Difference Between Pre-money and Post-money Valuation for a Startup

Startup valuation analysis is important for both the company and potential investors, as it helps determine the price at which an investor can purchase a stake in the company and the potential return on investment for the investor. It also affects the dilution of ownership and control for the company and its founders.

Why Are SaaS Company Valuations So High?

SaaS (software as a service) companies are often valued highly because they have the potential to generate a significant amount of recurring revenue. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Starting a Dry Cleaning Business

Starting a dry cleaning business can have several potential advantages, including:

Construction KPI Dashboard: Job Success Tracker

 This KPI dashboard focuses in on the average Gross Profit per job and average Gross Profit Margin per job. It will be of great use to any general contractor. The perfect example is a construction company that provides quotes, estimated costs, and then needs to compare their quoted job metrics to the actual job job metrics.

Property Management Business - Financial Forecasting Model

Mix real estate and SaaS. Now you are running a property management business that requires careful financial planning. This means pricing, scale, understanding fixed and variable costs at different levels of scale, and being able to play with different assumptions to see how the bottom line is affected. Going through this financial simulation will give the user a better grasp on general operational feasibility of this type of business.

Excel Template to Track Projects

Excel was made for this! If you want to keep a high level view on multiple projects that are happening at the same time and include milestone completions, this template will work for you. Track on an hourly basis or daily/weekly/monthly by adjusting the view dropdown selector. Choose the start date or start time of the tracker and then start entering each projects name, start/end period, and if it is completed or not. If you are running a construction company, this is going to be really useful. 

Bug Bounty

 I will send you $15 via PayPal if you can find a logical error in any spreadsheet that you have purchased. It must be per the most recent version and you can request that version before submitting anything to me if you have already purchased it at some point in the past.

This does not include any text errors, only errors in the math / references / logic.

The goal here is to ensure 100% logical accuracy in all the financial models.

Note, I also do custom work for $165/hr. and am open to lots of template building from scratch or making modifications.

IRR Target Investment Analysis - Up to 15 Years

 This is a clever tool I built that will calculate the required cash owed at the end of any period based on defined initial investments, investments over time, distributions over time, and a desired IRR target. The spreadsheet runs natively in Google Sheets and can be downloaded to Excel with on problem if so desired. I include the IRR financial metric in all startup financial models that you will find here on SmartHelping.