Financial Model Templates for Specific Industries

This comprehensive suite of bottom-up financial models caters to an extensive array of industries, each carefully designed with a unique methodology to predict unit economics and facilitate precise cash requirement planning. These detailed models provide expansive five-year projections, both on a monthly and annual basis, while a select few extend their forecasts up to a decade. With each meticulously crafted template, the key deliverables encompass integrated three-statement models, internal rate of return (IRR), discounted cash flow (DCF) analysis, equity multiples, along with intuitively designed visualizations for an at-a-glance understanding of financial performance.

startup financial models
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Industrial Sector Financial Models: (industrial templates bundle)
Manufacturing Industry Financial Models: (manufacturing templates bundle)
Services Industry Financial Models: (service business bundle)
Automotive Industry Financial Models: (automotive templates bundle)
Retail Trade Industry Financial Models: (retail trade templates bundle)
  • Educational Courses - Configure 3 course types, multiple classes, pricing, capacity, more.
  • Bike Shop - Assumptions for 15 bike types, accessories, COGS, markup, and cash flow
  • Jewelry / Retail - 55 SKUs with 8 categories and plan pricing, COGS, and volume/growth.
  • Vending Machines - Configure slot spec averages and deployment over time.
  • eCommerce - Drive revenue from organic, partners, ad spend, and more.
  • Pawn Shop - Primarily driven from average cost of items, margins, volume, and interest.
  • Retail Scaling - Scale up to 25 locations with inputs for unit volume, sales, labor, and more.
  • Franchise Scaling - Scale up to 12 franchises as an operator. Includes dynamic timing.
  • Kiosk - Automated - Up to 5 expansion tranches and product configuration / capacity model.
Hospitality Industry Financial Models: (hospitality templates bundle)
  • Coffee Shop Menu builder to forecast revenue from pricing, volume, and COGS.
  • Hotel An underwriting model to forecast revenues, expenses, cash flow and more.
  • Cruise Ship / Boat Tours - Configure monthly cruise counts, ticketing, pricing, CAPEX.
  • Assisted Living Facility - Acquisition or new build, room rate inputs, staffing, and more.
  • Zoo / Aquarium / Park - Configure the cost of each 'zone' and projections per ticketing.
Financial Services Industry Financial Models:
  • ATM Machines - Up to 25 ATM deployment tranches, txn volume, fees, capex, and more.
  • Flat/Fixed Fee Lending - Loan origination with a single fee charged per loan as a %.
  • Lending Business - 3 loan types scaled out over time with credit facility option.
  • Multimember Fund - Track long-only stock/crypto positions, profit/loss, and distributions.
  • P2P Investing - Plan out expected investments on a P2P platform and see potential earnings.
Real Estate Industry Financial Models: (real estate templates bundle)
Recreational Activities Industry Financial Models:
  • Driving Range - Define startup costs, driving slots, capacity, ball pricing, capex, more.
  • Golf Course - One-time fees, capacity driven, option for food and beverage revenue.
  • Private Golf Course - Driven per maximum membership capacity, onboard / monthly fees.
  • Gym / Fitness Center - Fixed member capacity driven by total stations and member pricing.
Information Industry Financial Models:
  • Ad Network - Drive impression growth and impressions filled by advertisers over time.
  • PPC Internet Marketing - Sensitivity calculator to plan break-even cost per click.
Food Industry Financial Models:
  • Hydroponics - Configure up to 20 crop types with adjustable crop cycles, yields, and more.
  • Apple Orchard - Inputs for initial capex, opex, harvests/year, delay period, and pricing.
  • Food Truck - Inputs for avg. daily sales, ticket value, COGS %, variable over 10 years.
Other General Industry Financial Models:

Each template above has unique logic for how revenue is generated. This will be based on the best techniques I have found to build configurable inputs that let the user show how they plan to earn a certain level of revenue over time. There is a general format to them all in regards to funding sources, exit assumptions based on multiplies, driving down to EBITDA/Net Income and cash flow as well as including executive summaries and DCF Analysis / IRR / ROI results based on assumption configuration. These templates are meant to figure out general economics, pricing, and help with strategy.

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