Dec 30, 2012

You Just Need to Start...Making Money Online

One of the biggest problems that I see people struggle with when trying to build income sources from the internet is starting. People may think they need to get the perfect idea or have an entire team of people under them to get things going. The fact of the matter is, when you start it doesn't take perfection to actually make money online. All you have to do is build things for people to see and monetize it.

The reason why this is perfect for individuals to do is because other people around the world want to read genuine and honest material. Everyone in the world is different, has their own experiences, and can develop a unique perspective toward a topic. That is all users and browsers like. It doesn't matter what topic it is because there are enough people around the world that you can build sustainable readers.

Think about what you like to read about online. The more trustworthy an honesty you feel you are being exposed to when researching something or looking up information, the better. That is why the online money making game is so unique to the business world. The main thing it takes is your simple action.

Dec 29, 2012

Playing Binary Options Given Uncertainty about Taxes in 2013

You can still use the previous stock and currency pairing analysis from last week to make decisions on, but fresh insight is always helpful to traders no matter if they are doing binary options, regular options, or buying/selling an underlying asset outright. Today is Saturday December 29, 2012. One thing to watch for is the tax loss selling. Many people think that in 2013 the taxes for capital gains could go up and there is about a 0% chance that it goes down so people have been dumping their assets that would result in a capital gain. This could cause drops in the stock market on Monday as it is the last day of the year. After that, the market will be in a limbo period, waiting to see exactly what is going to happen with the capital gains tax and all other tax related matters.

Given the market condition of uncertainty in taxes, stocks and other assets or currency pairs may trade sideways. That is a sign of no direction, which is what is the current state. You can make money on this because it is just another signal telling you what has a good chance of happening. Going up and down is great for making money with binary options. You can play trades on the hour/day knowing that an up and down trend is likely to occur in the next few weeks. Having said that, here is what I have found as technical events that triggered at the close of markets on Friday December 28, 2012.

Dec 23, 2012

Stock Chart Patterns for Week Dec. 23rd - 29th

I am switching around how I do these chart pattern and technical analysis posts. Instead of doing them each day or multiple times per week, it would provide more value to traders and investors if I look for the most influential chart patterns and technical events that are in play starting each week. These posts will always be on Sunday so you can get ready for the week. It is based on U.S. eastern standard time and I will be mainly focusing on U.S. markets. However, sometimes you will see information on foreign markets and different currency pairs. Also, each stock, currency pair, and index I analyze will be available to trade binary options based on with ZoneOptions.

With That Said, Here is What To Look for this Week

Technical Event

  • USD/JPY - As of the close on Friday, this currency pair had an intermediate term bullish event happen. It had a double moving average crossover (21 and 50 week). That simply means there could be more upside to come in the intermediate term. For this time frame, support is found at 79.48 and resistance is at 84.36. You can trade binary options with the usd/jpy currency pair using the binary options broker I suggest using. Doing so would allow you to get extreme leverage in price movement and offers profits around 60% to 85%. Use my analysis to see where the pressure is (upward or downward) and make trades using all the information you can and you will make good money every day.

Chart Patterns that are In Play

  • TEF - Bottom Triangle: This chart pattern came into play on Dec 20, 2012 which was last Thursday. That day it closed at 13.46. The target is 19.00 over the next few months. In order for that to happen, the pressure has to be upwards over time. Trade accordingly. The bottom triangle is a sign of a down trend reversal. This specific stock pattern that just happened is over the course of 1 year. From January - August 2012 this stock was in a clear downtrend. Starting in August it traded up to 15.00 and entered a consolidation period of lower highs and higher lows (forming a triangle). The series of lower highs was broken last Thursday causing the chart pattern breakout and that is why I am telling you about this now. It could be reversing into a new up trend.

(Chart from Yahoo Finance)

  • COKE - Flag (bullish): This is a little more short-term because it is based on the past month and a half of trading. The stock had a sharp increase in market value (forming the pole). Then it moved into a sideways period over the past 3 weeks (forming the flag part). This means the market rallied, briefly paused, and now shows signs of another rally in this specific underlying asset. It has already gone up a little since the breakout, which occurred last Thursday. That means it is still in play looking forward.

