Financial Forecasting Templates for Specific Industries

 These bottom-up financial models cover a wide range of industries and use specifically tailored methodology to forecast unit economics and cash requirement planning. Most of the spreadsheets here are 5-year (monthly and annual), but a few will go for 10 years. On each template, the primary output reports include integrated 3-statement models, IRR, DCF Analysis, Equity Multiples, and visualizations.

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Industry-specific Financial Planning Templates Bundle
startup financial models
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Startup Forecasting Templates:

3d printer
The 3D printing business involves using computer-controlled machines to create three-dimensional objects from digital designs, offering advantages such as customization, rapid prototyping, and reduced waste. This model lets the user define purchase cohorts, production assumptions, and general OpEx inputs in order to produce a full cash flow forecast and IRR.

Ad Network ($45)
ad network
The ad network business involves connecting advertisers with publishers and users through a platform that aggregates ad inventory and manages the ad serving and billing process, generating revenue through fees or commissions. This model makes it easy to forecast expected publisher inventory and resulting usage of that by advertisers in order to determine the network's fee revenues.

The apple orchard business involves planting, growing, and harvesting apple trees to produce a crop of apples, which can be sold to wholesalers, retailers, or directly to consumers through on-site sales or pick-your-own operations. With this financial model, you can build assumptions for all aspects of this business and forecast long-term returns.

assisted living building
Getting into the healthcare real estate and hospitality business can be expensive. This startup financial model was built to plan out return on investment while accounting for various room rates / types, occupancy, and in-house / outsourced labor. Includes joint venture optional waterfall (LP/GP).

ATM machines
The ATM machine business involves owning and operating automated teller machines that dispense cash and perform other banking transactions, generating revenue through fees charged to users or through contracts with financial institutions. This model makes it easy to plan out multiple cohort deployments of machines, each with their own volume and revenue assumptions.

auto repair
The auto repair business involves providing maintenance, repair, and diagnostic services for vehicles to keep them running smoothly, safely, and efficiently. Additionally, parts / accessories / tires also drive revenue / margins. You can plan out the operations of a center with this financial model with granular assumptions for acquisition or rent, operation, and potential exit.

Bike Shop ($45)
bike shop
The bike shop business involves selling bicycles, parts, accessories, and related services, such as repairs, rentals, and maintenance, to cyclists of all skill levels and interests. I built some pretty cool inventory logic for initial purchases and ongoing cash requirements based on how far ahead inventory is ordered for.

Car Wash ($45)
car wash
The car wash business involves offering cleaning, detailing, and other automotive services to clean, maintain, and enhance the appearance of vehicles, typically using automated or manual methods and charging a fee for each service. This model was designed for tunnels / bays, has seasonality assumptions, option for memberships, and dynamic variable inputs for all aspects of the business life cycle.

cleaning service supplies
The cleaning business involves the provision of professional cleaning services to individuals and businesses, including tasks such as dusting, vacuuming, and disinfecting surfaces. This model makes it easy to match your billable hours with employee pay in order to see the resulting margin earned over time.

coffee shop
This has a fun menu planner that can account for large and small operations. If you are looking at starting up a coffee shop with debt and/or equity, this is a great financial modeling tool to help strategize and run feasibility tests. Goes for 5 years and drives down to EBITDA and cash flow. Includes financial statements, IRR, DCF Analysis, and sensitivity data tables for key variables.

construction site
Starting a construction company involves careful planning and execution of tasks such as obtaining licenses, securing funding, acquiring equipment, and hiring skilled labor to carry out construction projects. You can model multiple project types over time and account for the timing of cash flow based on when payments are collected and expenses are paid. Cohort modeling is used for this.

cruise ship
Starting a cruise ship involves a complex process of designing, building, and outfitting a vessel that meets regulatory standards, offers a variety of amenities and activities, and provides a safe and enjoyable experience for passengers and crew. You can model out the initial investment and cash flow returned from operations over a 120 month period with this template. Granular assumptions drive revenues and expenses.

This was one of my first cohort modeling builds. The template makes it easy to define initial new customers per month and their spending and retention assumptions over time in order to create a clean bottom-up financial forecast.

driving range
Starting a driving range involves selecting a suitable location, obtaining permits, purchasing equipment such as range balls and targets, and creating a business plan to attract and retain customers. I built in a lot of specific cost detail and logic that only pertains to a driving range.

dry cleaning
The dry cleaning business provides a convenient and specialized cleaning service for garments and textiles that cannot be easily cleaned with water, using chemical solvents and equipment to remove stains and odors. You will need to be able to account for initial equipment purchases, rent, and various revenue streams. All of those things can be modeled with this template.

eCommerce ($45)
ecommerce model
The ecommerce business model involves selling products or services online through a website or mobile app, often with a focus on convenience, accessibility, and customer experience. This model is focused on selling tangible items through various sales channels with different partner types and traffic / conversion assumptions.

equipment rental model
The equipment rental business model involves renting out equipment or machinery to customers for a specified period, often with a focus on providing cost-effective solutions for short-term needs without the upfront cost of purchasing equipment. This template lets you enter specific unique items (up to 100) and define utilization / revenue assumptions for them over time.

flat fee lending business
Flat or fixed fee lending is a lending model where borrowers pay a fixed fee or flat interest rate on a loan, regardless of the repayment period or amount borrowed, providing simplicity and predictability for borrowers. Includes option to finance lending activity with a rolling credit facility. Up to 3 loan configuration settings available.

