10 Year Financial Model for Hair Salon / Barbershop

This is a financial model to help anyone planning to start and operate their own hair salon business. Often times, a salon is going to have multiple revenue streams and multiple items in each revenue stream, which users may not want to start all at once. This spreadsheet has accounted for those things and more.

Financial Model for a Gym/Fitness Center Startup

When you decide to start any business, it's really important to plan. A financial model is extremely useful when doing so because there are so many moving parts in business cash flows during a launch period. Specifically, a gym or fitness center is going to require a heavy investment in equipment and probably involve financing as well as a runway for ramping up. This Excel template will forecast for up to 10 years and allow for an exit in any of those months.

IRR Based Investment Comparison Model in Excel

This IRR template was designed for CFO's or anyone that is reviewing projects that have an initial investment cost and projected future cash flows. The goal was a super simple user input interface and easy analysis that is automated per the assumptions entered. You can project out for up to 20 years.

Simple Inventory Management Tool in Excel (in/out)

I have built more complex and advanced inventory tracking tools and templates for a single location as well as multiple locations in the past. The single location was more about determining cost of goods sold and looking at the accounting / financial impact of inventory movement. The multiple locations version looked more at simply the unit movements to and from the main warehouse to various locations and inter-movements to and from all locations and the warehouse.

Used Car Dealership Financial Model

Lots of guys and gals are interested in starting a business to sell used cars. It is a dream of many, but before you go wild, it is really important to hammer down the financial projections. Planning for various sales goals, startup costs, and being prepared is going to give you the best chance to succeed in the long run.

Interest Rate Swap Financial Model

The ability to enter all relevant assumptions about fixed and variable interest rates and see how the net present value (NPV) of each side changes becomes difficult to think about. Therefore, I have built a model to make things a bit easier to visualize.

5-Year Financial Model: Manufacturing with Customer Re-Purchase Logic

This model includes two logic strings I have not included before. The main benefit is more accurate cash flow planning and easily changing assumptions for the percentage of customers that re-purchase your product and for how many months in the future they will keep re-purchasing.

Template for Tracking Inventory at Multiple Locations

This is an Excel template and it is different than the previous inventory management templates I've built in that you are now able to track various equipment / sku's across multiple locations instead of just at one location.

Automated Kiosk (Frozen Yogurt or Other) Financial Model

The craze of frozen yogurt or "froYo" hit pretty big in the past couple of years. It has died down somewhat, but the business model is interesting and there have been a few franchisors that popped up who specifically sell automated robotic-like kiosks that you can invest in and put at various locations in your area. It doesn't have to just be froYo either, you could distribute all types of goods.

Account Executive Driven Financial Model: 5-Year

Any business that drives its revenue by account executive (AE) quota production will benefit from this financial model. Instead of trying to tie revenue to a specific amount of customers or revenues per account, this drives everything right off of account executive revenue closed.

Jewelry / Retail Store: Startup Financial Model - High Product Segmentation

This is going to be the most pristine financial model I have done yet. The assumptions as it stands are for a jewelry store startup but you can easily change the wording in all the categories to represent any kind of retail business. It is a great way to build up a 5-year business case from scratch to ramping up full revenues.

Auto Repair and Tire Shop Financial Model

Well this is the industry I started my career in. Right out of college I went into a 10+ location auto repair & tire shop business. My main objectives dealt with financial analysis and tracking of performance metrics as well as financial statement maintenance. So, in light of that knowledge, my next piece of work I decided on was a financial model for Auto Repair and Tire Shops.

Time Tracker for Hourly Billing - Multiple Clients/Jobs in Excel

This is a very useful Excel tool that I use myself. It will track my activity over time on a per client / job basis. It is something I had not tracked with much structure before (using notepad and pen/paper). This will make things much easier to manage going forward as well as give me another way to view performance rather than just tracking monthly income.

Traffic and Conversion Driven SaaS Financial Model (5 Tiers + Free User Pool)

This is a highly robust financial model that will be useful for any business that has traffic and converts that traffic to monthly recurring revenue users. There are up to five pricing tiers that can be configured, each with their own average churn rate.

P2P Investing: Financial Model

This P2P investing simulation template can help see potential profits earned from a lending platform. This is a growing industry and with that has given the average retail customer better access to such investing opportunities. P2P lending platforms and P2B if you can find it. The idea is you invest in debt and make monthly returns. The facilitator is the platform and they will charge a fee for use.

Cleaning / Janitorial Services or Home Health Care Agency Financial Model

Thinking about getting into the cleaning and janitorial services industry and run your own crews? This financial model will help you plan out the revenues and expenses in a highly dynamic and user friendly way. Note, the logic in this spreadsheet would also work for a home health care agency startup (like Home Instead).

