Quantity Demanded Vs. Actual: A Variance Model

This is a great tool for any Excel user to use in order to show the historical amount of something that has been ordered by week, apply a growth % to it, and then see how that figure compares to your current figures over time as a % variance by total weekly quantity demanded and by product id.

Religious Organization / Church Financial Model (5-Year)

A religious organization is considered a non-profit business and require prudent financial models and planning as there are many operational / startup costs that happen. Users need to know how long the organization will take to become sustainable as well as plan for various growth cases given attendances.

Equipment Rental Financial Model - 10 Year Projection

Equipment rental is a cash flow business. You purchase equipment, then rent it out to try and make your money back. There are a couple different ways to plan this out and I have put together a dynamic model to show ROI for various assumptions. 

NOTE: This model has been consolidated down to a single 10-year model, see video for all upgrades that were made (adding monthly and annual financial statements, cap table, distributions, exit assumptions, and more)