Feb 23, 2017

Cost per Unit Financial Model

For organizations or individuals that run a manufacturing or retail sales business, you may want to drill down to see how much each unit your are selling costs as a function of all your costs. This is a great way to forecast net profit and margins.

Feb 15, 2017

Billable Hours Performance Tracking for your Firm

The idea here is to create somewhat of an environment of competition in your firm as well as accountability tracking among your consultants / employees. This excel template is very easy to use, has no macros to worry about, and offers straight forward analysis within a 52-week time-frame.

Feb 10, 2017

Excel to Find Correlation Between Two Things

Well things are just staying super busy, but I am trying to find a good couple hours this morning to get content out so today we are going to talk about the excel function "correl". It is a great function that can be useful to anyone trying to determine if there is some kind of relationship between two things.

Feb 2, 2017

January 2017 Review: Lifetime Highs

I do these monthly income reports for a few reasons. It gets me focused on the numbers rather than a specific situation. It is good for a freelancer because growth is always the direction you are facing. Having said that, the numbers were good for January as I have made more this month than ever before.