or by searching for COMP. The only move I have not touched on recently is the outside bar bearish signal. That means a price is nearing exhaustion after a big up trend. The trading range of the bar on Friday completely encompassed the previous days bar. It means a potential reversal. The moving average cross below 200 day is big because that could mean we are headed to a bear market cycle over the next year. This index closed at 2,982.13 of Friday.

SPX - momentum - short-term bullish - What this means is the price is trading higher now compared to 10 bars ago. It is measured by being above or below 0. This is one way to have a buy and sell signal. Another signal this shows is the price strength is high. The price closed at 1414.20. Look into high/low call binary trades.

Those are the three big ones to watch for. The good thing about trading on them with binary options is they follow trends a little better than an individual stock because they involve such a large amount of assets.

Making A Lot of Money on Options Trading

This is crazy. I was watching the 590 put options on Apple for week 1 November expiration and the price went nuts. The price got down to 1.75 about midway through Friday. That means if you bought 1 contract, it could cost you 175 dollars. During the first half of the day the price was moving down a little bit, but sticking around the 590 mark.

Then the price just started falling like crazy. It dropped down to around 575 by the end of the day. Do you know what that did to the price of the contracts that originally cost $175 earlier in the day. They were now selling in the market for $1,400. If you would have put in $8,000, the amount that would have been worth by the end of the day would have been around $70,000. that is a freeken ton of money for one day and with little risk compared the the payout.

The problem with this whole thing is knowing where the market is going. If you would have held call options through the Friday that expired on Friday, it would have wiped out your entire investment. The market could have turned up instead of down and you could have lost all your money if you held the put options. That is why everyone isn't rich off of this.

The uncertainty is crazy. I feel like on the Friday expirations there is always big movements in the stock because traders know that the options can make so much money if you are on the right side of the market. Apple is one of the most highly speculated stock when it comes to buying and selling option contracts. The market is amazingly liquid and prices go extremely high and low in the options marketplace. The stock only dropped about 3.5% on the day. that drop was worth 60k if you were on the put side of the market.

When you do this, you have to know what is going to move the most with a stock price fluctuation. On Fridays, the option that expires that week that is near the money and had lost the most value from the previous day will be what you want to look for. I am so tempted to do this again because of the potential reward. I lost about 4k trying out this market earlier this year because I tried to hold options that expired after an earnings call for Apple and Google. I was wrong on both. If I had been right on just one of them, I would have made 10x my money.

As I have been analyzing stock patterns and chart patterns heavily every single day for the past few months, the ability that I have to predict what may happen in the short term and the timing of it seems to be improving. It is so hard not to risk anything when you see right in front of you the possible rewards.

Technical Analysis of Apple

As of Friday AAPL passed below its 200 day moving average. That is a long term bearish sign and the stock could reach way down into the 400's before getting positive momentum. This can change at any time though, if the company does something unexpected and investors like it.

Nov 2, 2012

October Passive Income Report

Let me start this off by saying I hate Google and their Exact Match Domain update. They took my traffic from 70/day down to 15 on average. This means no money for my main income producer Herbal Showcase. I wish I would have known what I was doing when I picked that domain name, but it seemed like a good idea to pick health-supplements as the best choice. If I could go back and do everything over, the name would have been Problem is that domain cost too much right now. Even a random name would be better like some completely never heard of name.

Since I got screwed by this EMD update by Google, I have been working really hard to make this blog something of value. You can see by my daily morning stock predictions that my commitment to this resource is great. I have not given up on the health site though, and am working harder on it now. I am taking 1 of the six main topics on my home page from Herbal Showcase and writing a long article on the topic every single day. That means I am doing at least 2 posts per day no matter what. Sometimes I do more, but never less. It has to be made into an authority site and the only way to do that is tons of unique content that is useful.

Other things I am working hard on are a new book through Blurb. I will make it into an e-book as well as have it available in paper back. It is basically about how to live without a job and I go through my entire online life. It won't be done until I have successfully done this myself. I am about 33 pages into it and it will probably be about 100 pages. This is a fun thing for me to do and I like writing in story mode a lot. It is different than writing information articles about money and health. That is why I have been able to get so much done with it.

