General Use Real Estate Rent Roll Template

 This is a general use template / spreadsheet for self storage / mobile home parks / multifamily or any acquisition scenario that involves units and monthly rent and/or driven off rent per square foot.

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This is meant to be a simple starting point for anyone trying to get a re-usable rent roll template for their acquisition activity. The results of this can be used to start off rental revenue assumptions in a pro forma.

So what goes on a rent roll spreadsheet?

  • 1,000 slots for units (you can enter in unit tranches or every single unit in the deal) and either way the math comes out right for total rents / vacancy / and expected Y1 rent.
  • Square Feet of each unit type
  • There are three main sections: 
    • Current or 'In Place' monthly rent per unit / occupancy / unit count per type
    • Market rent rates per unit type and resulting monthly rent
    • Expected Year 1 rents (what you plan to charge after the acquisition) per unit / type
  • Everything is broken down in weighted average rent per month per unit and average rent per square foot for the three sections.
I also broke down the summary by total monthly and annual rent at current / market / expected and a final adjustment for expected year 1 occupancy.

Hopefully this helps you get a good start on your real estate underwriting model.

You may also be interested in this fully comprehensive real estate underwriting model that includes value-add features built into the rent roll configuration. It is great for self-storage, multi-family, and/or apartment building acquisitions or new developments.