Joint Venture Distribution Templates

 These meticulously designed templates incorporate sophisticated logic to illustrate profit distribution dynamics within a joint venture. The spreadsheets are tailored with diverse terms encompassing internal rate of return (IRR) thresholds, preferred equity, preferred return, simple interest, or cumulative distributions, providing you with a range of analytical perspectives. The prevalent theme sees cash splits favoring the General Partner (GP) as the Limited Partner (LP) surpasses progressively challenging hurdles. This design ingeniously incentivizes the GP to strive for superior returns on behalf of the LP.

A select number of templates within this collection are dedicated to real estate models, incorporating the most commonly utilized waterfall structures. These integrated models offer a more in-depth exploration of potential profit distribution scenarios in the real estate sector, further broadening the range of applications for these comprehensive tools.

JV Cash Flow Waterfall Template Bundle
joint venture waterfall templates
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Joint Venture Distribution Waterfall Models: Price Ranges from $45 - $125
Bonus Templates: Price Ranges from $45 - $75

Most of these spreadsheets are to be used in the context of real estate acquisition, but the preferred return and preferred equity templates could be used to define cash distribution splits for any kind of joint venture deal.

All of these templates and spreadsheets let the user drop in contributions/distributions manually except for the real estate acquisition model, which has bottom up assumptions for driving revenues/expenses/debt/and the resulting cash flow.

If you are interested in specific pro forma templates that contain joint venture distribution waterfalls built in below operating assumptions (revenues, expenses, cash requirements, cash distributions) then these real estate models are worth a look.

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