I also made a small e-book this past month called "What Smart People Should Know" It cost $3.99 to download as an e-book through the iPad. This was also done through Blurb and I made it a fun fact type of book with some personal development insights intertwined. I made no sales on that so far, but it is in the Apple ibookstore and the blurb book store. This is like a test run before I do the big launch of the "Living Comfortably Without a Job" book.

October results:

Commodity Channel Index for LVS + More

It is a wonderful Friday morning before the market opens in about 40 minutes from now. Today there are two bullish short-term triggers and one short-term bear signal. These technical stock triggers should help you trade binary options with more insight and give you a sense of where the pressure is. When you know where the pressure is, you know that it is a good opportunity to enter high/low calls at bottoms and puts at tops, depending on if the previous day had a bull and bear signal.

Bull Moves

XOM - Prices crosses above 21 day moving average - A short-term signal that could give some insight on the buying pressure on the stock right now and the stock could end up higher for the last day of this week. It closed at 91.60.

LVS - Commodity Channel Index - This is a fairly complex term, but it is just used to find situations where the stock could go higher or lower. This move was a move above +100, which means it is a bullish trigger. The value is calculated by dividing the price form its average value over about 20 bars. It closed at 46.46.

Bear Move

NBL - Hanging Man - This is a sign of reaching the top and possibly a reversal from an up trend could happen. This is a candlestick move that usually occurs at the top of an up trend. It forms when there is a very long shadow and a small real body at the top of the candle. It closed at 95.40

Nov 1, 2012

How Much Money Can You Make with Binary Options

All of this information I am going to share about how much money you can make with binary option derivatives is based on using the broker that I recommend here on this site. You can find more information about that broker here.

In a week, I made a couple grand. Here are some of my live trades:

This seems like a highly sought after question and since I talk about binary options every single day, I figured I could shed some light on the topic. Binary options are a way to make a pre-determined profit if you predict the correct price fluctuation of a stock. The most desirable way to make money on these advanced derivatives is with high/low options.

They pay out set profits between 60% and 75% on a trade you predicted successfully. That means if you risk $5,000 that Apple trades lower than it is currently at by the end of the day, and it does, you make 70% return or $3,500 for the day on just that one trade.

When you go to do this, you will see a chart, a button that says call or put (call means higher and put means lower), the return %, you pick the expiration time (nearest, day, week, month), and how much capital you want to risk on the high/low prediction. It is good for technical chart pattern experts.

The amount of money you can make depends on your success rate. You can double your money week in and week out if you know how to read stock patterns and that is what I talk about every morning. You can see my daily stock predictions here.

The broker I recommend has many stocks that are available to use as underliers such as Apple, McDonalds, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, Baidu, Microsoft, Teva, Facebook, Exxon Mobil, and more. On my daily predictions, I will only talk about stocks available through AnyOption, which is who I recommend.

Williams %R Triggers

Looks like we are seeing some good things out of these stocks and some positive momentum out of the recent downtrend we have been seeing in most stocks. Each of these securities is available to be traded on with binary options at this binary option broker I suggest.

Bear Sign

BIDU - 4 bearish events on the 31st of October - Price crossed below the 21 and 50 day moving average, momentum downwards, and Williams %R. Williams %R is the one I have not talked about yet in any post. It means the market price seems to be recovering from overbought. %R is based on the close price compared to the high-to-low price range over 14 days. When this figure is low, like it is now at -80%, it means downward pressure. All the technical triggers on this are short-term except for the 50 day average cross, which is an intermediate term sign. The close price was 106.73 on Oct. 31, 2012.

Bull Signs

CHKP - Bullish momentum - Finally something showing a sign to go higher. The velocity of price increase is higher than it was 10 bars ago indicating some momentum to the upside. This is short-term and the price closed at 44.52.

GS - more bullish events - Williams %R, Fast Stochastic, and price crosses above 21 day moving average - Great to see some more positive technical stock analysis news on this name. I have not covered fast stochastic yet. That means we are likely seeing upward pressure and moving out of an oversold situation.  It is a short-term bull trigger and the close was at 122.39.