Financial Model for Real Estate Brokerage

 If you ever wanted to start a real estate brokerage or currently run one and want to play with new economic incentives / financial strategies, then this financial model will be a great tool to use. The spreadsheet goes out for a max of 10 years and shows all summaries on a monthly and annual basis. It is built in MS Excel.

$75.00 USD

After purchase, the spreadsheet will be immediately available to download. This model is also included in the real estate financial model spreadsheets bundle.

real estate brokerage

The general template design was made to be easily followed / used with assumption configuration that is relevant to the real estate brokerage business. The user will be able to produce clean financial statement forecasts. 

Final Output Reports:

  • Monthly and Annual Financial Statements (Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement)
  • Monthly and Annual pro forma detail (granular look at the assumptions on a monthly basis that drives down to EBITDA/Cash flow and shows KPIs)
  • Annual Executive Summary
  • DCF Analysis
  • Cap Table (option for all owner equity or a joint venture)
  • IRR, ROI, Equity Multiple Hurdles for project / investor pool / owner pool (if applicable)
  • 10 Financial Summary Visualizations

Revenue Assumptions (two configuration modules with the following inputs):

  • Start Month of Operations
  • Expected # of Deals Completed per Month from Agents
  • Increase in Deals per Month
  • Average Deals Done per Agent per Month
  • Average Sales Price (value in USD)
  • Average Commission on Sale
  • % of Sell Side Deals
  • Share of Commission on Sell Side
  • Commission Split (earned by brokerage)
  • % of Buy Side Deals
  • Share of Commission on Buy Side
  • Commission Split (earned by brokerage)

Expense Assumptions (fixed/variable):

  • Tons of slots of fixed costs (start month, description, monthly cost in each year)
  • Variable costs are defined based on cost per agent per month (up to 5 slots per deal type) and this would be things like monthly marketing spend per agent and monthly software costs per agent.
  • There is also a catch all cost module defined as a percentage of brokerage revenues