Real Estate Financial Models

 This bundle of templates is an aggregation of all the work I've done in relation to real estate financial modeling. When you are trying to analyze a real estate deal, no matter if it is new construction or acquisition, the financial planning needs to be strong from the start. Having quick and accurate tools is essential. That is what you are getting with all of these spreadsheets. 

Every aspect of the deal is accounted for. Input assumptions and schedules are included for acquisition / financing, equity requirements, operations, growth and stabilization, and exit / terminal value. Output summaries show IRR, Equity Multiple, DCF Analysis of all cash flows for the deal as a whole and the LP/GP. 

real estate models
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Real Estate Analysis Templates Included:


waterfall cash flow


joint venture deal

joint venture real estate

mixed use real estate

mobile home park

multifamily real estate

preferred equity

preferred return

simple interest hurdles

property management business

real estate brokerage

real estate development

rental property

self storage

seller financing

short-term rental business

real estate acquisition

value add renovation

These underwriting and investment analysis spreadsheets primarily center around acquisitions. Most have an option for joint venture waterfall distributions that drive off of IRR hurdles.

Also, I've done another spreadsheet template bundle that includes just joint venture cash flow waterfall spreadsheets.

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