Quantity Demanded Vs. Actual: A Variance Model

This is a great tool for any Excel user to use in order to show the historical amount of something that has been ordered by week, apply a growth % to it, and then see how that figure compares to your current figures over time as a % variance by total weekly quantity demanded and by product id.

Religious Organization / Church Financial Model (5-Year)

A religious organization is considered a non-profit business and require prudent financial models and planning as there are many operational / startup costs that happen. Users need to know how long the organization will take to become sustainable as well as plan for various growth cases given attendances.

Equipment Rental Financial Model - 10 Year Projection

Equipment rental is a cash flow business. You purchase equipment, then rent it out to try and make your money back. There are a couple different ways to plan this out and I have put together a dynamic model to show ROI for various assumptions. 

NOTE: This model has been consolidated down to a single 10-year model, see video for all upgrades that were made (adding monthly and annual financial statements, cap table, distributions, exit assumptions, and more)

Car Wash Financial Model

So, you want to get into the car washing business? Financial planning is the first step. Assuming a lucrative location is acquired and no catastrophes happen, this can be a viable business endeavor. Here is a forecasting template that makes it easy to see various scenarios, yields, and returns. 

Dry Cleaning Financial Model & ROI Summary

If you are looking to start your own dry cleaning business, this spreadsheet will make it easy to build financial forecasts and feasibility testing for this industry. Financial statement outputs are included.

Mobile App Ad Spend Optimization Guide

The most important metrics for mobile apps and recurring revenue (SaaS) businesses are retention, cLTV and CAC. Both the Excel templates below offer powerful insights and frameworks for such businesses to use in order to better understand how much they can spend on ads as well how to calculate their primary KPIs. 

PPC Financial Model - Conversion % / CPC / Profit Feasibility

If you are interested in the internet marketing space, be careful of PPC promotion. People fail at it for lack of planning and poor conversion percentages. The conversion rates will depend on landing page / product quality, but what is essential is figuring out what a click is worth so you know how much you can pay and what profits will be made at various click volumes. I have put together a spreadsheet that helps plan out potential max CPC's you can pay and what kind of profits you are looking at with various scales.

Gantt Chart: Excel or Google Sheets with Man Hours or Revenue/Crew Style

This is an all-in-one template for any organization that has crews to manage and a sales pipeline to track. The database is simple user entry and from there everything populates dynamically and the visuals adjust accordingly.

The upper tier version with the man-hours feature is found in the third video down. All versions are included for the one-time price of $45.

Dynamic Salesmen Goal Tracking Model in Excel

I find that making models is increasingly important for general organization management. What I have gone and built today is a straight forward goal tracking template. The idea is to see how growth is changing on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis. The annual is included but I didn't talk much about it in the video.

Using Excel to Perform Survey Analysis

Excel is a great way to take responses from a survey and complete a complex statistical analysis. What I have shown in the video and in this Excel template is the count formulas that are required to report on various sub-groups for a given question or multiple questions. There are a wide variety of ways to go about survey analysis, but this captures the fundamental mechanics of understanding your respondents answers.

Break-Even Financial Model

This is a great tool for any business or organization to use in order to see how much money they need to make in sales to break even. It will be effective and useful no matter what you are doing. The user interface is super easy and there are some nice charts to make things a bit more visual.

Cost per Unit Financial Model

For organizations or individuals that run a manufacturing or retail sales business, you may want to drill down and see how much each unit your are selling costs as a function of all your costs. This is a great way to forecast net profit and margins.

Consultant Tracker and Ranking Template

The idea here is to create a somewhat "competitive environment" in your firm as well as accountability tracking among your consultants / employees. This Excel template is very easy to use, has no macros to worry about, and offers straight forward analysis within a 52-week time-frame.

Excel to Find Correlation Between Two Things

Well things are just staying super busy, but I am trying to find a good couple hours this morning to get content out so today we are going to talk about the excel function "correl". It is a great function that can be useful to anyone trying to determine if there is some kind of relationship between two things.

Startup Financial Model - Food Truck

So...can you make money with a food truck? This financial forecasting model will help you find out! It has a 10-year cash flow model and is essential for feasibility analysis. Test out pricing and volumes to see worst/best case scenarios.

Mobile Home Park Financial Model

Investing in mobile home or RV parks can be really lucrative and developing a good financial plan is the first step. This financial model enables users to perform an investment analysis of acquiring and operating 1 to 40 different Mobile Home Parks (MHPs) on the same timeline, all with their own initial investment assumptions and capital structures. Dynamic inputs have been added that show options for initial debt, interest only period, and REFI. The rental income and expenses have been upgraded for better granularity and more accurate forecasting. The parks can be added over time dynamically.