Difference Between Pre-money and Post-money Valuation for a Startup

Startup valuation analysis is important for both the company and potential investors, as it helps determine the price at which an investor can purchase a stake in the company and the potential return on investment for the investor. It also affects the dilution of ownership and control for the company and its founders.

Why Are SaaS Company Valuations So High?

SaaS (software as a service) companies are often valued highly because they have the potential to generate a significant amount of recurring revenue. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Starting a Dry Cleaning Business

Starting a dry cleaning business can have several potential advantages, including:

Construction KPI Dashboard: Job Success Tracker

 This KPI dashboard focuses in on the average Gross Profit per job and average Gross Profit Margin per job. It will be of great use to any general contractor. The perfect example is a construction company that provides quotes, estimated costs, and then needs to compare their quoted job metrics to the actual job job metrics.

Property Management Business - Financial Forecasting Model

Mix real estate and SaaS. Now you are running a property management business that requires careful financial planning. This means pricing, scale, understanding fixed and variable costs at different levels of scale, and being able to play with different assumptions to see how the bottom line is affected. Going through this financial simulation will give the user a better grasp on general operational feasibility of this type of business.

Excel Template to Track Projects

Excel was made for this! If you want to keep a high level view on multiple projects that are happening at the same time and include milestone completions, this template will work for you. Track on an hourly basis or daily/weekly/monthly by adjusting the view dropdown selector. Choose the start date or start time of the tracker and then start entering each projects name, start/end period, and if it is completed or not. If you are running a construction company, this is going to be really useful. 

Bug Bounty

 I will send you $15 via PayPal if you can find a logical error in any spreadsheet that you have purchased. It must be per the most recent version and you can request that version before submitting anything to me if you have already purchased it at some point in the past.

This does not include any text errors, only errors in the math / references / logic.

The goal here is to ensure 100% logical accuracy in all the financial models.

Note, I also do custom work for $165/hr. and am open to lots of template building from scratch or making modifications.

IRR Target Investment Analysis - Up to 15 Years

 This is a clever tool I built that will calculate the required cash owed at the end of any period based on defined initial investments, investments over time, distributions over time, and a desired IRR target. The spreadsheet runs natively in Google Sheets and can be downloaded to Excel with on problem if so desired. I include the IRR financial metric in all startup financial models that you will find here on SmartHelping.

Rent vs Own Calculator

 This is a discussion many people talk about, but few actually go in and build a comprehensive financial model for. With this template, you can really get a good grip on what the financial impact will be over the course of your life if you own your home vs. renting a home. Obviously there are other factors to consider that may not have anything to do with numbers, but for this analysis, we are strictly looking at the numbers only.

Update to Money Lending Business Forecasting Template

 This is not as major as the previous update I did to this financial model where a rolling credit facility was added along with revenue recycling percentages, but it is major in terms of making the template more usable and easier to follow as well as more durable.

Update to Inventory Forecasting Spreadsheet

 I have an awesome update to the inventory restocking and cash flow planning template. It now is able to handle up to 500 SKUs (up from 19 in the original). This template has been the most populate Excel template that I have ever built and it has had the best feedback from customers. I have had about 10 requests to extend the SKU count, but it required a bit of an overhaul to the entire model. The update is finally done!

Sports Agency Financial Model

 If you are going to start your own sports agency business, a financial plan is required. This template will give you a robust set of dynamic assumptions that enable a clean output financial model / financial statements for starting up and running a sports agency. Note, this would also work for any sort of general agency where there are two primary revenue streams (playing/acting career and endorsements).

Update to Seller Financing Template: Added Two New Loan Types

 I did a seller financing amortization schedule and tax basis calculator awhile back. Now, I have added two additional tabs to that template that gives the user the ability to see what the IRR is for the seller if the transaction uses interest only loans or term loans.

Economic Model for Private Membership-only Golf Course

 I have done a golf course financial model in the past, but it was based off one-time course fee revenue (meaning a capacity model where you have one-time purchases to play holes and it is open to the public). This financial model was built after many requests to do a private golf course / club where you have a limited number of member 'seats' and those golfers pay a monthly fee as well as a few other caveats.

Construction Business Financial Model

 Planning out the financials of a construction business is important. You want to have a good mental model for how the cash will flow through the business and what kind of profits you may have based on some given assumptions. This financial model will help you test pricing, estimate construction costs (labor / materials / equipment), and do so at scale.

