Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. What if you don't have Microsoft Excel?
  • This is not a problem. You can still download the files and then simply open up a free Gmail account and upload the files directly to Google Sheets. You just go to your Google Drive, select 'New' and then select 'File upload' and select the file.

  • Q. What if you buy on a mobile device?
  • No problem, you will be emailed the download link and given access to the download page, which lets you download the purchased template up to 5x and for up to 5 days. This means you can always go back on your desktop later when you are ready to work and get access to the download from your purchasing email. If you need longer, just email me and I can re-activate your download link.

  • Q. Are the spreadsheets locked?
  • No, none of the spreadsheets are locked.

  • Q. Are the spreadsheet formulas editable and visible?
  • Yes, all the formulas in all the templates are editable on all tabs so you can follow along with the logic and modify any of the formulas or structure as needed.

  • Q. What happens after a spreadsheet is purchased?
  • After purchase, you will be directed to a download page where you can download all files included in the purchase. This will require Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets. If you are opening the files with Google Sheets, you need a free Gmail account. If you are using Excel, you will need to have Microsoft Excel installed on your computer.
  • If you are purchasing a template bundle, the file will be in a Zip folder. For that, simply download the zip folder and open that up, hit 'Extract All' at the top of the folder.

  • Q. Are there any terms and conditions of use with the spreadsheets?
  • You can't directly resell any of the spreadsheets you purchase. You can use them for your business or in order to consult with other businesses if you are a financial consultant.

  • Q. How is billable time paid for and tracked?
  • I've built out a Google Sheet permissioned system. As the client pays for time, I track the usage of it in a master sheet. A unique view only sheet is given to each client that shows their specific job stats. As I add time / work, that will automatically update a detailed log of the hours spent, notes, and total paid, used, and balance. You don't need a Gmail account to see this, just a browser and I will email you the sheet link after the first payment has been made.

  • Q. Can you share a spreadsheet that was purchased with other people?
  • If you are working directly with other people in your business, then that is fine that you and your coworkers are all using the template you purchased and they don't all have to buy it. If it is a friend or outside party, I would ask that you have them buy their own license here on the site.

  • Q. Who are my typical customers?
  • The customers that buy templates here on this site are typically business owners or managers that are looking for something to help their specific business, financial consultants that help other businesses with financial forecasting / planning, professional firms like CPAs, or students / those looking to learn how to create financial forecasts in general.

  • Q. How are the templates accessible that are only in Google Sheets?
  • Some of the templates are only available in Google Sheets. For these, after purchase you will be directed to download a Microsoft Word document. That document contains the Google Sheet link that you will have view only access to. Once you go to that link, simply hit File and Make a Copy so you have your own editable version of the Google Sheet template.

  • Q. Are there instructions for each template?
  • Every template comes with an instructional video and all the financial models have an 'Index' tab that gives a quick description of what is on each tab.

  • Q. Do single template purchases count towards bundles?
  • Yes, if you buy a template that is part of a bundle, and then want to buy the bundle, I'll give full credit towards the bundle price for the templates you have already purchased. Just email me about it - jason@smarthelping.com

  • Q. What kinds of discounts are available?
  • The following volume discounts automatically apply in your cart based on total item count:
    • 3 to 9 Templates = 30% Discount
    • 10 to 19 Templates = 40% Discount
    • 20 or More Templates = 50% Discount
  • All pre-built template bundles come with massive savings (some up to 80% off) and if you buy the Super Smart Bundle (all templates on the site) you save even more.

  • Q. How are the Excel templates distributed once paid for?
  • There are two ways to access the downloads. 1) A download link is emailed to you and 2) In your browser you will be directed to a download page that looks like the following:

Excel template download

For Spreadsheet Beginners

If you don't use spreadsheets that often, the best way to get comfortable is to just start plugging numbers in and following the logic. The more times you go through a modeling exercise, the better you'll get at using the models and feeling comfortable with how everything flows. Be sure to save an initial version of a given template that you downloaded so you can always go back to that and restart each time. Also, see the beginners guide for using financial models here.

Billable Hour Promotion. If you pay for 1 hour of billable work here, you can get 1 template at no charge (scales up for as many credit hours as you buy). Just email me which one(s) you want: jason@smarthelping.com