Financial Model - Freemium Startup - 5 Year Forecast

A freemium business model is a type of strategy that many organizations have adopted or started as. I have done some for different clients and it really ties into some of my most popular builds (SaaS and Mobile App). I have never put the logic together in this way and the main value-add is having revenue logic for ad revenue, better visuals, and better cash flow summaries / return logic.

Saving for a Home - Excel Financial Planner

If you are trying to save money for a new home, it might help to know what your after tax free cash flow looks like over the next 5 years or so. I have built a nice tool that may help you see how long you are going to have to save for and how much free cash you will have pre and post home purchase.

Financial Model to Help Decide to Pay Off All Debt or Invest That Money Instead

This is something individuals and businesses alike often think about when deciding what is the most financially sound thing to do. Anybody that has ever had a loan has come across this decision to some degree. You will see the logic can get complex when actually trying to build something that shows an accurate apples to apples comparison.

Loan Payback Optimizer: Excel Model - How Extra Principal Payments Can Save Money

If you are trying to solve for the savings of paying extra principal on loans over time, this will help. The financial model done here will tell you the effect of adding an extra amount of cash to your regular debt service payments of standard principal and interest loans.

An Income Generating Retirement Plan - Excel Financial Model

If you were trying to do the math on if your investments were going to generate enough annual income for you to live off of, you may find that this tool will help you in retirement planning. The type of investments this is geared for are those that produce income that is spendable each year up to 50 years. There is logic to adjust for inflation as well.

12-Month Inventory Re-Stocking and Cash Flow Planning Excel Tool

Inventory is hard. My previous inventory management templates were good at tracking the current state of inventory. This new tool is more of a cash management planner in order to help you know how much cash you need in order to keep up with your product sales forecast. You will also see the amount of reserve/buffer available over time for each SKU.

Sales Pipeline Template: Google Sheets - Includes Contract Renewal Probabilities

Ok, so this is an update to the previous sales pipeline tracking template I had made and it is geared more toward enterprise level clients with bigger contracts. The new model is a bit different and uses more complex mathematical formulas in order to predict revenues over a 5 year period assuming you have various contract lengths and various % probabilities of a client renewing the contract.

Hiring Plan Financial Model - Sales Team, Customer Support, R&D

This is a highly focused financial planning tool that is designed to allow the user to forecast revenue at various growth rates and then define how many hires they want to have made per function types based on the revenue in the next 3 months. The scope of the tool is for a 5 year time frame and displays data on a monthly basis.

Financial Model for a Pawn Shop: 5 Year Forecast

If you want to start your own pawn shop or multiple pawn shops, it is important to plan out your margins, what you expect to sell, and the value of the things you are expecting to sell relative to their costs. This model allows you to plan out a 5-year projection of all those things so that you can see cash requirements and sales goals that your shop would need to hit in order to generate certain cash flows.

Google Sheets Use Case: Pipeline and/or Work in Process Management

This is one of the most helpful things that google sheets can be used for. It works by way of some conditional formatting and use of the today(), days, and networkdays functions. I have used this with a few clients and there are all kinds of variations you can get with it. I am making the base template version available for free.