Financial Statement Generator: Accrual or Cash Basis

 Enjoy this comprehensive financial statement generator template. I have been building financial models for a long time, but I've never built an entire accounting system. The usefulness of this spreadsheet is simply allowing any business to enter transactions into a database style tab and having financial statements automatically produced that are GAAP / IFRS compliant. I tried to hit all the possible types of transactions a business may need to account for. 

Preferred Return Financial Model - Multiple Hurdles - Simple Interest (Non-Compounding)

 I had a bunch of requests for this joint venture spreadsheet structure to be built by clients and so that means it is time for a template. I have never built the logic for non-compounded preferred return hurdles with simple interest (normally I build based on IRR hurdles). It just means the accrued preferred return due does not compound on the equity balance and it also means the return due does not equal any defined IRR.

Preferred Return Investment Fund Tracking Spreadsheet: Up to 30 Members

 These preferred returns are all under the assumption that the LPs are preferred equity structures and the return refers to an IRR. This is a general fund tracking spreadsheet made for investment funds with up to 30 members (expandable) that have varying start and end dates as well as general contribution rates / preferred returns / and hurdles. The template can handle up to a 20 year period for the entire fund and up to 15 years for any single investor. Enjoy one of the most usable and user friendly out-of-the-box trackers I've ever built.

Financial Model Template for Real Estate Brokerage

 If you ever wanted to start a real estate brokerage or currently run one and want to play with new economic incentives / financial strategies, then this financial model will be a great tool to use. The spreadsheet goes out for a max of 10 years and shows all summaries on a monthly and annual basis. It is built in MS Excel.

What Does Cap Rate Mean in Real Estate

 This question comes up a lot in real estate. Old pros or new to the industry will find it worth the effort to understand what it means. The full term is capitalization rate and is often referred to as 'cap rate'. It is used to describe property valuations, in real estate models, and as a general communicative term in the industry.

Expense Tracker: Excel and Google Sheet Spreadsheet Template

 Getting a hold on your spending and expenses is the first step to budgeting. This tracking spreadsheet will allow for the automated reporting of expenses by month and by year for up to 250 expense categories and can handle tens of thousands of individual transactions in the data tab.

Excel Template for IRR and DCF Analysis Calculations of Equity Investment Over Time

 If you have ever tried to build a financial model, you will find one of the more tricky and subjective areas is how to calculate the IRR and DCF Analysis for investors. At the project level, you can just run an IRR formula on the cash flow per period (cash in/out) by month or year (with a year 0 for initial investment). However, things can get tricky when you look at the view of investors.

Real Estate Template for Rent Growth Formulas

 One of the most common pieces of logic in all the real estate financial models I've built for customers and as templates has some sort of rent growth logic. This template gives you all the different styles and methodologies that I've used.

How to Calculate Customer Lifetime Value (LTV): SaaS Template

 This Excel spreadsheet was built to let anyone plug in some high level assumptions and see the resulting customer lifetime value. It is designed to be a metric that can be tracked from month-to-month or whatever period you are entering data for.

General Use Real Estate Rent Roll Template

 This is a general use template / spreadsheet for self storage / mobile home parks / multifamily or any acquisition scenario that involves units and monthly rent and/or driven off rent per square foot.

PaaS (Product-as-a-Service) 10 Year Financial Model

 This business model has been in academic literature since the early 90s, but more recently some businesses are experimenting or fully switching over to Product-as-a-Service or 'PaaS' instead of direct sales of their products. This is a financial model to plan out the economics of such a business for up to 10 years.

How to Calculate CaC for SaaS and Considerations

 This is actually one of the more straight forward performance metrics that is calculated in the SaaS industry. However, it is really important to understand if you are scaling up and is involved in a few other important metrics. So, it is at the heart of SaaS business analysis.

Professionally Formatted Income Statement Template in Excel / Google Sheets

 If you are not in Accounting or have not gone through any formal classes, you may want some general guidelines for how to format an income statement within an Excel or Google Sheet spreadsheet. This template and video gives you some tips on what to think about if you are doing so. Note, there are other line items that may come into an income statement not shown in the video and you will see on the example sheet link below I have added a section for COGS and Gross Profit. The general concepts apply throughout even still.