Food Truck ($45)
food truck
The food truck business model involves operating a mobile restaurant out of a truck or trailer, often with a focus on serving unique or specialized food offerings in high-traffic areas. Inputs are simple. Just define expected sales per day on average, average order value, and percentage for COGS, Labor, other overheads. Adjustable in three time ranges for growth purposes.

fast food franchise
Being a franchisee involves purchasing the right to use a proven business model and brand name from a franchisor, often with a focus on leveraging an established system for success and support. This model accounts for the timing of agreements being signed, construction happening, franchise fees paid, debt assumptions, and more.

Being a franchisor involves creating a business model that can be replicated by franchisees, often with a focus on providing training, support, and branding to ensure consistency and success across multiple locations. With this template, you can model out an arbitrarily large/small number of franchisees that joint your franchise business and pay you licensing fees.

Golf Course ($125)
golf course
Investing in a golf course can be capital intensive. You will have high acquisition, development, and/or renovation costs as well as high maintenance expenses. It can be a long-term profit distributor with good management in a good location. This model is based on capacity usage for one-time walk-ins as well as operating a food and beverage area. If you are looking for a private membership-only version with ongoing monthly fees, keep scrolling down.

fitness center
Starting a new gym facility requires careful planning, attention to detail, and a strong commitment to providing a welcoming and supportive environment for members to achieve their fitness goals. This model has all the right assumptions for optimal capacity, fixed asset purchases, and pricing inputs.

hair salon
The hair salon business requires skilled professionals, a keen understanding of customer needs, and a dedication to staying up-to-date with trends and techniques in the industry. This is a 10 year model that has assumptions for hair cut counts, pricing, other services, and products / margins therein.

jewelry store
Starting a jewelry shop business requires a combination of creativity, business acumen, and a deep understanding of customer preferences in order to stand out in a competitive market. You get robust sensitivity drivers, lots of product lines to forecast, and margin inputs for each. Easily turn on/off a given product line with a yes/no switch instead of zeroing everything out that is not necessary.

automated kiosk
Getting into the robotic kiosk business requires expertise in software engineering, robotics, and business development, as well as a thorough understanding of the market and consumer demand for automated services. This model has configurations for various product offerings and a general kiosk deployment schedule that drives total revenues.

laundromat business
A laundromat is a commercial establishment where people can wash and dry their clothes using coin-operated or card-operated washing machines and dryers. This template lets you forecast for up to 10 years and includes dynamic configurations for 5 washer types / 5 dryer types and usage / capacity drivers.

Starting a lending business requires in-depth knowledge of financial regulations, risk management, and credit analysis, as well as a solid business plan and access to funding sources. You get really good assumptions for scaling loan originations of different loans types and in-depth drivers for using a credit facility, recycling revenue, and varying loan terms / interest rates over time.

manufacturing plant
Investing in a new manufacturing plant requires careful market analysis, cost-benefit assessments, and a focus on efficient production processes to ensure long-term profitability and success. This template has capex purchases, integrated cost of goods sold (per direct costs / depreciation expense of equipment), seasonality of sales volume, and more.

MHP investing
Investing in mobile home parks requires a thorough understanding of real estate laws, property management, and tenant relations, as well as an awareness of demographic and economic trends affecting the demand for affordable housing. You can build a financial plan for a single or multiple parks (up to 40) over a 16 year period with this financial model. It also includes 3 waterfall options if it is a joint venture.

multimember fund
Track profit and losses over time and the resulting distributions therein of a long-only fund that invests in stock / crypto. Unique logic to account for proper cost basis when there are multiply buys and sells happening over time in the same ticker.

oil and gas wells
This is a really nice cohort driven model that was made for oil/gas exploration. The assumptions are dynamic for how many wells are drilled per cohort, success rates, when the drilling starts, how long production lasts for, the price of units sold over time, the costs of initial and ongoing drilling, and the flow rate depletion.

gold mining
Mining gold involves extracting the precious metal from underground deposits using various techniques such as open-pit mining, underground mining, and placer mining. This template lets the user define tonne volumes, the resulting metals / rock / gem yields, pricing and startup costs / operating costs over time.

p2p investing
This is a simple model for anyone investing in loans on a P2P platform that wants to see how their reinvested returns can grow based on key interest rate and default rate assumptions.

pawn shop
Pawn shops are businesses that offer short-term loans to customers who provide collateral in the form of personal items such as jewelry or electronics. This model lets the user define the number of items that are sold, margins for products purchased and resold, and resulting interest income from pawned items.

plumbing business model
The plumbing business involves installing, repairing, and maintaining plumbing systems in residential, commercial, and industrial settings, such as pipes, fixtures, and water heaters. You can create a financial plan for starting this kind of business with this template. It has assumptions for up to three types of jobs, the count of those jobs done over time, variable costs, and revenues per job.

