Cumulative Distribution Joint Venture Cash Flow Model

This model is setup so that the cash flow splits between the LP and GP are based on the total cash that has been distributed to the LP over time. As the LP receives cumulatively more distributions, the cash flow share can be adjusted. It runs for up to 60 periods (to give max usability for annual or monthly period) and includes final effective percentage share per period and overall IRR for the periods defined. If it is a monthly analysis, just multiple the IRR by 12.

Accounting Ratios: Comprehensive Financial Statement Analysis Tool

 If you want to analyze private or publicly traded companies, these Accounting ratios (or financial statement KPIs) will help give some perspective. All ratios include a description of what it is, what a 'good' value is in terms of higher or lower, and the relevant financial statements that are needed to calculate each ratio. The formatting was done to make tracking over time easy and straight forward for comparison of the same company over time or to other companies in the same industry.

Mixed-Use Real Estate Model: Leverage and Joint Venture Options

 This is one of the most satisfying financial models I have done in the real estate space. It is for mixed-use properties, which means an investment in a given location / cluster of locations and each area can be used for different things i.e. residential / offices / food places / or what have you. Each 'use' is separated into its own development costs, operating assumptions, and exit caps, but they are all consolidated on the same model timeline with this Excel template. Model for up to 10 years.