Mar 30, 2013

Worst Ways to Make Money Online

I though it might be interesting to create a list about online money making ideas that suck. People get trapped pretty bad in scams that drain their energy, time, money, and drive to create income for themselves in the online world. Keep in mind doing things in the online world doesn't mean you are not doing things in the real world that can help your efforts. Most of the really successful online businesses figure out how to use everything to their advantage.

This list I am putting together is based on things that take the most time and result in the least amount of income.

Mar 28, 2013

Made Money On Options and GOOG at Head and Shoulder Breaking Point

Well, I was busy at work today, but made a quick trade on a put option with AAPL. The stock price broke down early and it had nothing to give it a boost upward. I decided it would keep falling through the day because it normally falls about 2% a day. It ended up doing just about that much and when I made the original trade, it had only been down about 1%. Logically, it still had more to lose so a put option paid me.

Mar 27, 2013

Just Staying with Options on AAPL

Made a nice put option trade this morning on the opening bell. I seem make more profit when I trade at this time. Ended up with a net profit of $130 after fees. Today I went with an option expiration that was fairly far out of the money. It was an April monthly expiration 415 AAPL put option. I did a total of 10 contracts.

Mar 25, 2013

$173 Profit on Options During Opening Bell

What a great Monday morning. I was looking at AAPL over the weekend and trying to figure out what it was going to do today. Everything pointed to a push to the upside today. It opened up a few dollars per share and I entered a call option figuring that it would have an up day overall today. This was also based on all the buying this stock experienced last Friday.

Mar 22, 2013

Trading AAPL Options Some More on Friday Morning

Pretty quick trade this morning. Probably lasted about 15 minutes total. The stock made an early morning run and started to resist back where it spiked up to yesterday. I got in at a peak and sold on the reversal for a $41 profit after fees. It was a 430 AAPL put option with an April monthly expiration.

Mar 21, 2013

Lucked Out: Made $56 In A Few Minutes on Options

Well, my goal today was just to make something. Luckily I was doing a very short-term trade on the opening bell. If you look at AAPL's chart today, you will see how slim of a window I had. I bought 3 put option contracts right on the open when the stock started up a half percent. I was banking on it swinging back down because it feels like there are just too many negative factors and not enough catalysts to get the stock moving up. As far as chart patterns go, it looks like there could be a double bottom starting to form, which means the price will head down to 420 before going above 460 a share.

Mar 20, 2013

Profit for Wednesday Morning!!! (On Options Trade)

I really needed this profit as I have missed on the past few and didn't trade yesterday. My trade was on AAPL as it is most of the time because it has such a high price fluctuation. The market doesn't know how to value it so there is big runs up and down. I was fairly certain that the price was coming back down on the open today so my trade was going long a put option.

Mar 18, 2013

AAPL Went Up - Lost about $600 Trading Options Today

Well, let me tell you it feels like a punch in the gut when you pick the wrong direction for a day. I thought AAPL may be in for a little bit of a pull back before going higher. I guess not. My trade was a net loss of  $648. It really sucks when you have these kinds of days.

Mar 17, 2013

Price Direction of AAPL

It is March 17, 2013 and I am looking at AAPL for some options trading this week. It had a big gap up on Friday and looks to be gaining momentum. Most are saying it bottomed out at 420. If you look at a year chart, it is basically right at the start of its first major up trend last year. It will most liekly make a run back up to 500 before people start getting scared that Steve Jobs is no longer running the company. From there, Apple is going to have to come out with the next big thing if they want to re-gain their status of largest company again.

Mar 14, 2013

Options Loss (I Guess I am Human)

Ok so first of all the chart was not readable this morning on AAPL. It was going completely sideways. I got into a call option with AAPL at on of the valleys in this sideways chart. It ended up falling off to the downside and I had to sell because it didn't look like it would recover from a break to the downside. Luckily, I was able to manage the loss to only $200 so it is not like I am starting back down in a hole again with a $1,000 loss.