PPC (Pay-per-click) marketing is a form of online advertising where advertisers pay each time their ad is clicked, typically used to drive website traffic, conversions, and sales. You can plan out conversions, volumes, and product margins to figure out your break-even cost per click and much more this this template.

private golf course
A private golf course is a membership-based facility that offers exclusive access to its members and guests, often with additional amenities such as clubhouse, dining, and recreational activities. You can plan maximum member capacity, how close you get to that over time, membership dues, and more with this template.

professional services
A professional services agency is a business that offers specialized knowledge and expertise to clients, typically in areas such as consulting, legal, accounting, marketing, or IT services. With this model, you can plan out how many jobs / hours the professionals in your agency work, how many professionals their are (3 configurations), their total pay, the commission the agency receives from billables, and more.

property management business
The property management industry involves the management and oversight of real estate properties, including residential, commercial, and industrial properties. You can input the onboarding of new customers over time, the average rent / growth of those customers' property, and the percentage take.

real estate brokerage
The real estate brokerage business involves facilitating the buying and selling of real estate properties by connecting buyers and sellers, providing market analysis, and guiding clients through the transaction process. This model does a great job at forecasting deal volumes and showing the resulting commission shares for buy/sell side.

This template was made to show the cost to acquire materials or items and the expected units sales of those items over time, resulting margins, and investment returns.

This high level model lets the user define assumptions related to the finances of a religious organization.

device rental business
A tangible good rental business involves renting out physical goods, such as equipment, tools, vehicles, or household items, for a fee or a set period of time. Unlike the equipment rental model higher up, this template was made with a focus on many items (100s / 1,000s) and you will see cohorts for up to 25 categories of items that each have up to 7 purchasing events. Rent will be triggered as inputs are entered for date/amount purchased and rate.

strip mall
Running brick and mortar stores involves managing physical retail locations, including inventory, sales, staffing, customer service, and maintaining the store's physical space. Each location has assumptions for unit sales volume, labor, growth in sales, inventory purchases, and the change over time.

self storage business
Self-storage facilities are commercial properties that provide storage space for individuals or businesses to rent on a short-term or long-term basis, typically for storing items that they do not have room for at home or work. If you have land and what to turn it into money, this may be a viable option. You can model up to 6 acquisition / development deals with this model. It is equity ramping only with no debt assumptions.

sports agency
Running a sports agency involves representing and managing professional athletes, negotiating contracts and endorsements, handling financial planning and public relations, and providing career advice and support. You can do the financial planning with this template and account for various size and scale per athletes, earnings, cost to maintain the relationship, and more.

5-year financial model to plan out every economic aspect of a startup trucking business. Monthly granularity was included for delivery demands as well as up to 3 types of trucks / delivery cohorts to use. Also, you get a robust set of variable costs to account for fuel, driver wages, insurance, repairs, and more. This model was built for scaling small or large operations.

used car dealership
Operating a used car dealership involves acquiring inventory, marketing and selling vehicles, financing options, providing customer service, and adhering to regulations and licensing requirements. This model is good at defining sales volumes over time, margins based on cost of various car/truck types, and the resulting monthly/annual return on initial investment.

vending machines future
The vending machine business involves owning, stocking, and servicing vending machines that dispense various products, such as snacks, beverages, and personal care items, in high-traffic locations. You can build a financial plan based on deploying an arbitrarily large number of vending machines with this template. Initial cost, pricing configurations/slots, and average margins can all be accounted for.

This template was built to account for the construction costs and developing a theme park, zoo, or similar entertainment venue that has many different attraction zones with varying costs, the resulting ticket sales, and general operating expenses over time.

Each has unique logic for how revenue is generated. This will be based on the best way that I have found to build configurable inputs that let the user show how they plan to earn a certain level of revenue over time. There is a general format to them all in regards to funding sources, exit assumptions based on multiplies, driving down to EBITDA/Net Income and cash flow as well as including executive summaries and DCF Analysis / IRR / ROI results based on assumption configuration. These templates are meant to figure out general economics, pricing, and help with strategy.

If you have any issues, just e-mail me: All Excel templates include a 3-statement model (Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement)

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