Time Tracker for Hourly Billing - Multiple Clients/Jobs in Excel

This is a very useful excel tool that I am going to be using myself. It will track my activity over time on a per client / job basis. It is something I had not tracked with much structure before (using notepad and pen/paper). This will make things much easier to manage going forward as well as give me another way to view performance rather than just tracking monthly income.

$75.00 USD

The template will be immediately available for download after purchase. I still use this today for myself (5/1/2022) and plan on it forever. Check out more helpful tracking templates.

I am excited to see how many hours I am actually working a week for contracts/jobs that are outside of my standard Upwork environment.

This version allows the user to input all their details about every time they do work directly on the database and from that there are all kinds of time-based and bucket based summaries to show you how much you have 'in progress', 'billed', 'paid', etc...for each client that you are doing work for.

Personally, I will be using it to track things that are in progress and billed as well as see what kind of hours I am actually putting in per week. Also, this will make sending invoices a bit easier, especially on the math of counting amount of hours from start to finish and then auto-calc the $ earnings based on a rate.

There is a detail summary that automatically knows what day/week it is and goes back two weeks prior. You can then choose a specific client/job status or all for both and hit a macro button to see those specific job details only and a summary of them over the current week and past two weeks.

The data entry on this is simple. You are just entering the date you are doing the work, status, client, job type/detail, and the start/end time. I did the start end time with a 'now' formula so when you actually go to enter a time, it will have auto-populated the current time when you entered today's date and then you just paste values only into that cell to get the times. This was the simplest way I could think of it record start/end times of work within excel.

I have since added some pie and bar charts on the detail summary and client summary tabs.