Salesmen Quarterly Bonus Template and Calculations

This Excel Template enables owners/managers to develop a methodology that they want to use in order to incentivize their salesmen with a bonus based on hitting quarterly sales numbers. It allows for the user to put in all assumptions related to the sales/revenue generated by the salesmen, what sales hurdles they have to beat to get a certain bonus, and all the costs related to their activity/maintaining their accounts.

Data Analysis with Least Squares Regression Line

This is one of the primary ways that you can analyze raw data correlation and by using the least squares model, it makes the data much cleaner and allows the user to plug in their own range of inputs in order to see what the output set looks like based on the raw input/output (x/y) values of your raw information.

Accounts Receivable and Payable Excel Template

This accounting template enables users to track money owed and due as well as how overdue invoices are, i.e., aging buckets. Though simple to use, there are a lot of summaries and reports this tool can produce.

Risk Assessment Excel Template

This risk assessment template was built using Microsoft Excel. It provides a good way for managers/executives to accurately quantify opportunities and risks.

KPI Dashboard: By Product/Service Type, Client Type, and More

This dynamic template provides a useful way to track the performance of your salesmen / reps and invoices over time. There are a lot of in-depth analytics/visuals put into this KPI dashboard to make it as insightful as possible for the user. It is easy to enter data and use.

Insurance Pricing Help: Actuary Model in Excel

One of the biggest sellers for a business is if they offer one-time insurance on a given product or service. The hard part is figuring out how much you should charge each customer. The following Excel actuary model does just that.

3 Statement Financial Model for eCommerce

This is one of the most common types of financial models needed for all kinds of uses. I have made this one to tailor to an eCommerce scenario. There have been a lot of nice integrations for visual and ease of use. That is the beauty of excel. Note the source for this was

Financial Model for Apple Orchard

This financial model allows users to explore the feasibility of starting/running an apple orchard. There are a lot of things to consider and a good amount of varying sources on costs/revenues when looking into growing your own fruit bearing trees.

Financial Model for Open-Pit Mining Operation

Performing a financial feasibility analysis will help prospective mining operations understand risks and returns better. No matter if you are mining gold, gems, rock/gravel, or what have you, this template will help with the finance side of things. This financial model was targeted to help open-pit mining operators, but any type of mine could benefit from use and general assumptions would be applicable.

Sales Pipeline Tracking Model: CRM for Excel

Many organizations look to paid SaaS companies when managing their sales pipeline and/or CRM systems. This does cost a monthly fee and sometimes ends up not being used properly or not used at all because of user interface problems. Here, you get a one time purchase Excel template that lasts forever.

Financial Model: Excel Template for Calculating Money Judgments and the Like

I was working on this project for a client this week and it turned into one of the most complex financial models I have ever had to put together. It isn't that big or involve that many assumptions (such as a real estate model) but the logic to make it work this well was up there in difficulty.

Excel Searchable Drop-Down Menus and More Drop-Down Fun

One of the most used, but most under-utilized tools in excel would be data validation lists. G sheets has solved one of the issues I am going over by automatically allowing users to search a drop-down list by simply starting to type in a given word, however if you wanted to do this in excel, it is not as easy as checking a box.

Position Tracker for Traders: Excel Template

One of the most desired excel templates that any trader or institution can make use of is a way to track positions over time as well as have some kind of universal analysis on these positions. What I have done in this template is given a universally useful way for any kind of trader to track their performance and perform standard deviation analysis on their activity.

Using Pivot Tables and Summaries with Quickbooks Export

Many people use accounting software, such as Quickbooks, as a way to track their business activity. This becomes a valuable way to analyze business health and key metrics because of the granularity this accounting software has. I have put together a template/rough guide as to one way you may want to Quickbooks data output in order to track your sales rep performance.

Excel Inventory Management Template/Tracking Tool

Businesses (particularly small businesses!) often have a messy inventory tracking system or none at all. Sometimes, estimations are used that may or may not be accurate. Inventory is an important asset that should be kept track of for a multitude of reasons. As such, the following Excel template has been built for your convenience.

Budget Vs. Actual Excel Template (monthly)

I have seen a lot of messy budget vs. actual Excel spreadsheets. So, I decided to build a nice model that does this kind of comparison tracking over time in the cleanest way possible. You will be able to compare all/any business lines that you wish no matter if it is revenue/expenses/what have you. Includes bank balance line item. This template comes in an Excel version and a Google Sheet version.

Excel Template for EBITDA Multiple Business Valuation

Value your business based on the EBITDA multiple methodology. This Excel template will walk the user through each valuation component in a clear way. Simply pull relevant data from the financial statements and find your enterprise value.

Excel Template for Vacation Budgeting (Budget Buster)

I decided to give this Excel model a fun name. It is the budget buster and the main use of this is to make vacation budgeting simple and visual. You can see where all your expenses sit as well as plan based on assigning %'s to each expense category.

Excel Automatic Database Creation with Input Card (Includes Conditional Drop-down Menu)

This is a fun tool that can be applied to all kinds of business situations. The basic premise is that you can use data from an input card and automatically pull specific fields from that data over to a clean database. Then, from the database, it can be analyzed in many ways.

Joint Venture Real Estate Model: Including IRR Hurdles/Equity Splits/More

This is a fully functioning financial model for joint venture or individual cash flow analysis of a real estate deal. The cash flows are based on pro-rata, meaning the final project IRR drives the final cash flow splits to sponsor/investor. Excel is great when it comes to cash flow waterfalls and nuanced variables that often accompany real estate modeling. I have built a wide range of these types of templates, enjoy!

Explaining Gordon Growth Model for Valuation (Excel Template)

This is a pretty interesting way to value cash flow from a business. The methodology looks at future cash flows until the present value is zero.

5-Year SaaS Startup Model in Excel: Includes CAC Payback and Valuation

Understanding and making use of SaaS startup models in Excel or Google Sheets can be difficult and end up wasting user's a bunch of time. For this reason, I have tried to make a template that has very clear assumptions for subscribers, revenue, costs, and financing.

Amortization Schedule Excel Template: Includes Loans, Bonds, Interest Summary

This excel sheet was designed to be versatile enough to show an amortization schedule for various loans and include the function of allowing for varying payment amounts and a variable interest rate over time. The other side of this model shows a bond schedule.

Best Excel Scheduling Template

If you want a really clean and easy way to get all the time tables of your various business activities organized or plan out when employees have to do things, this excel scheduling template/model is the one for you!

Excel Models: New Service Line

What is going on everyone?! I am going to start really putting the hammer into the value you can get from and in order to do that my content is going to make a bit of a shift from forex trading to excel models and builds that help businesses with decision making, data cleaning/manipulation, visualization, and cash flow analysis.