Aug 30, 2013

Binary Options Example Trade with Nadex

Ok, we are using the demo on Nadex exchange to trade binary options and it is really nice so far. The video I just made, which will be uploaded today at some point, was showing a $120 profit return on a USD/JPY hourly expiry. My risk was about $180 upon being out-of-the money, but the price dropped way down. Since I did a "sell" at around $42, I collected 3 x $42 worth of profit.

Aug 29, 2013

Starting on Nadex - Martingale Type Risk Management Strategy

Disclosure (This should not be taken as trading advice and I don't have any kind of financial license. It is merely how I plan on trading myself).

Well, as everyone knows now, the U.S. is cracking down hard on traders that want to use international brokers to trade binary options with. If you are not a U.S. citizen, then there is not much trouble at all and you can pick from any of the brokers shown here. Those are ones that I trust on withdrawals and have the best regulation/reputation in their country of origin.

Withdrawal From Binary Options Broker

Alright, we are doing a $350 withdrawal request from RBOptions. That is just nearly the amount of my original deposit so that means I am almost trading with complete profit. Figured that my big profit today was worth me scaling the balance down a little. There will still be plenty of capital to reach my goal of by the end of the year and it's nice to see some return back in the bank. 

Day 9 - Range Trading With Binaries - $172.62 Net Profit

Well, it is a wonderful day to trade. This morning I have already gotten into my first position on the Yen. It had come up big over night as the European markets pushed it higher. However, in the last couple hours the price stayed in a sideways range. I got into a $36.90 high/low put at one of the peaks in this range. The risk is that it continues the momentum from overnight and goes higher. The strategy and technical analysis that seems more likely is that it has a retracement down.

Aug 28, 2013

Day 8 of Trading System - Playing Forex Reversals

What is going on!? This morning we are checking out some forex action. The price of the USD/JPY popped up nicely so my decision was to enter a high/low put off the top in the hopes that the price retraces in the short term. Since I have been making more than 3.4% of my account balance per day, the risk I am taking now to get that is going up pretty fast for my liking.

Aug 27, 2013

Understanding Current Trend Position - 25% Return on Trade + More

Good morning. It is currently 6:31 AM and we are checking out the forex market. Over night the EUR/USD had a big drop just after the European markets opened. Also, the USD/JPY has gone into a nice and clean downtrend.

Aug 26, 2013

Trading After the News with Binary Options

It's Monday morning and the current time is 8:45 AM est. The underlying asset is USD/JPY. There was so big news that happened this morning at 8:30. What is important to watch is the price movement. To be honest, I don't even know what the news was about.

Aug 25, 2013

Watching for Price Action Before Initiating Entry

It's another Sunday and we are watching the forex market that is about to open in another hour. I thought it would be good to share what my thoughts are before heading into this. First and foremost, I am going to mainly focus on the USD/JPY currency pair because that is my bread and butter lately. Secondly, there is no need to jump right in with the first couple 5 minute candlesticks. It is better to see how the traders of this underlying asset are feeling.

Aug 23, 2013

Looking to Make Our 3.4% and Finish the Day

It's currently 6:37 AM and the plan is to just get 3.4% today in the binary options markets. I am waiting for clear confirmation of the 3EMA swing indication for entry. When I get a really good setup, that is when it is time to risk the $25 to get a $20 profit. Upon success, that will conclude all live trading until Monday and give a weekly profit of just over $200. That is a 50% return on total balance in 1 week.

Fibonacci Cluster Trade Entry

First, let's explain what a Fibonacci Cluster is and then we'll discuss how to use it to make a binary option entry. Traders primarily following technical analysis will use different numbers of Fibonacci retracement drawn from highs and lows.The clusters that form are simply price points where the retracement levels overlap. As they overlap, it makes a more dense cluster. The more dense or more overlapping their is at a certain price, the more strength of it's support/resistance.

Aug 22, 2013

Day 2 of New Risk Management Strategy for Trading - Huge Win - $181.80 Profit

What is going on binary options trading masters :) It's day 2. We are on this new binary options strategy and it is looking pretty good so far. This morning we are on another profitable position (USD/JPY high/low put that expires in 30 minutes (10 AM est). The starting risk is $25.

Aug 21, 2013

Risk Structure to Grow $331 to $100 / Day

Alright, I have got a really good plan for trading that will net me 6% daily profit. That is because I don't want to accept anything lower than $20/ day in net profit. Once I do this for about 20 days, I will have my account level to a point where $20 is about 4% of total income. From there, I will compound my daily profit % so that I keep setting a goal for 4% net profit return on entire account balance.

