Valuation and DCF Analysis Spreadsheets

 Hello! and welcome. You have arrived at the valuation spreadsheet bundle. These financial models are designed to help you come up with a value for future operations or current business operations.

Valuation Template Bundle
business valuation spreadsheets
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Valuation Templates: Price Ranges from $45 - $45

There are general methodologies like a monthly DCF Analysis as well as a sensitivity version that shows net present value (NPV) for up to six discount rates and four cash flow scenarios with some cool visualizations (IRR calculation included). For a business that has historical performance, there is an EBITDA multiple valuation sheet that allows for weightings of the EBITDA over the past 5 years.

Finally, there is also a spreadsheet built on the Gordon growth model, which is basically a dividend discount style of figuring out present value of future cash flows into perpetuity.

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