Industrial Sector Financial Model Templates

This suite of templates forms one of my most robust categories, garnering substantial demand from my clients since inception. It is particularly useful for businesses in the industrial sector - typically large-scale operations with substantial initial outlays that can range from tens to hundreds of millions, or even billions of dollars, as exemplified by the oil and gas industry.

industrial financial models
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(Industrial Sector Financial Model Templates Bundle)

Templates Included:

Each template in this bundle is unique, featuring assumption configurations based on a bottom-up forecasting approach. This method involves defining base key metrics that will guide the projected revenues and expenses over time. Because every industrial business is unique, these models require specialized logic to craft viable financial projections, explore diverse pricing scenarios, analyze optimal and worst-case scenarios, and determine the necessary conditions for profitability.

The financial models provided in this suite are designed for scalability. Take, for instance, the oil and gas drilling model, which accommodates planning for up to 46 drilling sites with arbitrarily large or small counts of wells. 

The construction model offers three job-type configurations and allows you to adjust the number of jobs initiated each month according to your needs. All variable costs fit seamlessly, and dynamic percentage schedules dictate when cash is collected, bills are paid, and the completion period of each job (denoted as % per month).

These templates are designed to be used repeatedly in your finance department, providing the foundation for the most comprehensive financial planning and analysis reports. Each model includes an integrated 3-statement report (Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow Statement) along with summary pro forma reports that delve deeper into the financial details. 

Notably, the oil and gas model focuses purely on cash flows, permitting planning for joint venture structures based on potential IRR hurdles. However, it can also be utilized by a single operator, by setting the Limited Partner (LP) share at 0%, so all cash flow activity is directed to a single entity.

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