(Chart from my own creation)

Well, that is what you should be looking at in the next week. Have fun trading and make some money. There will be a new and different analysis next Sunday for that week.

UPDATE: Thursday December 27, 2012

Looks like the USD/YEN technical signal is yielding some good results. The COKE signal has not produced much of a good prediction and the TEF is about flat so far this week.

Dec 21, 2012

No Traffic Yet For New Niche Website

I figured it was time for another update. It will help me keep thinking of new things to do in order to build this new income stream and give people some insights on what kind of work I do online in order to start making money at some point down the road. Here is the run down so far. I made a new niche website. This was on December 8, 2012. It is just about a topic and has to do with my daily activities. It is more of a growth thing.

So far it has 12 posts and 2 pages. I keep the home page as whatever the most recent post is and then have an about page and a product page. The product page is very important. Right now there are no affiliate links on the site. As I said in the original post and update #2 post, it will not have a monetizing plan until it has reached 100 pages. This is because I only want 1% of the pages to contain an affiliate link. This will be viewed as insignificant to Google and the blog won't be penalized by stupid updates.

Each post that I write is getting indexed within a few days and Google enjoys crawling around and indexing whatever I write. I expected this. The next step is to gain actual free traffic from search engines. It will take a few more weeks to get going on this, but it is the first step in gaining traction. In order to maximize my free marketing tools, I will try and gain as many Twitter, G+, and Facebook followers as possible. These would be people who just want updates from the blog.

So far there has been no organic search traffic. It will start to trickle in after a few more weeks of posts. Once people see that it is highly niche specific and helpful to anyone who enjoys the particular topic, the visitors will come.

This is one of the hardest moments when you are trying to build a website. It becomes frustrating when new guys just make something and don't see results right away. I have been online for about 4 years now and know it just takes time and continued work. For me, it is easy to keep going because it involves something I am doing in person and all that is required to take that activity and turn it into money is write about how it went. Eventually, it will be a place for highly targeted visitors to enjoy fresh content and my recommendation for one type of product that helps people lift weight better.

The intriguing thing will be to see where my new branded website will be in 8 months. That is normally my benchmark for results. After that, it will be clear if things will work out and have a chance to grow into sustainable monthly income or die out. In half that time, this site will have reached 100 pages if I stay on the current page output.

The Reason Why I Built a New Niche Website

It is pretty much because I messed up on my first niche site and invested so much time into it that in the process I figured out all the things that were done wrong. With the new blog I learned to make a brand name, make that brand name the domain name, and don't build links manually accept when sharing posts through social media sites (only a few and not every post on every social network). Beyond that it is a simple matter of time and effort. I know exactly how to work in order to get results. It is done by writing content that is connected to what you do in real life and making it useful by being very detail oriented in how you write. It can be simple as long as it accurately explains what you want your blog to be about. My new site is very congruent and simple, yet it can help just about anyone in the world who reads it.

The earnings of it will be shown when they come in so you can see how much work it takes to build an online income stream. If you keep up with this blog, you will see similar posts like this one updating how things are going and what I do as far as the amount of posts so far and how long it has taken. I only spent a total of $40 bucks for a year's worth of hosting and the rest is up to me. Anyone who has an extra $40 can do the same thing if they use the same hosting provider that I use. Making money with your blog that you build is very easy once you find something sustainable to write about that is completely unique to your life and comes from your own head. That is the magical key to make money online if I had to name anything at all.

The web host I use for this blog: SiteGround

Dec 20, 2012

Making Money with Momentum Stock Movements Using Binary Options

Momentum in the stock market is a tricky thing. This is a result of fear and greed. The two basic fundamental factors that drive decision making. When people are afraid of losing their money that they invested, the price of an asset goes down and will probably go down below what it should really be priced at. When people chase gains and buy in the hopes of a stock going higher, this behavior tends to push a stock price much higher than the company it represents is actually worth.

