Employee Time Sheets: HR Management Tool

 This MS Excel template is a great tool for any HR department or small business to use. It makes tracking time and creating nice printable time sheets easy. There is a primary database tab that is queried with formulas to create the dynamic reports. This is built for use for many employees and for aggregate reporting as well as individual reporting.

$75.00 USD

The template will be immediately available for download after purchase. This is also included in the HR management template bundle.

My goal here was to create a simple design that had only the most important data points for creating time sheets. A time sheet is just something that shows the number of hours a given employee has worked over some period. This workbook has the following reporting outputs:

  • Report by day for a given month
  • Report by month for a given year
  • Report of a specified start and end date
  • Report by a single employee
  • Report by All employees
  • Visuals for the monthly tab are included
  • All tabs are printable and designed to fit on a single page properly
The structure is pretty simple, data is entered on a single database tab. The columns are:
  • Date
  • Name (as many as you want, no limit to the number of employees that can be tracked)
  • Work Type (up to 8)
  • Other work type (to account for items that need to be shown separately like PTO/Jury Duty)
  • Clock In Time
  • Clock Out Time
The clock in/out data entry is formatted so the user just enters something like 5 AM or 5:45 AM for exact minutes and the calculations will work.

Note, if you have an employee that works a shift that spans more than a single day, just make two entries that shows the time worked in each day separately.

From those entries, all reports will be populated and it is a pretty simple way to track large amounts of data and slice and dice that as needed by the manager. The database can and is made to include data from all employees. There are a few ways this can be managed at scale.

The HR manager can give a base time sheet template to each employee that they enter their specific data into. The employees then simply send those sheets to the manager and the manager can copy and paste that data into a master or the HR manager can enter everyone else's data individually and track it that way. The former is probably best.

I made the data entry as simple as possible to avoid errors or issues with use. Only essential data points exist.

The HR manager can make their master sheet work in all sorts of ways by duplicating the individual tabs to show reports side by side, or just use the selectors to show a given employee or time frame they want to see on one tab for each reporting period type.

For example, you can make a tab for each month of the year and/or a tab for each employee for each month (tab showing daily data for that month) of the year and/or a tab for each employee for each year that shows hours worked by month.

The data is all aggregated into sub-totals and totals for quick analysis.