These financial model templates are designed to be one-size-fits-most, but occasionally you may have a different way that you wish the model to work, want a few modifications, or just have some questions. That is completely fine and you can email me about it, see below.

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Summary of Lifetime Billings from SmartHelping

213 Total Custom Jobs on SmartHelping from July 16, 2017 - Sept. 9, 2023

hourly billings data analysis

The above charts show and analysis that will give you an idea of the expected time and cost of the typical custom financial modeling job. I update it every month or two. The data is from every single client I have ever had come through SmartHelping and their lifetime billings (total hours and cost in USD).

There were 2 big outliers in this data, a 41 hour and a 67 hour job that were included. Those were long-term jobs that spanned years.

This doesn't include work I've done through other vendor platforms.

excel pro forma template services

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