In the ebbs and flows of this, there is money to be made. You have to think in terms of price fluctuation and how to leverage that in your favor no matter what direction the price goes. One tool a lot of guys use is binary options. You can use this derivative type option to get 60% to 80% gains on each trade you do if you correctly predict the price movement. It is easier than actually buying option contracts through the exchange because there is 1 of 2 outcomes that happen. You either hit or miss.

There is only one broker that I trust to do these trades. It is this binary options broker. They have actual offices over in Europe, but offer there trading platform to individuals in just about any country around the world including the United States. With them, you have the ability to participate in high/low, one touch/no touch, and boundary (in/out) options. All you do is pick a stock, index, commodity, or forex pair, the direction you think the underlying asset is going/in a given time frame, and enter how much you want to risk on your direction pick being correct.

The maximum exposure you can do per trade is $2,000 with them. My recommendation is to make 2-3 trades per day at $700 - $1,000 at a time. You can pick however much you want to risk per trade. The minimum is around $50 per trade and there are no fees whatsoever. You are either right and win your profit percentage or are wrong and lose whatever you risked.

Momentum helps you with binary options because you can use technical analysis to see if there is a good chance of a stock to run up or down. You just have to place your binary trade before a movement happens. If it does in fact result in a positive result, you get your profit and move on to the next trade. Professionals do about 8 trades per day.

Dec 18, 2012

Technical Stock Market Analysis - AAPL and More

It's a beautiful morning here in the United States. I am going to share with you some technical event triggers that occurred yesterday. This should help you trade binary options because you will have a sense of the market pressure on a daily scope. It doesn't mean you have to think one way or the other about buying call or put options. Just see how the market is feeling. You can always make money on either side if you get into binaries. is how the market looks today.

AAPL: Outside bar and engulfing line (both short-term bullish) - This stock had a nice pop over the past few trading days, bouncing off of 500. Now, you need to decide where it is going. Support is found at 518.13 and resistance is at 537.64 in the short outlook. I would predict it is going to go up and approach 550 unless some crazy global news events hit the entire market.

MSFT: Price crosses above 21-day moving average - Here is another close-term bull move. Support is found at 26.80 and resistance is at 30.63. If you do binary trades on a daily level, keep those numbers in mind and look for breakouts or trading range patterns. Make your decisions after something has happened and not before.

JPM: Double moving average cross above (21 and 50 day) - Let me just say this. It is one of the banks that has been declared too integral to the United States to fail. It only fails of the U.S. government does. Many investors are buying it for that reason so look for positive pressure over the next few weeks. For binary option trading, you would want to buy high/low call options on an hourly or daily level depending on how you prefer to trade.

Dec 15, 2012

Update on Brand New Niche Site

Things are going about as good as they can go with the new site. As you may have known, I decided to build a new niche website. The plan is to turn it into an income stream as well as having the existence of it get me into much better health and fitness shape. I did use the web host the I recommend on my own page and they are working great. The type of niche site I made was is in blog form using Wordpress CMS and hosting from that provider SiteGround. It didn't cost me anything extra to setup up Wordpress. I just had to press one button.

One of the biggest reasons why I wanted to use the proprietary version of wordpress and get hosting through a third party was because it allows me to use extensive plugins for just about anything. They have easy social sync options. So far I just set up Twitter, Facebook, and G-Plus. I know I said there would be no manual link building and when I said that  what was meant included writing articles myself just for the purpose of linking to the blog. That is not happening. All I am doing with the social sites is sharing every few posts so that I can build a community around those social media outlets.

Affiliate income will not happen until the blog, JayTraining, reaches 100 pages of pure unique content. At that point, the plan is to implement affiliate tracking links so that sales can be tracked. Only one page will have these type of links on it. 1 out of 100 is not a flag for the big Google. Another reason why this new web project feels like a really good idea is because it won't rely on search traffic as much in order to keep lots of visitors coming in. Since it is like a diary, people will want to come back and read more each time they are online. That is the gold standard of making money online in a passive way for a very long time.

