Apr 20, 2015

23% Daily Forex Return and Binary Signal 4/20/2015

As I site here and write out the date for today's trading stuff, it appears that today is drug day (4/20)....Anyway, this was a huge day for forex trading with nearly a 23% return on total balance on 2 big trades. Hopefully this will be the norm going forward with this style.

Probability Based Binary Options Strategy: Day 13

Hey binary options traders. If you are following along, this morning marked day 13 of the strategy test that uses probabilities that were discovered based on some back testing with Oil during the NY trading session. So far we are beating the 50/50 theory and have completed over 45 trades.

Apr 18, 2015

Understanding Currency Option Contracts with Big Banks

What you need to understand about this is simply avoid it at all costs. If you are a larger company that makes more than $10 million USD a year with operations in multiple countries and export products around the world, one of your concerns might be currency value fluctuation hurting your profits. Be very very very careful because the road you are thinking about going down is dangerous.

Apr 17, 2015

Day 12 of Binary Options System Test (Randomness with Discipline) 3-2

Well I have been super busy today so getting this last piece out from this morning was tough. It's not the 12th day in a row of using a completely random binary options directional signal generation and I have documented every single day's results. So far it's not as accurate as signals, but for anyone to just do the meaning is powerful.

Weekly Trading Room Signal Results 4-0 (100%)

Hey traders. Here is the weekly update for the smarthelping trading room run through skype. If you want to join, just e-mail me on the contact page or see the 'daily signals' tab at the top on what to expect. Basically, the last 3 weeks total documented record is 11-2 or 85% on all very strong independent trades that were all separate from one another.