Apr 15, 2014

Morning Market Sell - Options Profit: $230

Well what is going on. I didn't have enough time to get a good pre-market analysis out today, but what did we see? Yesterday afternoon the market rallied after side-ways movement and that makes it very difficult for the next day to continue much higher. It's like the market ran out of gas. So I gave up my long bias for AAPL call options and decided to go long on put options (short stock).

Apr 14, 2014

Stocks and Indices At Low Point: Good Setup for Trading

Well here we go. Here is some morning analysis for all you traders out there. It's Monday morning  pre-market on April, 14, 2014 and there are great opportunities. If you are a long-term position holder, the next few months are likely to go unchanged by you, but if you are looking for lows to go long and highs to go short, it should be good.

Apr 11, 2014

Friday's Options Trading on PCLN - Partial Fill Disaster

Well it was a rough day. Ended up net down $160, but should have made $600 and at least should of made $220. I bought the 1,150 PCLN PUTS this morning at 2 lots with an average cost of 4.50. Just after I bought them the price went to 8.80. Being that I thought the price would run down much further by the end of the day, I didn't sell them. This was a huge mistake. When you are trying to scalp options, the goal should be a 50% return.

March 2014 Passive Income Report

Well things are going slow for website sales. I am continuing to build and I know after 10 years of doing the right things, the health site and this trading blog will be making good targeted traffic that will help my later years. Until then, it's all about what active income I can make and how to parlay that into a gradual growth of monthly passive income.

Apr 10, 2014

Trading PCLN for $470 Profit and Implied Volatility Techniques

Well what is going on. I am back on PCLN weekly options and today is Thursday April 10, 2014. After a huge run up of 40 points on this stock yesterday as the Fed minutes and big price targets were set, this thing was likely to sell-off. I bought the 1,210 puts at 4.20 and sold em out at 9.20 as the stock price fell 1.5%. This has a high implied volatility also and see why that means I like options on it.