Aug 20, 2013

Having the Discipline to Wait for the Trading Signal

Good morning. Today we are focusing on having enough discipline to wait for the chart pattern to form. Far too often do traders want to go straight into binary options trading without thinking through anything. This leads to money loss and that is not what we are trying to have happen. My main signal is watching for the 3 period EMA to get really far extended up or down relative to the other moving averages. On that occurrence, my plan is to enter a reversal/swing position.

Aug 19, 2013

Trading Forex Late Tonight

I am a little tired, but want to keep going on the trade block. The 15 minute expiry times are looking really good on my trusted USD/JPY. I don't feel like writing a whole lot, but will show each position and tell you what I looked for on each trade.

New Trading Account - First Trades - $147 Profit

I have decided that my large trading account is not good to relate with other beginning traders. So, for a little experiment I am beginning a new secondary binary options account with $400 on my top platform. This is to give people an idea of what it takes and what kind of money can be made with a smaller initial investment.

Back on the Yen This Afternoon - Going for $500 Day

Well, I am feeling like taking some risks so here is the plan. The trades are going to begin at $200 and keep going until I win a bunch or lose and have to risk more. Each time I get a win at tier 2 or higher, it dictates I lower my risk back down to $200 and continue trading.

Binary Options Trading Setup for Newbies

I thought it would be helpful to try and explain what a brand new binary options trader should do if they want to make a decent monthly income without risking an arm and a leg. This setup would be for a trader who wants to average $40 of profit per day.

Using New Strategy for Put Signal

It's Monday morning and the trading has started up here on the USD/JPY. I found a really nice top where my 3 period exponential moving average line was far extended above all my other averages. When this happens, I do put options. Total risk was $200 and the 80% return will get me over $150 of profit on this one trade if it gets in-the-money.

Aug 18, 2013

Watch the Lower High Form - Foreign Index and USD/JPY Movement

I have been itching to get back to trading since my $10,000 withdrawal request last Wednesday. So here we are on Sunday morning trading the Tel Aviv 25 index. It is open for trading with the latest expiry time being 9 PM est.

Aug 17, 2013

3EMA Swing Trading Strategy For Binary Signals

I ran into a strategy for trading binary options on a couple forums. It looks good for 15 minute expiry times and my own modification has been applied to it. It's all about the price action!!!

The name is called: 3EMA (exponential moving average) swing. Remember that exponential just means the average is more weighted for current pricing. That is perfect for binary options trading because it is all short-term price movement prediction. This strategy is made by using 3 EMA lines and I decided to add a 25 SMA to the mix for our sentiment line.

Weekly Forex Binary Trading Report: 100% Record

Well, it's a close to another week of trading binary options. It was a very safe and timid week. Each day I won on my first position. That means low risk and low profit, but it is still a profit. The most interesting part of it is that my total profit would probably be more if I didn't win 100% this week. It's weird to think about, but if I had only won 6/10 or 5/10 the profit would probably have been over $1k in the same time frame.

Aug 16, 2013

Binary Option Brokers and Document Requests

Many people want to know why it is necessary for binary options brokers to request documentation in order to perform withdrawals or trade at all. Some platforms, like the one I use, require all the information up front. It is pretty much the best way to make sure the person who created the account is using the account and taking money out of it.

Aug 15, 2013

Time for Down Payment Savings for House

I have been thinking, and thinking, and thinking about what to do with my profits so far. I started with $6,000 and am up to $19,000 with the platform I am currently with. I try to manage my money in modules so with this income stream the best investment I can think of for my current situation is to put it in a savings account that will be my house account. Once it gets big enough, I will be able to get a better place or do something good with the money like buy high dividend yielding stock.

Aug 14, 2013

Trading the Pivot Point on AUD/USD - Call Option

Good afternoon. Here we are again at 5:15 PM EST and the first trade of the day is in the forex market. The position was based on some moving averages and the fact that the underlying asset (AUD/USD) was about midway between the pivot point and R1. All things led to me deciding to do a $150 high/low call binary option.

Aug 13, 2013

EUR/USD Looking to Fail at Key Moving Average Point

This evening we are looking at a different forex pair rather than the usd/jpy. Tonight is all about the EUR/USD and it looked to be running into resistance when viewing an hourly candlestick chart and putting on a 20 bar moving average.

