Small Business Tools: Financial Models, Trackers, and More

Tighten up your small business finances with these trackers, templates, and financial models. Everything is built in Excel spreadsheets or Google Sheets. Great for budgeting, tracking payables/receivables, lead tracking, financial forecasting, inventory management, and more.

Employee Time Sheets: HR Management Tool

 This MS Excel template is a great tool for any HR department or small business to use. It makes tracking time and creating nice printable time sheets easy. There is a primary database tab that is queried with formulas to create the dynamic reports. This is built for use for many employees and for aggregate reporting as well as individual reporting.

Daily Inventory Tracker in MS Excel

 This sheet makes it easy to keep track of your inventory balances for management and reporting purposes. There is logic for alert triggers when inventory gets below a certain balance as well as valuation drivers based on average cost of goods sold per unit. 

Short-term Rental Real Estate Model

 If you were looking at getting into the STR business as a real estate investor (short-term rentals), then this financial model is MS Excel is a must have. The template is robust enough to handle large operations or just single operator investment planning. The model goes for a max period of 15 years and you can account for the purchase/renovation, operations, and exit of up to 20 properties or 20 tranches of properties all on the same timeline.

HR Tool: Financial Analysis of Layoffs

 This template is to conduct a financial impact analysis for layoffs. It is not a pretty thing, but sometimes companies get into financial trouble and they can't support their own payroll anymore. Whatever the reason may be, this means people are going to have to be terminated (fired) and to plan that process out, a good financial calculator can assist in this function of HR management.