Template for Tracking Inventory at Multiple Locations

This is an Excel template and it is different than the previous inventory management templates I've built in that you are now able to track various equipment / sku's across multiple locations instead of just at one location.

Automated Kiosk (Frozen Yogurt or Other) Financial Model

The craze of frozen yogurt or "froYo" hit pretty big in the past couple of years. It has died down somewhat, but the business model is interesting and there have been a few franchisors that popped up who specifically sell automated robotic-like kiosks that you can invest in and put at various locations in your area. It doesn't have to just be froYo either, you could distribute all types of goods.

Account Executive Driven Financial Model: 5-Year

Any business that drives its revenue by account executive (AE) quota production will benefit from this financial model. Instead of trying to tie revenue to a specific amount of customers or revenues per account, this drives everything right off of account executive revenue closed.