Automotive Industry Financial Model Templates

Within the dynamic realm of the automotive industry, my expertise lies in constructing comprehensive financial projection models. I have specifically tailored these models for three distinct business types in this sector: car wash establishments, auto and tire repair services, and used car dealerships. Each of these templates has been meticulously designed to capture the unique financial nuances of its respective business.

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Templates Included:

Each of these financial projection models I've crafted is built on a solid foundation of bottom-up assumptions, which facilitates tailored forecasting attuned to the distinct operational methodologies of each business type. Further enhancing their robustness, each model incorporates an integrated 3-statement model that harmonizes with the underlying assumptions. Crafting such automation in Excel is a challenging task that necessitates a profound comprehension of accounting journal entries and financial activity categorization.

Diving into specifics, the auto repair shop model is fortified with assumptions for service revenue, tire sales, and parts/accessory sales. Drawing upon my initial professional experience as a financial analyst for a small auto repair chain, I leveraged my firsthand knowledge to build this model – a resource I now realize would have been invaluable at the start of my career.

As for the car wash model, it offers an assortment of revenue options based on varying wash types, as well as membership revenues where a recurring monthly subscription grants customers access to different wash tiers. This model enables dynamic configuration of pricing, volume, and growth for each individual revenue stream.

The used car dealership model operates on the parameters of vehicles purchased, with specifications such as average cost, sales price per vehicle type, and the typical timeline required to sell each purchase tranche. For instance, if the assumption is set to purchase 20 cars per month, the model can accommodate input variables such as 10% sales in the first month, 25% in the second, 50% in the third, or any other custom distribution pattern based on your average sales cycles. This flexibility permits tracking of total inventory based on the number of cars purchased versus those sold. All the above parameters can be customized for up to ten different vehicle types.

As an added complement of the car dealership model, I am also including a car salesperson performance tracker that provides detailed reports on cars sold by type by month, meeting planning, customer pipeline organization, and more. It is basically a CRM for anyone who sells cars. It also comes with a Google Sheets version.

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