Converting Stage-based Google Sheet Customer Pipeline Manager to MS Excel

 Ok, just a quick update here on the sales pipeline management template. I built the Google Sheet version years ago and now I have converted it to MS Excel.

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The conversion was pretty easy to do. I just had to download the Google Sheet file to xls and then adjust some of the formulas as well as the internal workbook navigation links. The main issue is still that you have to have Office 365 AND be apart of the 'Office Insiders' program (free to join) in order to use the xls version. This is because the template is predicated on using dynamic arrays in order to automatically provide customer reports about each stage of the pipeline.

There were also some miner adjustments to the conditional formatting, but other than that this thing will work find in either environment. I am happy to get this into Excel because I know a lot of people out there prefer it.

The template is pretty simple to use. There is a database tab where a new customer is entered and then data is input for them in a row:

  • Customer Name
  • Pipeline Status (dropdown with conditional formatting tied to certain status types)
  • Customer Type
  • Account Executive (salesmen)
  • Annual $ Value of Client
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Notes
There are a few dashboards that display global financial summaries of the entire customer pipeline as well as some visualizations for different views of the data.

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