Oct 23, 2014

Weekly Update (Trading Paradise went to Hell)

What is going on guys. This big up-tick in the markets was a tough pill to swallow. I had gotten myself into some long put options early on Monday and as you can see the market caught bid all the way into Thursday. Basically, this took me from $1,400 smack down to $450 from Monday to Tuesday. I should have closed there and re-shorted on Wednesday, but stubborn bull-headed emotional me got in the way so now things are dire in the account. There is a bright spot in all of this.

Oct 13, 2014

It's Trading Paradise (Weekly Option Plays)

What is going on! It was a fun morning. Overall the total profit came to around $200 after the dust settled, but it could have easily been $1,000. I got into BIDU puts on the way down and closed both strikes too early. Than I got into the 210 calls for another profit on the way up. The worst or best thing for the morning was AMZN calls that I luckily closed at only a $116 loss.

Oct 6, 2014

Starting the Week Up in U.S. Markets and Binary Trading

Well let's see what we have. I think it's good to start in a positive place so that is with binary options trading today. The morning and afternoon were both pretty good with nice setups all day. The directions all went the way they were supposed to and there were nice clean pull-backs and retraces that made it easy to follow along with 5 and 10 minute trades.

Oct 1, 2014

Getting Back on Track for Trading Bins and Options

Well after 2 near death experiences in my options account, I am back in the game with my NFLX puts paying nicely. I just needed a weak opening today and things would be great. Also, for binary trading today was awesome as we went 2-0 and our just newly opened London session went 4-0. All great stuff!

Sep 22, 2014

Starting off the Week Strong and Making Profit Daily

Well it was the puts that paid again today. No matter if you were trading equity options or binaries the short side of this market was paying. You could have bought the outright weekly puts in tsla for a gigantic scalping profit or even been in on some 10 to 30min high/low binary trades with those underlying assets and had a great morning. Also, for forex the best trading came out of the eur/jpy in the lunch to afternoon session as it made nice 3-4 five minute bar long trends sideways. It was nice.