Financial Model - Freemium Startup - 5 Year Forecast

A freemium business model is a type of strategy that organizations use to gain customers via free services and upsell them to premium content. I have modelled this strategy for different clients and it really ties into some of my most popular builds (SaaS and Mobile App). I have never put the logic together in this way and the main value-add is having revenue logic for ad revenue, better visuals, and better cash flow summaries / return logic. Also, check out this SaaS Rolling Revenue Forecast.

Saving for a Home - Excel Financial Planner

Should you rent or buy a home? Many buy if they can, and if that is your route, start planning now. If you are trying to save money for a new home, it might help to know what your after tax free cash flow looks like over the next 5 years. I have built a nice tool that may help you see how long you are going to have to save for (budgeting) and how much free cash you will have pre and post home purchase.