I will be dependent on search engines for awhile because that will get word out about the brand of the blog and let brand new people see what I am doing. Eventually, the goal is to have 3% of all traffic be from Google.

So far on this new website I have 7 new posts, 2 pages at top, and social media setup. One thing I don't have on the site is the ability for people to +1 my actual URL through Google. That is what I am figuring out today because it is highly important to get going. The other thing that could be helpful is adding StumbleUpon.

Dec 14, 2012

Is It Easy to Make Money with Binary Options

This is a fundamental question many traders might have that are on the fence about doing binary option trades. The fact is that it is only as easy as you are good. Some people have a real talent for predicting short-term stock market moves. Others just like the adrenaline rush of the whole thing and enjoy simply throwing their money around at these kinds of exotic options.

I would say that doing these trades is much easier and more simplistic than trying to trade regular option contracts that fluctuate in price. Here is why. With those kinds of options, you get sucked in to hoping it turns out a good profit. Usually, this kind of waiting makes the value of your investment go to 0 over time.

With binary options, it is either a hit or miss and then you can go again. This is good because you can do it multiple times per day, by the hour, and even by the minute. Risking $50 and up to $2,000 can be a little risky when you first do it, but when you do 4 or 5 of these trades a day and hit on 3 of them, you will make money and it is fun.

Here is the strategy most professionals use. They like to hit one big win and then use the profits from their big gain to trade smaller trades of around $100. You can actually survive on that income and it is not risky when you are using profits from a previous trade. The key is making your first good binary option decision.

When you do this, stay calm and do things that make sense. This is how the market reacts. They go up and down and if they break trend lines (upper or lower) that could mean they will run in that direction even further. That little piece of information is all you need to know to start doing binary trades for yourself and be good at it.

I only suggest one broker for people to use on these kinds of derivatives. Click Here to See More Information On That Binary Options Broker.

Dec 13, 2012

Good Day To Make a Few Grand on Binaries

What a great day to make a few thousand bucks on binary options. The only way to do that is by checking out the price movements of the following stocks and trading based on technical moves. Here are the latest moves as of the close on Dec 12, 2012. I warn you to use your best decision making skills, but people usually are able to make the most money at trading when they don't feel much pressure.

COKE: Williams %R - This means downward pressure and a recovery of overbought. This stock has very little volume compared to the bigger names, but there are still buyers and sellers. As a result you get technical moves and you can make money on the price movement no matter what way it goes.

AMZN: Price made a double moving average crossover above (21-day and 50-day) on Dec 11, 2012. This is a short-term movement that is recognized as a bull signal. All you need to take this information as is the stock could have upward pressure today. Look for the valleys to enter call binary options to make money. Don't get into puts at peaks.

Don't think about only doing 1 trade per day. The pros do 5 to 9 every single day and they are good at it. Not everyone can do this because it takes skill and a lot of people who trade binary options just want to gamble at the casino. There is opportunity here for you to cash out if you do a little bit of due diligence.

Dec 11, 2012

A Few Technical Indicators for Short-Term

MSFT: Price crossed above 21 day moving average. This is a bullish event for short-term speculation. It could see a pop so if you want to do a binary trade on it, look for pull-backs on a daily level to enter into call options.

COKE: Bearish momentum. All that means is the stock price is moving downward faster right now than it was 10 bars ago.

That is the only analysis I can give for today. The markets open in 10 minutes. Good luck and keep in mind professional traders who make a lot of profit daily execute binary option trades 4-7 times per day. You have to plan out your risk and make decisions at the right time. Also, the broker that allows you to do these exotic option trades, recommended here on this blog, has a lot of holiday special things going on to give you better pricing.

