Mar 27, 2015

Building Binary Options System Using Randomness (Daily Testing)

What's going on binary options traders. For the past couple of days I have spent about 1-2 hours testing out a new binary options trading system. It's just in the early stages, but at its heart is randomness. The premise behind it is figuring out the best trading sessions and the best underlying assets that will give a completely even 50/50 distribution of wins and losses with very little deviation (4 or more wins/losses in a row).

Huge Forex Week: Doubled Both Trading Accounts

What an awesome end to forex this week and I am still going at it if usd/cad keeps testing its upper limits. It was a really tough Thursday night as I was long eur/usd, but I made my entry low enough yesterday that I didn't get margined out as the eur/usd forex pair sold off another 100 pips to start the day. From then on out it went straight up and I was able to actually make a profit on that trade after already being up 10% in both account from Thursday's trading.

Mar 25, 2015

Nearly 10% Again From Tuesday into Thursdays Forex Trading

Well I will tell you what. It was so freeken hard to hold my final trade yesterday. I got into a gbp/usd long after it made a perfect hill pattern with three 15 min. bars up and three 15 min. bars down in perfect harmony. Well it didn't go perfect from there. After falling 100 pips it drifted lower for the rest of the day.

Mar 23, 2015

EUR/USD Still Bouncing and Slow Binary Trading Day

Well as you can see the eur/usd is maintaining its bounce starting int he London session and following through to the end of the NY session morning. As you can see taking calls on the dips would have paid off real nicely if you were doing it on every pullback bar with a 15 minute expiry time in the framework of binary options. Spot forex you could have done the same thing scalping and made a ton of compounding interest.

Mar 21, 2015

Using Positive Drift Math with Binary Options

Here is an interesting concept I just learned about from about how the market prices itself. There is a lot of complex jumbo mumbo in there, but it comes down to one thing. There are inherantly more up days than down days, but the down days are more extreme. This has a very important meaning for binary options traders who use indices or forex pairs to trade with.