Valuation and DCF Analysis Spreadsheets

These templates are designed to help you come up with a value for your business or a prospective target business being acquired. All of these valuation templates are analogous to the underlying business, meaning all you need to do is plug in key figures from financial statements or pro forma financials and apply relevant multiples.

business valuation spreadsheets
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There are general methodologies like a monthly DCF Analysis as well as a sensitivity version that shows net present value (NPV) for up to six discount rates and four cash flow scenarios with some cool visualizations (IRR calculation included). For a business that has historical performance, there is an EBITDA multiple valuation sheet that allows for weightings of the EBITDA over the past 5 years.

Finally, there is also a spreadsheet built on the Gordon growth model, which is basically a dividend discount style of figuring out present value of future cash flows into perpetuity.

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