Rental Property Real Estate Model: Up to 100 Properties

Unlock the power of strategic property investment with this sophisticated rental property acquisition spreadsheet. Designed for both ambitious individuals and funds, this model simplifies the complexities of acquiring up to 100 properties over time. Delve into customizable scenarios, from debt structuring to appreciation and rent growth predictions, ensuring you have a comprehensive understanding of cash flows and minimum equity requirements. Whether you're a fund manager or a solo investor, this model provides the clarity and foresight needed for successful property scaling.

Single Operator Version: $45.00 USD

Fund Version: $75.00 USD

After purchase, the template will be immediately available to download. Both are included in the real estate models template bundle as well.

rental property real estate model

One of my favorite aspects of this model is being able to plan out a build-up of cash flow that is re-invested into new properties. The way these assumptions are laid out enables such investing strategizing.

Template Features:
  • Up to 100 properties.
  • DCF Analysis for project and GP / LP
  • Define month each property is purchased and configure:
    • Purchase price
    • Renovations
    • Renovation period
    • Financing percentage and loan terms
    • Closing costs and prepay fees if applicable
    • Starting monthly rent
    • Annual rent growth
    • Average vacancy
    • 14 slots for fixed monthly costs
    • Property management fees (% of rents)
    • Annual expense increase
    • Annual property appreciation
  • Dynamic select the end month of the financial forecast (up to 20  years).
  • Monthly and annual pro forma views.
  • Fund version includes two different cash flow waterfall options (IRR hurdle vs. simple preferred return)
  • Visualizations for:
    • Monthly property value over time vs. debt and equity value
    • Monthly cumulative cash flow
    • Monthly Net Operating Income vs Debt Service
    • Monthly cumulative homes purchased
    • Annual cash flows
    • Annual NOI vs DSCR
  • Output metrics include IRR, ROI, Equity Multiple
  • Depreciation expense and income / capital gain taxes.
Fund Version vs. Single Operator Version: An Overview

Fund Version:
  • Tailored to cater for multiple GP fees, enhancing the granularity of financial planning.
  • Features two distinct cash flow waterfall models:
    • The Simple Preferred Return, which offers dual cash flow splits—before reaching the simple pref. hurdle and after complete equity repayment.
    • The IRR Hurdle Waterfall, inclusive of an option for a GP catch-up, for those seeking more nuanced projections.
  • Notably, the fund version excludes tax and depreciation considerations, as these are typically addressed in LP/GP arrangements through specific operating agreement clauses.
Single Operator Version:
  • A comprehensive model that factors in depreciation in its pro forma.
  • Equipped to manage considerations around income taxes, capital gains taxes, and depreciation recapture-related taxable income.
The Essence of this Financial Model Template:

At its core, this model is a dynamic tool crafted to project the capital trajectory for scaling multiple rental properties. It's primed for users to fine-tune purchase timings and customize individual rental property configurations, ensuring robust and strategic financial planning. Whether you're scaling operations or honing investment strategies, this template serves as a powerful compass for your property investment journey.