Depreciation Expense Tracker (up to 95 Fixed Assets at Once)

This was designed to be an easy tool to figure out what your monthly/annual depreciation expense is going to be over time.

Robust 3-Statement Financial Model: For Startups

This fully functional and inter-connected Excel template has 3 financial statements functioning on it. Typically called a 3-statement financial model, it is commonly requested for startups by investors/creditors. I had to really dig deep into my old accounting knowledge and do quite a bit of research to get this model right. The purpose was to build something that fits 90% of cases. 

Security System / Alarm Services Startup Financial Model - Includes Expansion MRR and Negative Churn

Security systems / alarm services businesses fall into the product + service systems business category. This financial model was built specifically for security and alarm services businesses. It is very similar to a regular SaaS business where you have monthly recurring revenue for subscribers, except you will also make margins on installation of hardware.