I will share the skills that I have and information for a price....mainly the price just covers my time to explain everything.

Course Selection

Course 1: Financial Modeling / Data Analytics - I have been doing these kinds of jobs for clients all over the world and for a wide range of needs. Here is my public work history.

What is the modeling course like?
  • Up to 5 hours of 1-on-1 engagement. The primary content I wish to share would involve the basic mechanics and approach that go into a financial model. This is a combination of formulas as well as formatting / organization. You have to know what kinds of things to look for and that will change based on the desired business / logic / timing / use.
Course 2: Non-directional trading - This is based on my own experience trading as well as the observations made upon a chaotic system (an open market of buyers/sellers).

What the trading course is like?
  • It applies to trading stocks / options / and or forex. I will talk about all the ways retail traders can participate in such markets without the need for directional bias. The biggest takeaway here is probably options, followed by forex. My stock info is probably the simplest, but it will help beginners from making a lot of unnecessary mistakes.
  • I don't have any relationships with any brokers so you can use whatever ones you like. If you want to pick my brain about who is the best and for what kind of trading, I can answer that.
About Me: 

I don't hold any licenses or certifications and am not a certified financial adviser or serve in advisory roles. My formal background is in Accounting and my profession is a freelancer that works with clients to build financial models / scenarios and perform various data analytics.