Depreciation Expense Tracker (up to 95 Fixed Assets at Once)

This was designed to be an easy tool to figure out what your monthly/annual depreciation expense is going to be over time.

Robust 3-Statement Financial Model: For Startups

I had to really dig deep into my old accounting knowledge and do quite a bit of research to get this model right. It is a fully functional and inter-connected excel template that has all 3 financial statements functioning on it. The purpose was to build something that fits 90% of cases. This is typically called a 3-statement financial model and commonly requested for startups by investors/creditors.

Security System Services Startup Financial Model - Includes Expansion MRR and Negative Churn

This financial model was built specifically for the security and alarm services business (existing operators or new startups can find value with this model). It is very similar to a regular SaaS business where you have monthly recurring revenue for subscribers. I have built up to 3 pricing tiers for what customers may pay per month.