1-On-1 Trading Help

The course involves one primary strategy. It is based on probabilities and using stops / defining your volatility environment. Picking direction and reading charts has nothing to do with the style and the focus is on managing positions, whatever they may be.

*I do include overview guides for the strategy. It acts as a helper to give you an initial lesson on what you are going to be doing. It's possible to start trading after viewing it, but my help is still included on top of that for no extra charge.

                                                        Trading Help and Tools

*Delivery of all the excel sheets/videos that are part of this course will be completed through e-mail so after purchase please send me (jason@smarthelping.com) a message so I can deliver the excel sheets/videos. Also, any 1-on-1 help will be done through skype/phone or other communication mediums that you choose.

The Following Will Be Included After Trading Course Purchase:
  • Daily excel trade tracking sheet with macros/statistical analysis. Helps you manage the trading style.
  • A word document based write-up of exactly how to implement this strategy yourself.
  • Consultation to get started if you need help with the concepts/explanations as well as Q & A if needed.
  • For those looking at the options strategy, it comes with its own sheet and own explanations.
  • Any previous strategies that you may have seen (including triangular arbitrage with 12 sides) and the binary options oil field.

I will release the videos to you that go over each strategy (through e-mail) depending on what you purchased. Those video are in-depth enough so you could start trading after watching them. If you are more interested in the higher risk trading style, that is more of a 1-on-1 skype session because it's easier to explain with questions/answers and demonstrations rather than a stand-alone guide.

If needed, you can schedule a meeting with me over the phone or skype. You have my 1-on-1 trading help/support for as long as you need it (within reason).

If you have questions? I am available through skype (smarthelping.com) to answer or go over any of the things that you might expect with the training.

  • PHONE: 1-440-749-3438
  • e-mail: jason@smarthelping.com
If you are serious about becoming a financially sound individual that has full control over their financial well-being and has the ability to trade confidently with nobody's help, this training course will significantly improve your ability to do so.

*Basically the value here is that you get personalized attention and insight on managing risk.

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