Pay and Schedule a 30 Minute Meeting:


  • General Template Questions
  • Scoping a Potential Custom Template Job
  • Template Walkthroughs
  • Any General Template Inquiries
  • Talking Through a Potential Customization on an Existing Template
  • For the actual job, you can see my financial modeling service hourly rate schedule.
Need to Reschedule?

As long as you reschedule 12 hours or more prior to the meeting start, that is fine. If you cancel / reschedule within 12 hours of the meeting start time, there are no refunds and you would have to buy another consultation credit.

Note, this 30 minute consultation doesn't guarantee I will do any modeling request. It is just to talk. Any unused time can be applied to the actual work that is to be done, if any.

Learn more about all the templates on this site here.

My response might hit your spam folder, so be sure to check that within 12 hours of submitting a request. Usually I will respond immediately.