Preferred Return Investment Fund Tracking Spreadsheet: Up to 30 Members

 These preferred returns are all under the assumption that the LPs are preferred equity structures and the return refers to an IRR. This is a general fund tracking spreadsheet made for investment funds with up to 30 members (expandable) that have varying start and end dates as well as general contribution rates / preferred returns / and hurdles. The template can handle up to a 20 year period for the entire fund and up to 15 years for any single investor. Enjoy one of the most usable and user friendly out-of-the-box trackers I've ever built.

Financial Model Template for Real Estate Brokerage

 If you ever wanted to start a real estate brokerage or currently run one and want to play with new economic incentives / financial strategies, then this financial model will be a great tool to use. The spreadsheet goes out for a max of 10 years and shows all summaries on a monthly and annual basis. It is built in MS Excel.

What Does Cap Rate Mean in Real Estate

 This question comes up a lot in real estate. Old pros or new to the industry will find it worth the effort to understand what it means. The full term is capitalization rate and is often referred to as 'cap rate'. It is used to describe property valuations, in real estate models, and as a general communicative term in the industry.

Expense Tracker: Excel and Google Sheet Spreadsheet Template

 Getting a hold on your spending and expenses is the first step to budgeting. This tracking spreadsheet will allow for the automated reporting of expenses by month and by year for up to 250 expense categories and can handle tens of thousands of individual transactions in the data tab.

Excel Template for IRR and DCF Analysis Calculations of Equity Investment Over Time

 If you have ever tried to build a financial model, you will find one of the more tricky and subjective areas is how to calculate the IRR and DCF Analysis for investors. At the project level, you can just run an IRR formula on the cash flow per period (cash in/out) by month or year (with a year 0 for initial investment). However, things can get tricky when you look at the view of investors.

Real Estate Template for Rent Growth Formulas

 One of the most common pieces of logic in all the real estate financial models I've built for customers and as templates has some sort of rent growth logic. This template gives you all the different styles and methodologies that I've used.

How to Calculate Customer Lifetime Value (LTV): SaaS Template

 This Excel spreadsheet was built to let anyone plug in some high level assumptions and see the resulting customer lifetime value. It is designed to be a metric that can be tracked from month-to-month or whatever period you are entering data for.

General Use Real Estate Rent Roll Template

 This is a general use template / spreadsheet for self storage / mobile home parks / multifamily or any acquisition scenario that involves units and monthly rent and/or driven off rent per square foot.

PaaS (Product-as-a-Service) 10 Year Financial Model

 This business model has been in academic literature since the early 90s, but more recently some businesses are experimenting or fully switching over to Product-as-a-Service or 'PaaS' instead of direct sales of their products. This is a financial model to plan out the economics of such a business for up to 10 years.

How to Calculate CaC for SaaS and Considerations

 This is actually one of the more straight forward performance metrics that is calculated in the SaaS industry. However, it is really important to understand if you are scaling up and is involved in a few other important metrics. So, it is at the heart of SaaS business analysis.

Professionally Formatted Income Statement Template in Excel / Google Sheets

 If you are not in Accounting or have not gone through any formal classes, you may want some general guidelines for how to format an income statement within an Excel or Google Sheet spreadsheet. This template and video gives you some tips on what to think about if you are doing so. Note, there are other line items that may come into an income statement not shown in the video and you will see on the example sheet link below I have added a section for COGS and Gross Profit. The general concepts apply throughout even still.