The Super Smart Bundle: Financial Model Templates

Over the course of many years, I have had the privilege of providing financial modeling services to an array of clients ranging from start-ups to established corporations. This rich tapestry of experiences has offered unique insights into the intricacies of various industries and the specific financial model templates that could provide optimal value to business owners, potential investors, and financial analysts.

the super smart financial models bundle
$999.00 USD
The Super Smart Bundle 
(All Templates, Including SmartHelping Plus Custom Sheets)

Access My Extensive Collection of Financial Model Templates for Diverse Business Needs

Use and learn from a vast library of 100s of meticulously crafted bottom-up financial model templates, tools, and calculators. This one-time investment opens doors to an impressive repertoire of resources tailored to meet a multitude of financial forecasting needs across a myriad of industries.

Comprehensive Access and Sharing:
  • Includes all templates on the site (even the SmartHelping Plus Custom Sheets)
  • Share with your entire organization.
Financial Modeling Techniques:
  • Best practice financial modeling techniques.
  • Elegant logic for useful financial forecasting.
  • Integrated monthly and annual 3-statement models.
  • Dynamic assumptions to represent each type of business uniquely.
Usability and Configuration:
  • Clean formatting and easy input cell configuration.
  • All financial models are editable, unlocked, and ready for use.
  • Error and sanity checking logic included.
Analysis and Testing:
  • Test pricing variations, expected demand, costs, scaling economics, and general feasibility.
  • Sensitivity tables and scenario analysis.
Support and Delivery:
  • Video tutorials included in every single spreadsheet.
  • All files delivered in an organized zip folder by category immediately after purchase.

Who Benefits From These Templates?

  • Budding Entrepreneurs and Established Business Owners: If you're mapping out a new business plan, or exploring ways to raise funds, these templates are invaluable. Investors are keen to understand the financial dynamics of your venture, including investment requirements and potential returns. Also, these models can help you discern key assumptions required for profitability by comprehensively accounting for all revenues and expenses. With over 50 industries represented, each template comes with its own bottom-up logic designed for clear-cut financial forecasting and modeling.
  • Strategic Planners: Easily adjust key business assumptions to visualize the financial impact under different scenarios. This resource-rich library provides an excellent platform for comprehensive best-case and worst-case scenario planning.
  • Accounting Firms: This library could serve as your trusted partner when responding to requests for financial models. The extensive best-practice logic within these templates caters to a wide array of businesses and allows unrestricted access to all files forever. Additionally, I have things in the Accounting category itself for financial statement generation, tracking AR / AP, inventory forecasting and management, general budgeting, and more.
  • Real Estate Enthusiasts: Whether you're looking to underwrite, understand a potential acquisition, or embark on a development project, we've got you covered. These collection boasts numerous joint venture models featuring dynamic cash flow waterfalls.
  • SaaS / Recurring Revenue Businesses: One of my key specializations is in the software-as-a-service space and general recurring revenue business models. This is some of the most helpful work I've done. Think of things like property management software, B2B SaaS, car wash memberships, private golf club memberships, gym memberships, and large B2C SaaS companies. I've got something for nearly everything you can think of in the space.
  • Joint ventures that need to test run cash flow waterfalls based on differing preferred equity terms, preferred return rates, and other provisions. Run scenarios for simple non-compounding rates, accrual / non-accrual of unpaid pref. returns, IRR hurdles, GP-catchup, compounding pref. return, single hurdles, multiple hurdles, and more.
This is an invaluable asset to anyone in the finance industry.

Explore my collection of templates and invest in the tool that's right for you. Empower yourself with robust financial models and accelerate your journey towards informed and strategic decision-making.