Startup Financial Forecasting Templates

These bottom-up financial models cover a wide range of industries and use specifically tailored methodology to forecast unit economics and cash requirement planning. Most of the spreadsheets here are 5-year (monthly and annual), but a few will go for 10 years. On each template, the primary output reports include integrated 3-statement models, IRR, DCF Analysis, Equity Multiples, and visualizations.

startup financial models
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Startup Forecasting Templates Included:

3d printer

Ad Network ($45)
ad network


assisted living building

ATM machines

auto repair

Bike Shop ($45)
bike shop

Car Wash ($45)
car wash

cleaning service supplies

construction site


driving range

dry cleaning

eCommerce ($45)
ecommerce model

equipment rental

flat fee lending business

Food Truck ($45)
food truck

fast food franchise


Golf Course ($125)
golf course

fitness center

hair salon

jewelry store

automated kiosk

manufacturing plant

MHP investing

multimember fund

oil and gas wells

gold mining

p2p investing

pawn shop

plumbing business model


private golf course

professional services

property management business

real estate brokerage



device rental business

strip mall

self storage business

sports agency

used car dealership

vending machines future


Each has unique logic for how revenue is generated. This will be based on the best way that I have found to build configurable inputs that let the user show how they plan to earn a certain level of revenue over time. There is a general format to them all in regards to funding sources, exit assumptions based on multiplies, driving down to EBITDA/Net Income and cash flow as well as including executive summaries and DCF Analysis / IRR / ROI results based on assumption configuration. These templates are meant to figure out general economics, pricing, and help with strategy.

If you have any issues, just e-mail me: All Excel templates include a 3-statement model (Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement)

This pitch deck visualization template is included free with the purchase of any template.

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