Traffic and Conversion Driven SaaS Financial Model (5 Tiers + Free User Pool)

This is a highly robust financial model that will be useful for any business that has traffic and converts that traffic to monthly recurring revenue users. There are up to five pricing tiers that can be configured, each with their own average churn rate.

P2P Investing: Financial Model

This P2P investing simulation template can help see potential profits earned from a lending platform. This is a growing industry and with that has given the average retail customer better access to such investing opportunities. P2P lending platforms and P2B if you can find it. The idea is you invest in debt and make monthly returns. The facilitator is the platform and they will charge a fee for use.

Cleaning / Janitorial Services or Home Health Care Agency Financial Model

Thinking about getting into the cleaning and janitorial services industry and run your own crews? This financial model will help you plan out the revenues and expenses in a highly dynamic and user friendly way. Note, the logic in this spreadsheet would also work for a home health care agency startup (like Home Instead).