Results for Today:

The market went on a mini rally today. MSFT finished up 1.41% and is up another 0.4% in after hours. The prediction was positive on the day. If you traded based on this and tried to find entry points at noon and quarter past 3:00 P.M. today, for call binary options that had hourly expirations, you would have made your profits. Since these types of financial derivatives payout between 60% and 80%, that would have left you with a good amount of money if you risk $1,000 on both trades. The beginning of the day was a big rally so you should have watched for a minor pull back to enter into. You could have also bought a high/low option with an hourly expiration right at the start of the day and had another gain. This is how you read a market based on the morning analysis.

For COKE it was a different story. This stock started off in a slump, but then traded up higher to end the day. If you were going to make profits on a put option of the binary form, you would have had to do an hourly expiration trade right at the open.

All I am trying to do is allow myself and others make money online. I believe the key to that is a good broker for binary options and sound research that drives your decisions each day. Make your live instead of letting others decide your life.

Dec 9, 2012

Where to Position Your Money in this Market: End of 2012

The market looks wild. Some companies seem strong while others are falling from their 52-week peaks. What the following analysis is based on is technical events that happened on the close as of the last trading day before now. That would have been on Dec. 7, 2012. Tomorrow the markets are open and you can go and make your trades. For the day traders, you may be interested in doing binary options with this information. I am only here to help and give you facts about underlying assets.

AAPL: MACD, crossed below 50 week moving average, and outside bar (all bearish for short and long-term) - The technical side of Apple is not looking to good. Be careful about shorting it though. The stock has broken down past resistances and could fall below what it started at in the beginning of 2012. It could also bounce back if investors think it is undervalued and has a good 10% upside looking out a year. This is kind of a stock that moves the entire market because it has a very high market cap. They make money and are rewarded for making products that people want to buy. If they can't think of something good to come out with in the next year besides refreshes of other products, it could be bad for the stock price.

IBM: Price crossed above 21 day moving average and hammer - These are both short term bull signals for this stock. I think it is a good time to buy this name going into next year. It has a good chance to get up past 215 or higher going forward. They aren't going anywhere looking into the future. They have too much of a grip on the market. Right now the bottom is forming. You can get more leverage by doing call options or high/low call options if you want to enter the binary market. Look out about a week.

C: Price crossed above 200 week moving average and Gap Up - The gap up is self-explanatory. The moving average cross shows strong signs for the stock if you are looking out a year. It just past the 200 week, which means it could make a run in the next year back up to 50/share. Not a bad gain from the 30's right now if you want to buy the stock out right.

Dec 8, 2012

Building New Niche Blog

What is up fellow marketers and money making people. I am starting a new website. This is going to be focused just on one thing. Bodybuilding and sports training. It is something I put a lot of my real life time into so it is congruent with my life. I will still be doing my weekly stock analysis here on Smart Helping and all the other kinds of things I post. My health supplement niche site is also going to be a work in progress. That is the main reason why I am starting a new blog. I am sand boxed and know so much more now than I used to about building online income with a website.

I am going to use hosting by SiteGround (just as I recommend them on my make money tools page) and utilize their wordpress CMS. This will make it easy to make my new blog. The way my content will be developed is simple. It will go along with my life and how I work out daily. Somehow I am going to track results and all that kind of thing. It will be about working out in different ways, me trying to get in shape, and news that is relevant to bodybuilding.

To make money from it, I am going to recommend a specific brand of sports supplements to use. It will only be on one page, just like I preach to do on all my posts about making good websites on this blog. You can go along with me as I do this and maybe get some new ideas for yourself about making a new site and building income.

One of the biggest things that I am going to focus on is not trying to make the site have 1 bazillion pages all at once. I will take my time and slowly build a unique, helpful resource for others to use. This is want ranks in the long run as I have figured out with this blog I am writing on now. Links don't matter until you are very popular so I will not link build. The main focus is just going to be on making something people want to read.

So...without further said, I am about to sign up with SiteGround and think of a domain name for the site. It will be a brand name that is short and not considered an exact match domain. I need something catchy that is easy to spread.

