Stop Confusing Preferred Return (Pref) with IRR Hurdles

 People often confuse the terms "preferred return" and "IRR hurdles" because both concepts are related to the distribution of profits in real estate and private equity investments, and they both aim to ensure investors achieve certain financial benchmarks. However, there are key differences between them that can help clarify their distinct roles:

Strip Mall Real Estate Model - For Acquisitions - Up to 30 Tenants

This comprehensive template is designed for real estate operators specializing in the acquisition, renovation, and enhancement of strip malls. The model supports the management of up to 30 tenants and accommodates a holding period of up to 10 years. It includes detailed assumptions for joint venture partnerships, enabling precise financial projections and strategic planning for increased rental income and profitable exits.

Valuation Multiples for Top 10 Industries in the United States

 Valuation multiples for private companies vary by industry, size, growth prospects, and other factors. Here’s a look at the typical business valuation multiples for private companies in the 10 biggest industries in the United States, along with the major factors impacting their valuation:

Debt Funds and Real Estate

 Debt funds in the real estate industry are investment pools that lend money to real estate developers or owners. Investors put their money into these funds with the expectation of receiving regular interest payments, and eventually, the return of their principal. Here’s a detailed look at how these funds operate, the potential risks involved, and how to model such investments.

Start an Electrical Vehicle Charging Station Business: 10 Year Financial Model Template

Starting an electric vehicle (EV) charging station business involves tapping into a rapidly growing market fueled by the global shift towards electric vehicles. This business requires strategic location selection, such as high-traffic urban areas or corridors between cities, and an understanding of the technological requirements for different types of chargers. It also demands knowledge of regulatory environments, as government incentives and policies can significantly impact operations. Successful entrepreneurs in this space not only provide essential services to EV owners but also contribute to the infrastructure that supports sustainable transportation.

Revenue Leakage and SaaS: What it Is and How to Minimize

SaaS (Software as a Service) revenue leakage refers to the loss of potential revenue within a SaaS business. This typically happens due to various reasons, such as:

Latest Custom Financial Models Added to SmartHelping Plus - 5/6/2024

 This was a slower tranche of spreadsheet work in the last few weeks, but some very useful modifications were done in the equipment rental and SaaS acquisition space. I was actually considering updating the base equipment rental model with this update, but I've chosen to only add it here for now.

SmartHelping Plus Spreadsheet Update Log

 As I added new financial model templates to the SmartHelping Plus bundle, I'll be doing more in-depth explanations and videos about the customizations done to or the main premise behind the files that get added to this bundle. Here you will see time-stamped logs with a link to the update of each tranche. Usually I will try to do an update log every few weeks or at least monthly to go over all the new additions.

Download all these spreadsheets here.