How to Calculate Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR) in Excel / Google Sheets

 This finance calculation is important for ALL businesses that have any kind of traditional bank loan and regular repayments. The bank wants to know your ability to meet debt obligations and this ratio is a pretty clear indicator of that.

How to Calculate Churn Rate in SaaS

 This calculation is not as straight forward as you may think. If you ever tried to calculate the churn rate of a SaaS company, you know it is not straight forward as far as modeling goes. This template is free and makes it a bit more clear the best way to calculate it with accuracy per the renewal rate assumption. The key is to think in terms of cohorts.

AirBnB Arbitrage Financial Model

 This spreadsheet was built at the request of a viewer from the live stream. It actually turned out to be a great use of some of the STR logic I have built in the past. One of my areas of expertise is building 5/10 year commercial real estate deal analyzers. This turned out awesome and works for up to 100 properties.

Hotel Development or Acquisition Financial Feasibility Spreadsheet

 This underwriting template was designed specifically for starting acquiring a hotel. I've done a range of residential and commercial real estate financial models / templates, but never specifically for a hotel. It ended up being a combination of logic from hospitality style models and short-term rentals. Everything came together wonderfully and this financial model is very useful.

Increasing Max Hold Period to 30 Years on Rental Property Analysis Spreadsheet

This is the easiest investment analysis sheet I've built and a customer requested the template be able to handle 30 years worth of time instead of 10. I have updated accordingly.

Financial Planning Spreadsheet for Plumbing Business

 Scaling out a services business such as a plumbing business involves quite extensive financial planning. You need to account for truck purchases, plumber wages, payroll taxes, variable costs related to your total headcount/truck count, and fixed overheads. This financial model lets you set key assumptions for all of those items and create a comprehensive financial forecast.

ROI Calculator for Rental Property Investment

 This Excel  spreadsheet was designed to make it easy to calculate total and average annual ROI for rental property investments. All the assumptions exist on a single tab for easier use and sensitivity analysis on key variables.

Converting Stage-based Google Sheet Customer Pipeline Manager to MS Excel

 Ok, just a quick update here on the sales pipeline management template. I built the Google Sheet version years ago and now I have converted it to MS Excel.

Assisted Living / Nursing Home Facility / Care Home: 10-Year Financial Model

 If you are jumping into the healthcare facility operator or investor pool, this spreadsheet will be of great use. This model will let the user enter bottom-up assumptions about the prospective care home / assisted living facility and generate forecasted financial statements. This financial model has it all. The spreadsheet has clear input/output summaries, three statement model monthly and annual views, visualizations, and so much more.

Update to Refi Proceeds Logic in Mixed Used Real Estate Model

 I was using the debt structure of this financial spreadsheet to work on the assisted living facility model (currently in the works still) and an error came up. Here is more about the fixed version...

Adding Excel Versions of Google Sheet Templates with Dynamic Arrays (To-Do List and Employee Training Tracker)

 Hello and hope everyone had a great week. There were a few template updates that happened. This upgrade involved a few of the more popular Google Sheet templates. I had a request to use them in Excel and so I integrated them in. It was a bit of a challenge because Excel does have dynamic arrays, but they are tricky and there are some caveats.

Can You Discount Future Negative Cash Flows

 If you are brand new to finance, one thing that will come up is a Discounted Cash Flow Analysis (DCF) and this has been around for quite a long time, for good reason, it works!

Adding Rolling Credit Facility to Lending Business Financial Model

 This model update came after the third customer requested the same upgrade to the lending business Excel spreadsheet. The base logic is still the same but the change involves adding a rolling credit facility and updates to cash requirement timing / IRR calculation. This is one of those sheets where I've heard clients tell me that they have spent TONS of money trying to build something similar and in one case a guy said they wanted to charge $40k/mo for the financial modeling of a lending business.

Inventory Management in Google Sheets

 This is a Google Sheets inventory management and tracking spreadsheet. I have never done one specifically in Google Sheets and it turns out there are some really nice functions in this software that make it effective at creating inventory tracking tools for any small / medium business.

Adding DCF Analysis to Preferred Equity and Preferred Return Joint Venture Spreadsheets

I've got another update here today and it involves two joint venture waterfall templates. I built these a few years ago and both have been extremely successful. Now, this latest improvement gives them an even more complete analysis for the user.

