May 26, 2015

Importance of Truly Random Signals Over Randomly Trading

This pertains specifically to trading this binary options strategy. It deserves some more information how why the trade is generated using a true random number generator rather than randomly picking up or down yourself. This is a system that anyone can use and it's sustainable.

Day 35 on Binary Options Trading with Probability (1-0)

We ended last Friday with a strong 100% and start Monday with another 100% regarding our binary options trading case study. It uses complete randomness to generate direction and over the years of trading binaries I have found out how to optimize this in order to make consistent monthly profits.

May 22, 2015

Week 8 Live Binary Forex Trading Room Overview

Welcome new and old traders alike. It's Friday and that means another wrap-up of the live skype trading room signals. It was a slower week, but we are about survival here and not recklessness. The overall record was 2-1 and here were the trades this week:

Day 34 of Binary Options Trading Case Study (using randomness)

Nice 1-0 day on Oil as we continue to produce some really amazing results using the only binary options system that is 100% universal, very easy to understand, and has a track record now of 86 trades in 34 days with a 65% accuracy. Every single trade was taken randomly as far as picking up or down.

May 21, 2015

Today London Session Binary Options Signal

What is going on traders. We had a solid hourly put this morning in the London session to bring the weekly record up to 2-1. The trade was a gbp/usd hourly put called at 6:45am EST at a price of 1.56820. It was a full winner as any price between the following :45 expiration, hourly exact, or the 8:00am EST was lower than the entry price.