Converting Stage-based Google Sheet Customer Pipeline Manager to MS Excel

 Ok, just a quick update here on the sales pipeline management template. I built the Google Sheet version years ago and now I have converted it to MS Excel.

Assisted Living / Nursing Home Facility / Care Home: 10-Year Financial Model

 If you are jumping into the healthcare facility operator or investor pool, this spreadsheet will be of great use. This model will let the user enter bottom-up assumptions about the prospective care home / assisted living facility and generate forecasted financial statements. This financial model has it all. The spreadsheet has clear input/output summaries, three statement model monthly and annual views, visualizations, and so much more.

Update to Refi Proceeds Logic in Mixed Used Real Estate Model

 I was using the debt structure of this financial spreadsheet to work on the assisted living facility model (currently in the works still) and an error came up. Here is more about the fixed version...

Adding Excel Versions of Google Sheet Templates with Dynamic Arrays (To-Do List and Employee Training Tracker)

 Hello and hope everyone had a great week. There were a few template updates that happened. This upgrade involved a few of the more popular Google Sheet templates. I had a request to use them in Excel and so I integrated them in. It was a bit of a challenge because Excel does have dynamic arrays, but they are tricky and there are some caveats.

Can You Discount Future Negative Cash Flows

 If you are brand new to finance, one thing that will come up is a Discounted Cash Flow Analysis (DCF) and this has been around for quite a long time, for good reason, it works!

Adding Rolling Credit Facility to Lending Business Financial Model

 This model update came after the third customer requested the same upgrade to the lending business Excel spreadsheet. The base logic is still the same but the change involves adding a rolling credit facility and updates to cash requirement timing / IRR calculation. This is one of those sheets where I've heard clients tell me that they have spent TONS of money trying to build something similar and in one case a guy said they wanted to charge $40k/mo for the financial modeling of a lending business.

Inventory Management in Google Sheets

 This is a Google Sheets inventory management and tracking spreadsheet. I have never done one specifically in Google Sheets and it turns out there are some really nice functions in this software that make it effective at creating inventory tracking tools for any small / medium business.

Adding DCF Analysis to Preferred Equity and Preferred Return Joint Venture Spreadsheets

I've got another update here today and it involves two joint venture waterfall templates. I built these a few years ago and both have been extremely successful. Now, this latest improvement gives them an even more complete analysis for the user.

Net Worth Tracker - Up to 10 Years

Well here is a nice free tool for personal finance. It is a spreadsheet built in Google Sheets that allows anyone to track their net worth over time. To access, simply go to the sheet and then hit File and Make a Copy.

Adding DCF Analysis with NPV to Multi-family Real Estate Model and General IRR Cash Flow Waterfall

 I figured that it would be helpful to list out significant changes that I make to the financial models and spreadsheets here on smarthelping, so here we are. This was an upgrade to the multi-family real estate model and general cash distribution IRR hurdle waterfall. They are two separate Excel templates and I've been meaning to include a DCF Analysis for them for some time. That has not been implemented.