Employee Benefits and Data Management Template for HR Departments

I built this tracking tool in Google Sheets because the conditional formatting and filtering summarizations could not be done easily in Excel. This template was designed for general use by any HR department. It is fully editable once purchased and should improve organization and reporting as well as general decision making that must happen in regards to employees.

$45.00 USD

The template will be immediately available to access after purchase. Be sure to hit File > Make a Copy once you open the link so that you have your own editable version. This is included in the HR Tools template bundle.

HR dashboard

Note, this template is in Google Sheets and that means you need a free Gmail account in order to use it.

The data entry happens on a single tab. This includes all relevant data inputs that I could think of that are important to an HR department. Data inputs include the following:

  • Employee ID
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Hire Date
  • Age
  • Days Employed (auto calculated)
  • Total Years Employed (auto calculated)
  • Worker Type
  • Insurance Eligibility Status
  • Insurance Status
  • # of Strikes
  • # of Excused Absences
  • # of Unexcused Absences
  • Max Sick Days
  • Used Sick Days
  • Remaining Sick Days (auto calculated)
  • Max Vacation Days Allotted
  • Used Vacation Days
  • Remaining Vacation Days (auto calculated)
  • Current Wage
  • Date of Last Raise
  • Days Since Last Raise (auto calculated)
  • Years Since Last Raise (auto calculated)
  • Max Personal Leave Days
  • Personal Leave Days Used
  • Remaining Leave Days (auto calculated)
  • Extra Fields (3)
  • Notes
As those data fields are filled out, there is a dashboard that displays the total count of employees by type, count of employees with insurance coverage by type, visualizations of both, and more summary data about employees with perfect attendance, employees breaching the max strike limit, employee summary by tenure, and employee summary by age along with a visual.

I also made specific tabs that can be filtered with logic to show a wide range of reports that display an entire row of data for each employee that meet the condition. This allows HR to quickly see reports in regards to: