Google Sheets Use Case: Pipeline and/or Work in Process Management

This is one of the most helpful things that google sheets can be used for. It works by way of some conditional formatting and use of the today(), days, and networkdays functions. I have used this with a few clients and there are all kinds of variations you can get with it. I am making the base template version available for free.

Financial Tracking and Reporting Automation with Google Sheets

This was designed to be a general template / instructional guide on how to easily track financial performance over time with the input of 3 columns of data over time. Automated visuals are also included. The strengths of this model is in the timing controls and visuals.

LaaS - Lending as a Service Platform: Startup Financial Model (10 Year)

The cashless lending marketplace has become a huge hit all around the world these days. People love not going through banks and investors like to be able to put their money to work in platforms that facilitate peer2peer lending. So, I have put together a financial model that helps anyone looking to start a LaaS (lending as a service) platform plan out their first years in business and run some sensitivities.