Financial Model for Real Estate Brokerage

 If you ever wanted to start a real estate brokerage or currently run one and want to play with new economic incentives / financial strategies, then this financial model will be a great tool to use. The spreadsheet goes out for a max of 10 years and shows all summaries on a monthly and annual basis. It is built in MS Excel.

$75.00 USD

After purchase, the spreadsheet will be immediately available to download. This model is also included in the real estate model and industry-specific model bundles.

real estate brokerage

The general template design was made to be easily followed / used with assumption configuration that is relevant to the real estate brokerage business. The user will be able to produce clean financial statement forecasts. 

Final Output Reports:

  • Monthly and Annual Financial Statements (Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement)
  • Monthly and Annual pro forma detail (granular look at the assumptions on a monthly basis that drives down to EBITDA/Cash flow and shows KPIs)
  • Annual Executive Summary
  • DCF Analysis
  • IRR, ROI, Equity Multiple Hurdles for project / investor pool / owner pool (if applicable)
  • 10 Financial Summary Visualizations

Revenue Assumptions (two configuration modules with the following inputs):

  • Start Month of Operations
  • Expected # of Deals Completed per Month from Agents
  • Increase in Deals per Month
  • Average Deals Done per Agent per Month
  • Average Commission on Sale
  • % of Sell Side Deals
  • Share of Commission on Sell Side
  • Commission Split (earned by brokerage)
  • % of Buy Side Deals
  • Share of Commission on Buy Side
  • Commission Split (earned by brokerage)

Expense Assumptions (fixed/variable):

  • Tons of slots of fixed costs (start month, description, monthly cost in each year)
  • Variable costs are defined based on cost per agent per month (up to 5 slots per deal type) and this would be things like monthly marketing spend per agent and monthly software costs per agent.
  • There is also a catch all cost module defined as a percentage of brokerage revenues
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