Sep 2, 2014

Week 5 of Binary Options Replicator Results and Daily Forex Setups

Well we are starting another week in the forex pits. It's a short week with labor day closing down the volatility on Monday so we are starting on a Tuesday. That means just like a regular business holiday we have trading holidays where no money is made. The difference for you as a trader is now instead of getting a day off of work, you are a business and you get a day of potential profit loss. Now you know how your business owner feels :)

Aug 25, 2014

Week 4 Binary Trading and Insights on Forex Setups

What is going on. Well after a tough week last week it was time to get some positive momentum. That is exactly what we did today. With a room record of 6-4 and most doing much better than this, we have had a successful day on bins. This was essential to get the momentum changed back to positive. The previous Sunday night trading session went for 2W and 1L so everybody that has been trading with us is up for the week and feeling good.

Aug 21, 2014

(Week 3) Binary Options - How to Deal with Losses and Trading Update

Well welcome to the weekly trading update. This is mainly on binary options for now, but soon there may be some options spread trading results / strategies to discuss. The main takeaway of the week so far is going to primarily involve tips and tricks on how to deal with losses in this kind of derivative trading so you can mitigate draw down risks and maximize profits.

Aug 11, 2014

Week 2 of Binary Options Replicator and Overall Trading Room Updates

What is up traders. we have some great results for the replicator demo I am using on the 1st bins broker I recommend. Also, there is some interesting trading results going on in the room today for binary options. The volume was light on a Monday with no data coming out, but people still managed to make some profit.

Aug 8, 2014

Binary Options Replicator Journal (Week 1)

There will be 1 post per week that updates each day on trading results. Hey traders how is it going. Well we just ended a great day in the binary options trading room with a 4-0 record and I wanted to give some insight on a cool feature my top recommended binary broker has. It's a replicator that allows you to pick from the top 10 traders in the platform. You can let it run automated or have some control over it with the interactive setting. So far I am just throwing demo money at it and seeing how it works and the kinds of trades the guy takes that I am following with just automation. So far day 1 is a nice 1% return. The daily profit/loss will all be recorded every day in a new post as well as various trading updates.