Excel Inventory Management Template/Tracking Tool

Businesses (particularly small businesses!) often have a messy inventory tracking system or none at all. Sometimes, estimations are used that may or may not be accurate. Inventory is an important asset that should be kept track of for a multitude of reasons. As such, the following Excel template has been built for your convenience.

Budget Vs. Actual Excel Template (monthly)

I have seen a lot of messy budget vs. actual Excel spreadsheets. So, I decided to build a nice model that does this kind of comparison tracking over time in the cleanest way possible. You will be able to compare all/any business lines that you wish no matter if it is revenue/expenses/what have you. Includes bank balance line item. This template comes in an Excel version and a Google Sheet version.

Excel Template for EBITDA Multiple Business Valuation

Value your business based on the EBITDA multiple methodology. This Excel template will walk the user through each valuation component in a clear way. Simply pull relevant data from the financial statements and find your enterprise value.

Excel Template for Vacation Budgeting (Budget Buster)

I decided to give this Excel model a fun name. It is the budget buster and the main use of this is to make vacation budgeting simple and visual. You can see where all your expenses sit as well as plan based on assigning %'s to each expense category.

Excel Automatic Database Creation with Input Card (Includes Conditional Drop-down Menu)

This is a fun tool that can be applied to all kinds of business situations. The basic premise is that you can use data from an input card and automatically pull specific fields from that data over to a clean database. Then, from the database, it can be analyzed in many ways.