Mobile Home Park Financial Model

Turns out that it pays to run a mobile home park / community. There are a lot of reason to buy an existing community rather than build your own, but if you really have a vision than go for it. The cap rates on these things are healthy for those looking to exit, but still offer buyers plenty of room to make a return on their investment. Overall, it is a very interesting prospect for those willing to dive in.

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Note, the annual summary has been updated to display the proper unit counts. This had no effect on final cash flow.

As far as this model goes, I have tried to layout all the relevant startup costs, on-going costs, and revenue variables so that any user can come in here and build their own plan and see what their cash flows/return %'s and IRR may look like for the project.

This financial model has the following features:
  • Goes out 50 years monthly and rolls up into annual summary. No lost categories.
  • Break even year included.
  • Running cash balance/visual.
  • Amortization schedule included that automatically flows to the model based on your input assumptions.
  • Segmented years in the assumptions so you can plan out growth or changes in rent/costs over time.
  • Cap rate input to determine sale price of the park.
  • Sale price is included in the cash flows.
  • Total return, average annual total return, net return, average annual net return, and %'s of all are included.
  • Enter start date and desired sale date. Cash flows adjust appropriately.
  • Choose what % of the total start-up costs you want to finance.
  • Instructions and guides are available within relevant cells.
I have really tried to encompass all the modeling skills that I have at hand in excel to make this highly automated as well as very easy to use and test out different financial scenarios.

Note, if you see the mortgage balance in the annual summary in the video looks off, that is because it was also using sumifs. It has since been updated to pull the correct balance as of that month.