Startup Financial Model - Food Truck

*Note, cash flow returns have been updated to account for financing / operational cash flow differences and you will now have a leverage return % and non-leveraged return. Note if you set financing at 0% these returns would be the same.

I have been struggling to think of a new financial model to do. That is why I have been silent on this front for a few weeks here in January. Today there was a decent gap in time so I went for it and created this clean 10 year cash flow model for a food truck.

So...can you make money with a food truck?

$45.00 USD

The template will be immediately available for download after purchase. This is included in the industry-specific financial model bundle. Last Version Update: 4/26/2022

Recent update: Added 3-statement financial model interconnection (Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement) as well as a dynamic capex/depreciation schedule and a capitalization table. 

Also, logic for building your annual revenue over time now allows for you to enter daily expected sales, avg. sale $ amount, and working days per month in order to populate the annual revenue for each of the 3 time-periods over 10 years.

The answer is that it depends. Based on where you live, the population, and the market, it will drive your potential revenue. How well people like your food and how well you can run your food truck, it will determine the amount of actual profit you take away from the business.

There are licenses, insurance, and other miscellaneous costs that go into this just at the initial investment period. Once you get going, the margins will be based on how well you can match demand with your labor and what food costs are.

For the purpose of projections, this financial model has the following ability:
  • Enter projected revenue for 3 periods over 10 years.
  • Enter operating expense as a % of revenue.
  • Enter startup costs (fields described)
  • Enter any financing assumptions.
  • Returns show net operating cash in/out flow $ and %.
  • IRR
  • Average annual net cash flow.
  • Chart showing running cash position vs. annual cash in/out flow.
So it will take you some more time to research your specific environment, but with the right preparation, you will be able to judge for yourself if you can make money, and if so, how much money you can make with a food truck.