How to Calculate Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR) in Excel / Google Sheets

 This finance calculation is important for ALL businesses that have any kind of traditional bank loan and regular repayments. The bank wants to know your ability to meet debt obligations and this ratio is a pretty clear indicator of that.

How to Calculate Churn Rate in SaaS

 This calculation is not as straight forward as you may think. If you ever tried to calculate the churn rate of a SaaS company, you know it is not straight forward as far as modeling goes. This template is free and makes it a bit more clear the best way to calculate it with accuracy per the renewal rate assumption. The key is to think in terms of cohorts.

AirBnB Arbitrage Financial Model

 This spreadsheet was built at the request of a viewer from the live stream. It actually turned out to be a great use of some of the STR logic I have built in the past. One of my areas of expertise is building 5/10 year commercial real estate deal analyzers. This turned out awesome and works for up to 100 properties.

Hotel Development or Acquisition Financial Feasibility Spreadsheet

 This underwriting template was designed specifically for starting acquiring a hotel. I've done a range of residential and commercial real estate financial models / templates, but never specifically for a hotel. It ended up being a combination of logic from hospitality style models and short-term rentals. Everything came together wonderfully and this financial model is very useful.

Increasing Max Hold Period to 30 Years on Rental Property Analysis Spreadsheet

This is the easiest investment analysis sheet I've built and a customer requested the template be able to handle 30 years worth of time instead of 10. I have updated accordingly.

Financial Planning Spreadsheet for Plumbing Business

 Scaling out a services business such as a plumbing business involves quite extensive financial planning. You need to account for truck purchases, plumber wages, payroll taxes, variable costs related to your total headcount/truck count, and fixed overheads. This financial model lets you set key assumptions for all of those items and create a comprehensive financial forecast.

ROI Calculator for Rental Property Investment

 This Excel  spreadsheet was designed to make it easy to calculate total and average annual ROI for rental property investments. All the assumptions exist on a single tab for easier use and sensitivity analysis on key variables.