Mar 13, 2013

My Income Report for February 2013

I feel like February was the calm before a giant storm. Lots of things have happened as a result of my feeling during this month. It was mainly a wake up as I was making very little money from all my passive income sources. When things have not been working for such a long time (3 years), it is time to start doing things differently. Just doing new things is not a good way to raise your income. You have to do them well with proper research and professionalism.

Very Close Trade (Almost Lost Huge on Options)

Had a very nice 5 minute trade on AAPL put options today. Traded 6 contracts with a strike of 425. Made $199 profit after fees. It was crazy. I missed a put entry, but got in soon enough to still let the stock price drop one more time. I know that in yesterday's options trade I said I would never do a weekly again. I failed to comply with that. I swear that I will not do it tomorrow because it is just too risky to trade near-the-money with only 1 day left. Too much can happen. If I had entered my trade a second later, I would have lost 1.5k and been pretty upset.

Mar 12, 2013

Streak is Alive: 6 Days of Profit in a Row

Well, today was pretty risky. I was down over $500 at one point. That means I did not do a good job at getting a whole sale price. It is because I got anxious. My trade was with AAPL Weekly expiration call options with a strike of 435.

Mar 11, 2013

Profit for 5th Day in A Row (AAPL Put Option)

Wow! It was a pretty good Monday. I have been doing this regular options trading for about a week now and went down big the first few trades. However, in the last 5 days of trading, I have made profit. They were all around $130/day but today I broke through and made a trade for a net profit after fees of $218.00

Mar 8, 2013

4th Straight Options Trade that Was a Profit

I made another $130 today in about 5 minutes worth of work. The amount of risk used was around $2,500. My plan of trading around mid day seems to help mitigate risk and determine to buy call or put contracts. My plan/strategy is based on price reversals and what type of sentiment people are feeling toward a company.

Mar 7, 2013

Another Day of Profit on the AAPL Put Option (420 strike monthly)

This is another day of conservative profits. I didn't even look at the day chart of AAPL until about half way through. I saw it was shooting straight up and sort of leveled out. This looked like a good time for an intra-day reversal. I bought the 420 March  monthly expiration put contracts (6) and sold them for a net profit of $130. It only took 10 minutes to do.

Mar 6, 2013

Confidence Building: Put Options on AAPL

I had a fairly good day today. Did one options trade in which I bought 4 put contracts on AAPL with a March monthly expiration and strike of 420. I feel like the stock tried to pop up recently and failed to keep going higher. It is my best guess that it will go below 400, pending news about giving some of their cash horde up.

Mar 5, 2013

Tough Day for Trading

Well GOOG did not pull back yet and it actually went higher. That made me take a loss of about $1,600. However, I was able to come back a little bit with a $1,000 on an AAPL call option with a March expiration and strike of 435. It bounced up 3.5% so far today. I was not sure if it could keep going higher so I exited the position with the gains that were there.

I am really glad I did that because 30 minutes later the stock fell back down to 432, which would have made my gains drop significantly. This is options trading for you. It is fast and you have to know exactly when to get in and get out. I would not recommend it for anyone who does not understand stock price movement, trends, and has plenty of money to spare if they lose everything that they planned to put in options trading.

If you want to see a more detailed analysis of my trades, you can do so at my trading account.

My strategy going forward is to keep looking for opportunities where it makes sense for a stock to move a certain way and maximize my gains while minimizing the time and risk of doing the trade. If I can do 5 trades that profit $1,000, I will have a pretty good week, get back all my losses, and go up for an overall yearly gain of a few grand. Keep in mind I just started trading last week. There is a lot of risk so my decisions have to be very accurate.

Mar 4, 2013

Got a Put on GOOG with 810 Strike

As Google hits all time highs, I can't help but notice the economy around me is doing very bad. This is an indication that markets are just lagging behind real time. A pull back is coming. It's hard to time when this could happen, but with the surge of GOOG up to around 821/share and making new all-time highs each day, some kind of correction is in the works.

Mar 2, 2013

Lost About $900 on GOOG and NFLX Put Options

This past Friday was day 2 of trading regular options. I want to stress how important it is to not trade with emotions. I initially started the brokerage account out with 4.4k. The first day of options trading I went up $130 and transferred that amount back to my bank account.