Net Worth Tracker - Up to 10 Years

Well here is a nice free tool for personal finance. It is a spreadsheet built in Google Sheets that allows anyone to track their net worth over time. To access, simply go to the sheet and then hit File and Make a Copy.

Adding DCF Analysis with NPV to Multi-family Real Estate Model and General IRR Cash Flow Waterfall

 I figured that it would be helpful to list out significant changes that I make to the financial models and spreadsheets here on smarthelping, so here we are. This was an upgrade to the multi-family real estate model and general cash distribution IRR hurdle waterfall. They are two separate Excel templates and I've been meaning to include a DCF Analysis for them for some time. That has not been implemented.

Seller Financing Financial Model and Tax Calculator

This is a standalone financial model built in MS Excel. It was designed to show the entire economic perspective of purchasing something and then selling it via seller financing. Tax effects are included in the monthly and annual summary. All logic is on a single tab for ease of duplication / usability.

Small Business Tools: Financial Models, Trackers, and More

Tighten up your small business finances with these trackers, templates, and financial models. Everything is built in Excel spreadsheets or Google Sheets. Great for budgeting, tracking payables/receivables, lead tracking, financial forecasting, inventory management, and more.

Employee Time Sheets: HR Management Tool

 This MS Excel template is a great tool for any HR department or small business to use. It makes tracking time and creating nice printable time sheets easy. There is a primary database tab that is queried with formulas to create the dynamic reports. This is built for use for many employees and for aggregate reporting as well as individual reporting.

Daily Inventory Tracker in MS Excel

 This sheet makes it easy to keep track of your inventory balances for management and reporting purposes. There is logic for alert triggers when inventory gets below a certain balance as well as valuation drivers based on average cost of goods sold per unit. 

Short-term Rental Real Estate Model

 If you were looking at getting into the STR business as a real estate investor (short-term rentals), then this financial model is MS Excel is a must have. The template is robust enough to handle large operations or just single operator investment planning. The model goes for a max period of 15 years and you can account for the purchase/renovation, operations, and exit of up to 20 properties or 20 tranches of properties all on the same timeline.

HR Tool: Financial Analysis of Layoffs

 This template is to conduct a financial impact analysis for layoffs. It is not a pretty thing, but sometimes companies get into financial trouble and they can't support their own payroll anymore. Whatever the reason may be, this means people are going to have to be terminated (fired) and to plan that process out, a good financial calculator can assist in this function of HR management.

10 Year Unit Based Real Estate Acquisition Financial Model (monthly and annual view)

 This is a great tool for smaller acquisition that need to be quantified by units. These units will have different inputs for annual rent per square foot, start month, and a secondary increase for new annual rent per square foot and the month that happens for each. The equity stack allows for enough flexibility for traditional debt and sponsor/investor preferred equity (hard or soft). If you are just a single operator that is fine, simply zero out the investor percentages.

SaaS Pricing Sensitivity Analysis and Simulator

 Any SaaS (software as a service) business or really any recurring revenue organization will benefit from this pricing tool. With the template, you can isolate various variables within customer configuration in order to see how that effects key performance metrics (LTV, CaC, IRR, LTV to CaC ratio, months to pay back CaC). i.e. adjust retention rate or hold all else equal and adjust contract value and contract terms. There are up to 10 configurations available.

Multi-Member Fund Portfolio Management Tool in Excel

 If you are trying to track investing activity of a fund (personal or otherwise) over time, this tool will assist you. The Excel spreadsheet below can handle up to 20 members with lots of positions. Investment management software is very expensive for a reason and this template was made to give a workaround for smaller funds or even individuals that want to accurately track holdings activities and the profits generated.

Volume Discount Pricing Calculator: Excel Template and Sensitivity Analysis

If you are a business that wants to figure out how to maximize discounts on volume in an optimal way, this Excel template will help give a lot of perspective and allow the user to test various sensitivities to see what is feasible based on cost of goods sold and operating expenses.

Real Estate Flipping Calculator: Renovation / Value-add Drivers

 If you are buying real estate buildings or properties, renovating them, and then re-selling for a higher price, this template will make the financial analysis of such activities easy. It is flexible enough to be used for a single property or a dynamic apartment building / multi-family property that has up to 10 unit types.