Aug 12, 2013

High/Low Put Option: USD/JPY at R3

Well, I logged in today and saw the USD/JPY was at a pretty strong pivot point resistance level (approaching R3 in my charting) looking at a daily chart with 5 minute candlesticks. I went with a high/low put option that expires in 20 minutes from my entry. The real-time expiry is 9 PM est. The reasoning behind this was common sense. I looked at everything and probability tells me the price has a better chance to resist and come down than climb higher at that specific moment.

Aug 11, 2013

Trading Foreign Index Options - Tel Aviv 25

It's Sunday morning and here we are back at it again. The underlying asset is now the Tel Aviv 25 and we are trying to make money by using the financial derivative of binary options. Our first position is currently on and it is a $125 high/low put.

Aug 10, 2013

Best Underlying Assets for Binary Options Trading

In order to best trading binary options, you need to find underlying assets that are not going to have huge moves up and down. Obviously it is impossible to completely eliminate that possibility, but you want to avoid trading underlying assets that may have a better chance of large fluctuation and knee jerk reactions. In short, you need to find things that have tons and tons of trading volume with all types of sources. 

Weekly Binary Option Trading Profit: $698.75

First off, it has been brought to my attention that I sometimes say "we" when typing or talking in my videos. To clarify, I am the only one on the blog and the only one trading binary options here. Sometimes I do say "we" when talking about myself or what I am doing. It probably sounds normal to some, but not to others.

Aug 8, 2013

Building a Profitable Option Trade (4 Total Positions)

I am about to do some binary options. The plan is to explain to you how this is done in reality rather than vague terms. It is currently 9:13 PM EST and I am watching the 15 minute expiry times. Specifically, I am looking at the expiration at 9:30. In order to profit with this type of option, you have be right on the price going up or down from you point of entry.

Aug 7, 2013

USD/JPY Bullish Wedge Binary Trade

It was difficult to tell if this underlying asset was in a good downtrend that was posing to go lower or if it was in the formation of a bullish wedge that looked to break out of the downward momentum it was in for the past day. I went for the bullish wedge trade and did a $100 risk high/low call this afternoon. Right now it is 5:26 PM on August 7, 2013 EST.

Aug 6, 2013

Using Pivot Points and Binary Options

Alright, we are looking at the USD/JPY again tonight. The trade is a high/low call with a 15 minute expiry time. The price had dropped heavily from the S1 to S2 pivot point support levels. From there, the underlying asset rose up in price about half way before coming back down to make a higher low. At the higher low point I did a call in the hopes that an uptrend continued.

Aug 5, 2013

Trading With the Trend (Short Term) EUR/USD

Welcome to another night of trading binary options. The high/low trade was a call on the EUR/USD with 10 minutes to expiry on the hourly expiration time frame. It was floating up pretty good and seemed to be at a good low point within an uptrend. That is one of the primary signals I look at to trade call options on. You could be looking at any kind of derivative or even the forex pair outright and benefit from that strategy. It's not guaranteed, but is something to look out for in your trades.

Aug 4, 2013

Sunday Evening Forex Trading - High/Low Binary Options

It is a beautiful Sunday afternoon here on the Lake and I am doing some high/low binary option trades. As I have been looking at the forex market to trade lately, it is becoming clear to me that they are easier to be right at compared to regular stocks. The reason why is that for one it is much more volume. You have people all over the world trading these forex pairs. The second reason is that the chances that a company goes bankrupt is much higher than the chances of an entire country. Therefore, the traders that are actually buying and selling in the forex market, who make the price move, are going to trade a little differently than those within the different stock markets around the world.

Aug 3, 2013

Monthly Income Report for July 2013

We are at the end of another month. It is time to see how we did and assess each income stream. It is important for me because I can take a step back and make decisions to help increase the amount of online income streams. Some of it is residual and passive, while some of it is from trading.

Binary Option Earnings for the Week - $7,610

On last week's binary trading update, we had just broken $10k in account. Now we are going for $20k!

It was a very intense week with big trades at the beginning and end of this session. All I can say is when you risk more, you can make more. Normal everyday traders would probably not like the type of trading style. However, money doesn't lie and I had a record week so you be the judge of what fits you best. For an everyday person, who doesn't trade professionally, this could seem like a lot of money. For the professional trader, this is nothing. Far more millions and billions are risked on a daily basis in various market.

Aug 1, 2013

Trading the Australian Dollar and USD/JPY: Binary Option Puts - $5,195

Well we are back again here as the last day of trading starts. I don't trade on Friday so Thursday's are the final day of my week. We are already up over 2.5k in profit for the week and tonight we are switching from the usd/jpy forex pair to the Australian dollar. The price had fallen down in a downtrend and was currently forming a continuation triangle.