Manufacturing Financial Model Templates

These Excel spreadsheet templates are skillfully crafted to cater to the comprehensive financial forecasting and projection requirements of the manufacturing industry. The design principles behind these models aim to accommodate an extensive array of manufacturing businesses, regardless of their product types, volumes, overhead costs, or sales expectations and pricing structures.

manufacturing excel models
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(Manufacturing Business Financial Model Templates Bundle)

Templates Included:

Despite the inclusive nature of these models, there's clear merit in designing distinct templates, particularly when comparing the made-to-order manufacturing financial model to the general manufacturing plant financial model.

The made-to-order model stands out due to its sophisticated and comprehensive accounting logic. It includes elements like accounts receivable, payable, dynamic schedules based on units ordered over time, and a timeline for customer and vendor payments. The degree of precision offered by this model allows users to define specific percentages in month 'n' from the order month.

On the other hand, the general manufacturing plant model caters to businesses seeking an overarching view of operations. This model is designed for entities dealing with larger quantities of units sold, thereby eliminating the need for a granular configuration for individual orders.

Both the made-to-order and general manufacturing models are impressively robust, boasting assumptions related to equipment procurement and the decision between purchasing or leasing space. They also encompass an understanding of fixed versus variable costs, and can handle up to ten product categories.

An added bonus to this bundle is the 3D printing business model, tailored to businesses interested in procuring 3D printers for the purpose of producing and selling items. It offers adaptable assumptions for different 3D printer types, the number of printers you intend to operate, and the associated costs and revenues over time.

Not to be overlooked, the manufacturing sensitivity tables model in this bundle is an exceptional tool. It enables you to conduct data analyses for simplistic situations with just volume, price, and fixed costs, to more complex scenarios requiring examination of labor costs, variable costs, and labor productivity. This model is essentially a masterclass in what-if analysis, making it an invaluable addition to this comprehensive package.

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