Jul 23, 2014

Setting the Perfect Limit for Spot Forex

What is going on! It was an amazing morning after have a great couple of days to start the week. The best trade I have ever done happened overnight on the London session. Last night I had just closed out some usd/jpy shorts for about a $40ish profit and that came off a day where I scalped small for $23 of profit. The initial entry to the u/j trade was just to make another $10, but the profit exceeded that as the Asian session played well for me. After that, it was all about the perfect limit order set on the gbp/usd buy.

Jul 22, 2014

Trading Multiple Forex Pairs at the Same Time and Making Profit

Whats up traders. Here is the update on my latest trades and strategies to make money on spot fx. So from Sunday night to Monday I had made about $60 of profit going short on the aud/usd, gbp/usd, and usd/jpy. Then, I got into my first real challenge for a position that had to be held through Monday and into Tuesday. It was a short on the eur/usd for a limit profit of $24 and short on the usd/jpy with a limit of about $60 profit. They were both taken at the same time and I had about half the margin risk on the e/u compared to the u/j.

Jul 18, 2014

Spot FX for Thursday Night Into Friday Morning: Lots of Profit Beats

Great Friday everyone! Well I have been setting spot fx positions like crazy as my $30ish profit target has been getting hit a lot more over the pat couple days. It's nice to get quicker traders rather than waiting 3 days and being down $100 at a time. It's just what the market gives sometimes though. Anyway, between the close of the aud/usd shorts last night and right now we had a bunch of medium to large size winners and only 1 small $11 loss on the usd/jpy and $15 on the aud/usd short this morning.

Jul 17, 2014

Amazing....The AUD/USD Short Came In Again for 5% Balance Return

Well look at this. I have been in this AUD/USD short since Tuesday, but instead of getting into it all at once, I scaled in with six 0.1 lot entries. 3 were made down around 0.93477 and the rest were set around 0.93607. After a day the trade was about $90 loss and then barely came in for a $10 profit. I would have cleared the trade if it had dropped another $20 and been short the usd/jpy, which would have turned out great.

Jul 15, 2014

Salvaging the Day with Spot FX Short on AUD/USD

Well it was a tough day after the nice morning spot fx profit.The problem came as I started trading on the fed chair testimony and interest rate guidance. I would have made a really nice $200ish profit and had about a $300 swing in the trade balance of this forex account if I stayed in my original pre-news position which was short eur/usd.