Also...the reason why I am paying for hosting rather than getting it free through is because I want more functionality, content management features, and flexibility. It is worth the $45/year in my opinion. I signed up for their holiday special and unchecked some of the features that I don't feel are necessary. Went with their basic hosting.

Well that was pretty easy. I thought of my new domain and got everything set up and it took me 20 minutes. So far SiteGround is doing a really good job at meeting my expectations. I am about to make my first post on the blog in the next hour. The blog is called JayTraining.

My strategy going forward now, looking at all my sites, is to let my health site get out of the sand box. Who knows how long that could take. Maybe 8 months. While that is happening, I am going to build this new blog up and see how fast it can start making me money. You will know as soon as I do when my first sale is made.

I am doing some experimenting with this new website. My plan is to never actively make any links toward it and I am only going to add new pages whenever I feel it is necessary to share with my audience. No promotions, no link exchanges, no nothing. It is plain and simple. I am strictly adding my own unique content and seeing what will happen. I am not even going to submit it, link it from a twitter, profile page, or anything.

So far I am very pleased with this hosting service. I have already got the theme I want, the layout, and my first post done as well as the future affiliate monetizing page done.

It is now December 13, 2012 and I have just thought of a new strategy to go with. It will give me enough time to work on the blog I am trying to build up and let my health site still grow. The amount of pages being added to my original niche site that is a few years old now will go from 1 per day to 2 per month. This keeps Google feeling like I am relevant and they will rank. It will also boost the quality and content of the new pages that I create. This is good for multiple reasons as far as SEO goes. I am happy about this.

Dec 7, 2012

Why I Need Binary Option Traders to Actually Trade

Over the past few months, I have been giving stock and index analysis posts about 3-4 times per week. The whole reason why I do this is so that people who want to or are already trading binary options can have a good idea of where the prices are moving at the beginning of each day. My posts for this are always in the morning and published live on this blog an hour or so before the U.S. markets open.

I only look at the underlying assets that can be traded with the binary options broker that is being recommended here on this blog. You may be asking why I spend so much time doing this every week. The reason why is money and helping others make money.

I want to make money by referring traders to the broker (I make 20% - 35% of your losses on every binary option trade. Don't stop reading right there though. It is very bad for me if a trader does one trade, loses all their money, and never trades again. My goal is to help people become successful more than not. I want people to trade and make profits for themselves. The only way both of those things happen is as a result of my actions on this blog. If I do something to make it easier for traders to trade, they can make good profits. They may lose every so often, but they will also win because of the help I give.

This is a dynamic relationship. It is a trade-off between the value I give to readers and the risk they take with their money. If you do a profitable trade, I make $0.00 and you make between 60% and 80% (roughly) of your initial investment. If you do a non-profitable trade, I make a percentage of your loss and you don't get anything back. The perfect situation is if you win 6 times for every 1 time you lose. This will allow me to keep making money and you to make good gains on your investment. After a few good trades, you will have made way more than your initial investment and then have put yourself into a situation where you get your initial capital risk (money you put into the trade) back in profits and can trade with that.

The binary options brokers never go out of business because so many people use them as a casino rather than a sophisticated money maker based on the stock and index market. The different you would have is my semi-daily posts on what is going on in the market. That will allow you to improve your chances greatly at making money with options. All you have to do is come here and read my posts in the morning and then trade through the day. Lots of people like to do it while they are doing their normal jobs. It is easy if you have a smart phone.

Finally, you can trade binary's around the clock in different markets. It is riskier because I don't give any analysis on foreign markets, but if a market is open around the world, you can trade binary options in it through the broker I recommend. That means potential money making at any time of the day. You can really build up your bank if you do this a few days a week, but it has to be done right. If you just want an adrenaline rush and treat it like a casino, you can do that too.

What You Can Do To Start Trading Like This:

Dec 6, 2012

Planning Your Finances: This Matters

This blog is all about how to help others become financially sound and aware of options available to do this. Given that goal of this blog, Ron Paul has given his final speech in government and it has something to do with making money if you listen closely. He went out with a ball of fire and is calling out everything. The best reason to watch this whole video is because it helps people think about solutions and focus on fixing problems rather than just mindless ranting.

