Aug 31, 2016

Wealth is Made by Building Businesses and Preserved with Risk

I wanted to get a bit off track of all the excel models and trading for a bit with this. Creating wealth was one of the reasons I built this financial blog in the first place back in 2011 as I went into my final semester of college.

Aug 30, 2016

Matter Resolved

Ok, not sure how to do this, but I have received a payment from a person for the trading course and the e-mail they have paid with is not allowing me to send anything to it. There is no other way to try to contact them so I am making a post about it hoping they will see. The payment was made around 2:30am EST.

Aug 27, 2016

Joint Venture Real Estate Model: Including IRR Hurdles/Equity Splits/More

This is an fully functioning financial model for joint venture or individual cash flow analysis of a real estate deal. The power of excel is truly amazing. I have included two of my past excel templates within this real estate model. One of the previous templates you know as the amortization schedule. The other is not for sale, but is a fully functional depreciation schedule model with mid-month/quarter/year conventions, bonus depreciation, and all types of depreciation methods.

Aug 25, 2016

Explaining Gordon Growth Model for Valuation (Excel Template)

This is a pretty interesting way to value cash flow that a unit produced and has implemented some very basic financial formulas in order to come to a number. Valuation is a very tricky thing and lots of things can go into trying to value cash flows.

Aug 24, 2016

5-Year SaaS Startup Model in Excel: Includes CAC Payback and Valuation

Understanding and making use of SaaS startup models in excel or google sheets can be difficult and end up wasting a bunch of time. For this reason, I have tried to make a template that has very clear assumptions for subscribers, revenue, costs, and financing.

Aug 23, 2016

Amortization Schedule Excel Template: Includes Loans, Bonds, Interest Summary

This excel sheet was designed to be versatile enough to show an amortization schedule for various loans and include the function of allowing for varying payment amounts and a variable interest rate over time. The other side of this model shows a bond schedule.

Excel Model/Template for Product Costing

This was a model that was initially built for a certain builder of a children's product that was sold across many specialty stores. The idea behind it is to be able to have super granular reporting that involved product cost changes through time and different % discounts through time and by store.

Aug 22, 2016

Best Excel Scheduling Template

If you want a really clean and easy way to get all the time tables of your various business activities organized or plan out when employees have to do things, this excel scheduling template/model is great for all kinds of such uses.

Excel Automation: Bank Log to Income Statement

This is probably one of the most basic excel templates that would be universally valuable to any sole-proprietorship or small business that wants to see their revenue and expenses on a monthly basis.

Excel Models: New Service Line

What is going on everyone?! So I am going to start really putting the hammer into the value you can get from and in order to do that my content is going to make a bit of a shift from forex trading to excel models and builds that help businesses with decision making, data cleaning/manipulation, visualization, and cash flow analysis.

Aug 11, 2016

Develop Forex Scalping Tendencies for Successful Trading

Super busy, but that is good thing. I am trying to get more time to write about my forex stuff as you have seen in the daily youtube videos.

Aug 1, 2016

Monthly Online Income Report (July 2016) $2,206.59

Welcome to another income report where I go over all my sources of money from various online endeavors and actually show the bank/source proof. This month was a little slower than last, but still very strong as far as time spend on money earned.