Every Excel Based Financial Model Should Have This

Ok, a couple of global updates.

First, I am now working on an input last modified time stamp tracker. It is built for the recurring revenue model at the moment and I will try to get it going for all of the models as soon as possible.

The basic idea behind this is that you will now be able to track all the inputs in one page to see how long it has been since the last time an input was changed. It is going to help you double check that you have changed all the inputs that you meant to and help you see if you have missed any.

It is based on a small VBA bit of code that simply stamps in the last time a given referenced cell has been modified in the excel model. I also added key meta data around each input so you see the tab it is on, the cell in that tab it is on, the description of the input, and the value.

You can filter the inputs based on oldest to newest or newest to oldest. Also, you can define a given hourly threshold and any input that has not been changed within that amount of hours will turn red. For example, if you set the threshold for 3 hours and the last time an input was modified was 3 days ago, it will turn red and say the time since last modification has been x amount of hours.

The second major global update I am doing is automating the purchasing process for customers who buy my templates. If you are looking at the various financial models that I have for sale, you will soon be able to get the model delivered to your e-mail / have access to it the second you make the purchase without any manual steps from me.

At the moment, as soon as a model is purchased, I get an e-mail saying a mid level or upper tier model has been bought and then I have to manually e-mail the client's paypal e-mail and ask which one they want. Once I hear back from them about the one they want, I send the template. This inefficiency will be gone soon.