Your money and wealth gaining abilities are directly affected by what he is talking about. You can kiss free market and the ability of any one person to create lots of money for their self in a free way goodbye. Just listen to what he says.

The most important points are the following:

  • Freedom brought forth wealth for the entire country (USA) since its birth.
  • Greed for personal gain and stomping down individual freedom is leading to a fiscal cliff.
  • Printing tons of money in order to boost the economy won't ever work.
  • Obama is an idiot (multiple direct citations will be shown to prove this).
  • There is hope, but people need to start thinking for themselves.
  • The fear that founders of this country's constitution had are coming true.
  • Without individual freedoms being preserved, it becomes difficult for prosperity to exist at any level.

Some Big Technical Signals as 2012 Ends

Happy Thursday to potential and current traders at all levels. It doesn't matter if you are doing binary options, regular option contracts, or buying and selling stocks outright, you can benefit from this insight if you are looking at one of these particular stocks. Some giant firms that put billions of dollars in the market only look at technical analysis like the following:

AAPL: There is a major technical signal flurry of bearish and more bearish events going off for this stock lately. On Dec. 4th the price crossed below the 200 day and 50 day simple moving average. As of yesterday, Dec 5th, there was more chaos as the price dropped down lower and lower. It will test 500 and that could be a decent buying point, but it could slip past that mark and return way down. The stock has missed earnings the last two quarters and it is about to do a technical move called the Death Cross. That means the 50-day sma passes below the 200-day sma. This could take us way down. If you are looking to trade binary options on this, look at near-term high/low put options and long-term call options after the next 2 weeks are over. It's close yesterday was 538.79.

XOM: This stock hit a short-term technical trigger yesterday because the price dropped below the 21-day moving average. The close was 87.73.

MSFT: Here we hit a short-term signal yesterday called a MACD. It is a measure that tells you if the price is strong or weak at this moment. Right now the price is gaining strength according to this. Its close was $26.67.

These insights have to be updated each day because the market is always changing and different things happen. All you can do is make the best possible decision at a given moment to make money. Anything can always happen.

This is a random side note. If you want to feel better, listen to this song. It is a beast and will get your day going in a good way. Always have positive momentum...

Dec 4, 2012

Lots of Short Term Technical Events: AAPL, IBM, & More

It's another wonderful morning on planet Earth and a great time to make some profit with binary options. Here is what the market ended up looking like at the close yesterday (Dec. 3, 2012).

AAPL - commodity channel index - short-term bullish - This metric measures the deviation from its 20-day average. Right now the oscillator is at +100, which means a short pop in the stock is likely in the next few days. That means watch for dips that you can make call options on.

IBM - momentum bearish - This measures velocity of price change. Right now the stock price is falling faster in a downward direction than it was moving 10 bars ago.

XOM - price crosses below 21-day moving average and momentum bearish - These two technical signs point at weaker pricing in the short term for this stock.

JPM - outside bar (bearish) - Here is a short term move. This is more of a bar pattern that was created as of the previous trading day prior to this morning. It is simply a sign of exhaustion. Every day there is a new bar that measures the buying and selling. This is a case when the buyers and sellers traded higher and lower than the previous day. I would feel confident doing a high/low binary option put at a suspected peak in price today with a daily expiration.

You should always know exactly what you are doing before you put money into it. The same holds true with learning about binary options. Here is the broker I would suggest doing these kinds of trades with.

Importance of a Memorable Domain Name

If you are just starting a new website and need a domain name, be very thoughtful about it. This is the single most important thing that is required if you want to succeed online. You domain name must be easy to share and remember for other people. It can make or break you in the online world no matter what business you are trying to promote or get a hold in.

Having a memorable name will determine your level and ceiling of success. I wish more than anything that I could go back in time and change the domain of my health site. This may turn out to be why I can never grow sales or traffic in the long run.

