Cash Conversion Cycle: Excel Quarterly Tracker

Cash Conversion Cycle (CCC) is an efficiency metric that comes up in the management of any business that deals with inventory. The goal is to figure out how long it will take (in days) to turn cash that is invested into inventory back into profits. In order for any organization to calculate this, they will just need a few items from the financial statements.

Self Storage Investment Analysis: Multi-fund Ramping

I actually found a twitter thread talking about scaling into self storage facilities (entering a deal, exiting, using those proceeds for a new deal, etc...) but there was not a lot of nuance or detail on how you can get from A to B and what kind of deal structure was used for the joint venture. So, I built a model that has all the logic to figure this out based on assumptions for up to 6 deals. (you can use it for just 1 deal as well)

General Rental Business Financial Model: Furniture / Equipment / Party Supplies / Etc...

I had built an equipment rental financial model about 4 years ago. Since then, my skills in scaling business logic have improved. It was time to do a refresh Excel model and so here we have a general 5-year startup rental business template that can be used for basically any tangible good type that is purchased initially and then rented out over time. The rental business is always booming!

How to Calculate Inventory Within a 3-Statement Financial Model

Inventory is complicated. No matter what aspect you are talking about with it, there are often difficulties and it can be daunting to get right in the context of proper financial reporting of its value and change over time. This template was designed to let the user see how it needs to flow through all aspects of the financial statements.

Lending Business / P2P Lender Participant Financial Model: 10 Year with Scalable Loan Counts

If you are looking to start a lending business or want to participate on a p2p lending platform as a lender (like Lending Club), this model will help the user figure out capital requirements over time (10 year period) as well as every financial aspect when scaling out up to three loan types to any loan count.

DCF Analysis with Robust Sensitivity Tables

 A discounted cash flow analysis will help determine if the future cash flows are worth the risk of investment based on applying various required rates of return (discount rates) to the future cash flows. It is a widely accepted and used concept in valuation. This excel template was built to show various NPV against up to 6 discount rate inputs.

Update to Enterprise SaaS Financial Model - Showing Cash Flow if Customer Receipts are Collected at Beginning of Contract Instead of Amortized

I built an enterprise SaaS financial model a few months ago to allow for the planning of startups where customers might have varying contract lengths i.e. 12 month contracts or what have you. The new update was a simple 'yes/no' configuration option so the user of this model can show cash flow accurately. For example, some organizations may collect the full value of the contract up front. With the new update, that can now be accounted for in the resulting cash flow and effect IRR/equity requirements/contributions/distributions.

New Model Upgrade: Mobile Home Park / General Multi-Family Real Estate

This is just a notification to let everyone know the MHP model has been upgraded. You can find it here. The upgrade involves logic that I have been asked to do a few times, but just didn't have the time to get into. The reason why it has taken so much effort is that the usability is geared toward the purchase/construction of many parks or many properties over a longer period (up to 16 years). 

Car Salesperson: Improvement Tracker

This is an awesome template that anybody who sells cars can use to make themselves better. The main benefits include better organization, follow-ups, and win rate analysis. There are monthly stats and visuals over a two-year period across various slicers (meaning track win rate/sales/lost sales/$ earned across different car types/makes and by combination of car type and make).

10 Year Driving Range Financial Model - Monthly and Annual

 This model was fun to build and I did a nice capacity matrix for the seasonality that may have a lot of other uses for all sorts of industries. The model goes out for a period of 10 years and shows monthly and annual granularity with a ton of visuals. There are revenue and expense assumptions that can be used for robust sensitivity and cash flow analysis.

SaaS: Should You Offer a Discount at Cancellation?

I have done a wide range of SaaS financial models. One interesting aspect that such companies may be looking into or looking to optimize is retention rate. Retention rate just means the users that stay with your services over a period of time. The higher the retention rate, the better (meaning lower churn rate). One way to increase retention is by offering pricing discounts at the point of cancellation.

Ad Network - 5-Year Feasibility and Financial Model - Driven by Publisher Metrics

An ad network connects ad inventory from publishers to advertiser demand. By connecting these two groups, the ad network provides value and takes a fee for such value. This model was designed to show the expected financial performance of an ad network based on assumptions related impressions / CPM /fee percentage.