Recycling Business - 10 Year Financial Model

If you were looking to improve the environment and also make a living at the same time, you could end up running a recycling business. It will take some sort of initial investment and to plan out what the possible returns could look like, this financial model was built. It can go for less than 10 years as well, with a variable exit month.

Google Sheets Automated Tracking and Reporting with a Database

I run into a lot of clients that need database management within google sheets. Primarily because it is free to use and multiple users are able to get in and work on the document at once. Also, you can keep certain tabs / ranges protected from any e-mails you want. Also, g sheets has some really powerful formulas and scripts that provide additionally functionality that excel just doesn't have.

10 Year Financial Model for Hair Salon / Barbershop

This type of business model presented a lot of reasons for needing a nice way to account for all the moving parts. Often times, a salon is going to have multiple revenue streams and multiple items in each revenue stream. Also, you may not want all of them to start at once. This financial model has accounted for all of those things.

Financial Model for a Gym/Fitness Center Startup

When you plan on starting any business, it is really important to plan. A financial model is really useful in this case because there are so many moving parts in business cash flows. Specifically, a gym or fitness center is going to require a heavy investment and probably involve financing as well as a runway for ramping up. This excel template will forecast for up to 10 years and allow for an exit in any of those months.

IRR Based Investment Comparison Model in Excel

This IRR template was designed for CFO's or anyone that is reviewing projects that have an initial investment cost and projected future cash flows. The goal was a super simple user input interface and easy analysis that is automated per the assumptions entered. You can project out for up to 20 years.

Simplified Inventory Management Tool in Excel (in/out)

I have built more complex and advanced inventory tracking tools and templates for a single location as well as multiple locations in the past. The single location was more about determining cost of goods sold and looking at the accounting / financial impact of inventory movement. The multiple locations version looked more at simply the unit movements to and from the main warehouse to various locations and inter-movements to and from all locations and the warehouse.

Used Car Dealership Financial Model

Lots of guys and even gals are interesting in starting a business to sell used cars. It is a dream of many, but before you go wild, it is really important to hammer down the financial projections. Planning for various sales goals, startup costs, and being prepared is going to give you the best chance to succeed in the long run.

Interest Rate Swap Financial Model

The ability to enter all relevant assumptions about fixed and variable interest rates and see how the net present value (NPV) of each side changes becomes difficult to think about. Therefore, I have built a model to make things a bit easier to visualize.

5-Year Financial Model: Manufacturing with Customer Re-Purchase Logic

This model includes two logic strings I have not included before. The main benefit is more accurate cash flow planning and easily changing assumptions for the % of customers that re-purchase your product and for how many months in the future they will keep re-purchasing.