At the time, I had decided I wanted a domain with the same keywords that I thought lots of people would type in. Little did I know Google and other search engines hated this. By picking a simple brand name that was short and sweet, no matter what it was, I probably could be making a few grand per month by now given I did the same amount of work.

So, hold everything else the same and make one thing different (making my domain a branded short memorable word) and the money I would be making would be sky rocketing right now.

Pick something memorable if nothing else. Starting a new website can seem like a lot of stuff when you first get your web hosting, but this step is beyond important.

Dec 2, 2012

Finding Assets that Go Up in Value

This is probably the biggest and most important problem investors and business owners have. It is tough to figure out what assets will give you the best reward for the risk. If you want to figure out what offers the best gains, there is an easy formula to follow.

Make sure you buy it for the lowest price possible. Don't underestimate the value of monthly cash flows (such as buying commercial real estate that builds rent revenue). Also, if you own commercial real estate, that means you can run your own business through it and owning it means no rent expense for you. If you get a place that has rent space surplus, you can make money that way and still run a business through the place if it is in a good location.

That will give you some really good returns. There are other things to do that require much less leg-work. If you want to buy and sell stock, that is an option. It is intense when you do it with a lot of money, but doesn't give you the experience of dealing with all the real-world aspects of buying buildings and dealing with tenants. Some people like that aspect of buying hard building type assets.

Other options you have could be with websites. This is tricky, but if you want to buy a website that is already making money, a 4 or 5 multiple of net income would be really good. That means if a website is consistently making 300k/year a good price to buy that business for would be for 1.2 million. If it makes 20k/year, you may want to offer something like 80k. The way you win in that asset purchase is by knowing how to make the website make even more money per year and then re-sell it for a higher multiple or just keep making the passive income or however the website earns cash.

You have to know what something is worth if you are looking to spend a lot of money on assets. The knowledge will keep you from paying way too much. Another way you can buy real estate cheap is by going to public weekly auctions. Many towns do these once or twice a month on distressed assets and if you find auctions where barely anyone goes, it can be a really goo deal finder.

Dec 1, 2012

Income Report November 2012

Whats up people of the internet. Well...this month sucked again because my rankings are so bad for my health niche website. I worked on it harder in this month than in the past year. Every day I have been adding new unique content about one of the six main topics that the site is about. This strategy should pay off for me in the long-term. I am hoping that Google is just taking time to re-evaluate and rank my site. It is in the sand box for sure with a few visitors per day max.

When I think of how much time was put into it, it makes me sick to my stomach to think it is not doing as well as I planned this far into it. There is good news though. It only cost me $10/month now to run the whole entire site and I don't spend money on advertising or anything else. Having such a low monthly cost allows me to make a profit every single month. I have never lost money if you look at all the cash in-flows compared to out-flows since it is so cheap to run.

Other things I have been working on include making daily (almost daily) stock analysis predictions based on technical event triggers that occur on the prior days trading day close. This helps people who want to trade binary options have been insight on the market before they initiate option positions. This has been picking up over the past month. I was able to refer 3 new clients to the broker I recommend, but these people have not initiated and trades yet. The goal is for traders to see what information I have each morning before the U.S. markets open, and make a lot of money with binary option trades every single day. It's not too difficult if you use common sense.

Anyway...that is that. Here is the amount of money I actually made and it was all from my health site in November.

November 2012 Site Earnings

  • Niche website earnings: $256.00
  • Costs: $9.95 (for unlimited pages) + $103/year which equals out to $8.58/month. Other costs related to this would be the domain name renewal at $1/month or $12/year.

I guess the good news is I am still making a decent amount of money as far as the operation of my site goes. The potential is sooo much greater than this though. The niche I am in is a multi-billion dollar per year industry. I know there is more money than this if I can just rank in the search engines and build a solid customer base, the money would sky rocket.

If you want to start your website and do what I am trying to do in a niche of your own or the same one I am in, I would suggest starting out by getting web hosting and everything with SiteGround.